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Wii U Will Need An Update To Play Wii Games

If you’re looking to play Wii games on your Wii U console you’ll need to apply an update in order to play them. The update is the same one that allows you access to Miiverse, TVii and Wii U Chat, and will be available on day one. Hopefully gamers without an internet connection will be able to use an alternative update method.

88 thoughts on “Wii U Will Need An Update To Play Wii Games”

      1. Well, yes and no. If you have an internet connection, you can download this Via an update (though it IS kind of dumb that you’d have to wait even longer to receive integral parts of the Wii U). Granted, players without an internet connection won’t be able to download the updates, and therefore have no use for apps like Mii Verse, it was announced during the Wii U’s unveiling that it would already have backwards compatibility with Wii games; something I thought was already imbedded in the Wii U’s hardware/software. Players without an internet connection for their game consoles won’t be able to download the update, and therefore not be able to play the Wii games on their Wii U.

          1. Oh, right. Some Wii games come with an update on disk…forgot about that. Hopefully that will apply to Wii U games, too. ._.

            1. which doesn’t make a lot of sense
              why would a wii-u game come with an update to play wii games

              besides the whole point of this was so that the press couldn’t test and write about these features before nintendo further introduced them.. if they’d included the software on the same discs the press was testing the consoles with the point of this would have been moot

              yeah it sucks for people who don’t have an internet connection but even for those it should be possible to ask a neighbour or a friend with a connection if they can connect it for a couple minutes
              or a starbucks

        1. If you don’t have the internet and you are buying a wiiu day 1 (sounds odd) you have to smuggle a portable tv , Power Generator. and a wiiu into your nearest starbucks and buy a couple of coffee’s whilst it updates.

          1. I dont think it make any difference has nintendo did not say outside the internet that the console is bc also nintendo is marketing it has it also plays wii games like sony did whit ps3

    1. I’m thinking this might be the type of thing Nintendo holds close to the chest because they believe this will only affect the 1% or something, much like they did with component cables for Gamecube when they would only sell them on their site and nobody else was allowed to make them(or didn’t). My thought is they will have something that says, “if you do not have an internet connection and would like to play Wii games, you may contact Nintendo for a free update disk, just call customer service at 1-800-Nintendo.”

      At least, that would be my guess anyways…

    1. Kinda makes you think, If all this key stuff is updated on day 1. There is virtualy limitless update possibilities for the wiiu.

      Cross game mic chat ??? a simple update could add that and so forth. Pretty much anything could be added via updates. Except physical objects ofcourse.

    1. Not really. Nintendo probably needed to start production long ago, so they’ve kept working on the software side of things and will release it in an update.

      1. And the press usually gets the hardware first for reviews etc…
        might be a way to keep them from checking something no one’s supposed to be checking just yet, sounds like a good way to do it for me, add the features, lock them and unlock them on day one.

  1. That is complete bollocks for people who have no wireless Internet so in order to make use of features that do not require online you need online
    what a load of balls
    bad move nintendo bad move

  2. Really? Thats seems odd. Was it initial not planned into the system then after its demand they worked it out as an update or what?

    Hopefully it’ll he similar to the 360 where games have updates on the disk, pr at least for stuff like this

  3. Hey, who knows?
    Maybe the update includes a patch that upscales Wii games?
    Just a possibility… yes I know Reggie says the Wii U won’t be upscaling Wii games… :(

    1. That would be nice, i know alot of people wanted it. It would be so awesome if we could put the game in, and the network would recognise we have it, then give a HD one for free. Id like that.

  4. I don’t think this is that bad. I mean, you could just buy a Wii for Wii and Gamecube games, it’s not like they aren’t being sold anymore. Plus, Wiis aren’t hard to get, either. Why is no INITIAL backwards compatibility such a problem? After all, it isn’t like the PS3, where they don’t have it AT ALL. They just don’t have it initially.

  5. The majority of people who have Wii games right now already have a Wii. Otherwise, do not buy any Wii games until you have access to the internet to install this update, if you do not have an internet connection. While this was odd, I do not see it as a big deal.

    Maybe future Wii U’s will have this update already installed.

  6. The hardware to allow BC has to be there already, so it’s just Nintendo not finishing the system software by the time they started producing them in factories.

  7. Why would they do that? Hopefully, it is a mistake, but if it isn’t, then I hope they at least explain why they’re doing things like this. I have access to internet, and can make my future Wii U update without any problems, but I’d rather just have it playable from the moment I install the console on my TV!

  8. This is most likely done to prevent reviewers with Final Wii U’s from spoiling the features before launch.

    Still this is kind of weired…

  9. Seeing as game systems have numerous updates at launch, day one updates are to be expected although I do wonder why backwards compatibility would be require an update…unless Nintendo plans to keep away the hackers…

  10. If people have Wii games, it can be assumed they already have a Wii. And since most people have an Internet connection, this may just be an incentive to try to convince people to connect their Wii U consoles to the Internet, similarly to why 3DS owners get so many free apps and 3DClassics: ExciteBike for some time.

  11. Person buying Wii U: “Oh dear, but I don’t have an internet connection at my house!”
    Gamestop employee: “Here, I’ll plug it in for you. *updates system* There you go!”

    Gamestop won’t care. You’re giving them $300. They’ll let you update your system right there. Or give you one that they already opened and updated.

  12. I don’t know why people are making such a huge deal out of this? So you have to do an update to play your Wii games on the day you get your Wiiu. Who cares? Were you honestly buying a WiiU to play your old Wii games as soon as you booted up your new system? Who cares if you have to do an update before your Wii games. And for people without internet wanting to play your Wii games, why did you buy your Wiiu so early. I’m sure an update will come on a disc later on.
    Rant over :)

  13. who will buy a Wii U ti play Wii games in his first year of his existance ? I have 107 Wii games and finished all of them. When the Wii U come out im going to play only with Wii U games for like 4 years or more. I will rarely … very rarely return to a Wii game. Maybe after 6 years… for nostalgia.

    1. Could need to finish a Wii game, like Xenoblade or Last Story. Not everyone will be able to buy every game they want, and they will need some filler.

      1. You really want me to name them all ? I have all mastepieces, like Mario galaxy 1-2… Xenoblade…etc … half the rest are very good games.. like Okami.. 007 Goldeneye.. Super S,ash bros Brawl.. etc .. almost all the rest are good… like RedSteel 2.. Punch Out… Deadspace extraction.. Little King story.. etc… and the final rest are average one .. the one I finished once and never return.. like Fire emblem… Tales of Symphonia down of the Piss… Donkey Kong Country Return… Mad world .. Manhunt 2 .. etc.

        107 Wii games
        18 3DS games
        154 Gamecube games
        78 N64 games
        211 SNES games
        91 NES games
        174 Atari 2600 games
        — I’m born here —

      2. I only have three shelves of Wii games, half a shelf of 3DS games, half a shelf of GameCube games, and one shelf of DS games.

        And about 3-8 games for every other non-Nintendo console.

    2. I will. Because I wasn’t able to buy a wii, I need to play all the great games like Skyward sword and Mario Galaxy 2 and others. That is not my main reason, though.

  14. So how big is this Dang software download to play wii games. I have Dial up so how the heck can I get the program. And its on a game, need to PURCHASE that game just for the download, that sucks, thanks NINTENDO!

  15. When first reading this, I was certainly flabbergasted. Then someone pointed out to me that this means it’s not part of the core OS and can get updates via firmware. Hopefully this eventually results in being able to play Wii games on the Gamepad

  16. I wonder if they’re targeting hackers with this. Games also come with system updates very often, so I don’t think you guys should freak out just yet.

  17. I was disappointed at first, but the fact that it’s available right away makes up for it. Besides, it’s better than current PS3 models not allowing PS2 games aside from downloads, although I guess a more fair comparison would be to see how the PS4 handles backwards compatability.

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