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Nintendo Direct Miiverse And New Super Mario Bros U Complete Roundup

Cheesemeister from the Neogaf forums has kindly posted everything that was mentioned during today’s Nintendo Direct. The Nintendo Direct was centred around Miiverse which is Nintendo’s upcoming social network for their forthcoming console, Wii U. Here’s all the details.

  • You find out what other players are playing at powerup. GamePad has Channel-like UI.
  • Last ND was a bit long, so this will be a bit shorter.
  • WiiU Premium Set unboxing now! 4.2 kilograms, a bit heavier than the Wii package. White gloves look a bit like Mario.
  • Two shelves. First, the system itself and the GamePad in adjacent compartment. Second shelf: system AC adapter, GamePad adapter, instruction manual, Dragon Quest X beta voucher.
  • Vertical stand, only in Premium Set. HDMI cable standard. GamePad charging stand. GamePad play stand just for playing, not charging.
  • First, you must create a Wii U user account. Multiple users w/ Miis per system, up to 12. Game settings, save data tied to user accounts. Browser bookmarks, play history as well.
  • Video chat, other networking services require Nintendo Network ID. Register with a password, your birthdate, gender, area of residence, and e-mail address. Nintendo Network purchases by one user can be played by other users on same system. Nintendo Network to be usable on other Nintendo game systems, PCs, smartphones. Your Nintendo Network ID can be tied to your ID on 3rd-party network services.
  • Internet Browser, Miiverse, eShop require a network update. WiiWare and VC software transfer explained on website.
  • In-game feature video now. NSMBU has off-screen play. Suspend w/ home, access browser.
  • On-screen keyboard, cellphone layout, stylus written input. Change to TV mid-game. Browse other videos on the GamePad while streaming one to the TV.
  • Earned a silver medal in NSMBU, ask Miiverse community for help getting a gold. Post game screenshots to the Miiverse community. Read response comments with advice.
  • You can follow other players you see in the Miiverse boards and register them as friends.
  • There’s a setting to automatically hide spoiler comments.
  • All Wii U games can make use of Miiverse without any additional work from developers.
  • In certain games, leave situation-specific comments and read others’ thoughts there.
  • Miyamoto’s drawing is shown as one of the situation-specific comments in Luigi’s Mansion.
  • Meet many other players from around the world through Miiverse as the Wii U is launched.
  • Iwata is now video chatting with Reggie in his NOA office. Reggie is introducing himself in Japanese. He worked very hard to learn just a little bit.
  • You can draw on the GamePad and share the scribblings overlaid on the video feed. Video chat with registered friends is called Wii U Chat. Has off-screen play.
  • XING and Nintendo co-developed karaoke software Nintendo-JoySound Wii Karaoke U.
  • Over 90,000 songs, purchase tickets for certain lengths of time during which to use.
  • Business-level quality at home. User settings. Regular karaoke videos, Mii performances.
  • Use the built-in mic or use the Wii U mic accessory. Bundle with Wii Karaoke U trial disc.
  • NSMBU is all-new on the Wii U. Developer explanation video following this presentation.
  • Many people still haven’t heard of the Wii U, but please tell them about it if you can.
  • Director Takemoto. Two planners. 1280×720 resolution in NSMBU.
  • Source lighting from fireballs, star lifts. Contiguous world map like SMW, unlike SMB3.
  • Forks in the road let you choose different worlds to move to. New characters. Wanted to include a flying feature, is easy to control for new players.
  • Flying squirrels called Zunguri (they look like acorns, or donguri).
  • Totten (“taking”) steals from Toad. You have to chase him down to return the item to Toad.
  • Spit out balloons with Baby Yoshi, even while flying.
  • During off-screen play, use R button in place of Wiimote flips. Buddy play to add blocks.
  • Wanted to create fun, self-explanatory gameplay for buddy mode. Add staircases, reach stars.
  • Die a few times and you’ll be asked to post your frustration on Miiverse for others.
  • With Mii Mode: Miis also appear in simultaneous multiplayer.
  • Boost Mode, Time Attack, Coin Battle Mode. Also: edit coin locations in stages w/ stylus.
  • Challenge Mode: set your own game rules and present them as challenges to others.
  • Play Buddy Mode with someone you trust not to screw up and strengthen your relationship.
  • GamePad holder must place platforms where Mario is going to land, reach goal in set time.
  • NSMBU has many new features incl. GamePad and Miiverse. Lots of modes to enjoy.

67 thoughts on “Nintendo Direct Miiverse And New Super Mario Bros U Complete Roundup”

    1. It does not get better than this, WiiU in a weeks time, Obama and Putin in office at the same time just beautiful, but heavenly that Jesus my savior is the greatest :).

  1. Im going to sell a kidney. Im missing my first Nintendo launch ever and by the looks of it, it’s gonna be a an awesome few months for Wii U purchasers! :)

    1. You’ll be extra ready when Microsoft and Sony announce that they’re using touchscreen controllers for their next consoles. Can you imagine the amount of damage control that would happen?

        1. Never say never, but I doubt they would do it considering how obvious that would be. Sony already has the Vita which could work similarly. Smart glass isn’t exactly the same though…

          1. You pretty much have your answer right there. A dedicated second screen controller as the primary input device is completely redundant and will splinter their core market pretty easily.

            1. How would that be redundant? It’s not as if the SmartGlass is anything like the Wii-U’s GamePad and the VITA to PS3 connectivity can’t catch on due to the limited market. It would be better for Sony and Microsoft to do something like that as it’ll benefit their features.

          1. Shut the fuck up you stupid piece of shit and try to actually prove me wrong. But then again, you won’t. Just like all the other “Anonymous” chickenshits here who contribute nothing to ANY sort of discussion.

  2. What makes Iwata so amazing is how he is still calm and exicted at the same time and all he did was open the boxing of the Wii U even though he has already played on it. Deep down he is still a child and I just have so much respect for him.

  3. “Challenge Mode: set your own game rules and present them as challenges to others.”
    What? You can create own Challenges? This is awesome!
    Now im looking forward to NSMBU.

    1. Probably won’t be any. Games will probably still have them as it’s already implemented. Integration with Miiverse will allow you to broadcast your achievements which will make your epeen grow.

      1. In my opinion, achievements/trophies are one of the best things to happen in gaming since the analog stick. It doesnt change a game, but if a developer uses them right they add TONS of replay value, and ones like dont kill anyone, or never be seen in Deus Ex:HR or Dishonored are awesome.

        1. I definitely agree, achievements add way more replay value. Way better than just rushing through a $60.00 game in 3 days and never playing again.

      1. You’re an idiot.
        Yeah, it is a gimmick, and its just a little notification of “oh you did this, have some bragging rights”, but wouldnt you like to challenge yourself in a Mario game, like an achievement to complete 20 levels in a row without losing a life. You wouldnt do it otherwise, but because its there, you do it, and (normally) have fun in the process.
        Pointless achievements like “you did chapter 1” are stupid, but ones that challenge you arent. Take Dishonored for example. If achievements werent in that game or there wasnt any award for deviating pr taking a different route, i bet the majority of people wouldve played it once and nver touched it again. But they are there, so you feel like you have a reason to do it.
        Take the Zelda Master Quest. You have to beat the game once to get it in the first place, then you unlock a hard mode, which if you complete, you get nothing. Only a small number of people are going to bother. Or something like collect all the hearts.
        I know it sound stupid, having a electric prompt encourage you to play a game, but its true.

    2. From what’s been said, I would guess they’d be tied to their games (possibly even with a game-specific name) and visible in the game’s section in Miiverse. Since it’s up to the developer to use them, it would make sense. Plus, since they won’t be forced to come up with filler they can implement some really creative and challenging ones.

    3. Accomplishments is what they will most likley be called. And its up to the 3rd party devs if the want to make them. Capcom likes to make them so meh. But Nintendo themselfs have never cared for Achievments so dont expect them much. I dont really care for them. It doesnt DO anything. Its just bragging rights. I prefer unlocking stuff by your accomplishments. Like in Smash Bros (64) Beat the game in 20 minutes unlock Captain Falcon or whatever it was. Thats better then Achievments.

  4. “All Wii U games can make use of Miiverse without any additional work from developers.”

    Glad Nintendo are going that extra bit further to encourage dev’s to use other aspects of their system.


    “Nintendo Network to be usable on other Nintendo game systems”

    Does this mean we will see a revamp of the 3ds, in terms of software/OS update?

    1. I hope so. It was always speculated that the3ds would get an update after wii u launch to add accounts, miiverse etc.

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  6. “Many people still haven’t heard of the Wii U, but please tell them about it if you can.”
    Hey, Nintendo. That’s not our fault.

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  8. I apologize if this has been asked already. Can you play the main game in New Super Mario Bros U as your Mii…or is that only for specific instances?

    1. i don’t think at the exact same time, but you can suspend your game and video chat with someone then continue where you left off. They shown that with a Wii U Chat demo some months back

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  10. I almost cried of ecstatic-ness when I read that. Lol it’s feels surreal, however, ninten asking us to inform ppl about the Wii U isn’t on us. They should’ve been advertising when they shown the system’s release date.

  11. Dangit Nintendo! I need to sleep, but then you had to have a Nintendo Direct… Now I’m too excited to sleep and I can’t even get Wii U for 2 months.

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  19. Damn, that Mario game actually sounds very interesting unlike the previous ones (the New series). I must resist the temptation and play the other games.

  20. It looks so good. I can’t wait to get my hands on a Wii U. I’m going to have to wait until next year though. so many things to take care of first. Leave luck to heaven.

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