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Here’s A First Look At The Nintendo eShop For Wii U

In the Nintendo eShop for Wii U, consumers will be able to purchase downloadable versions of select retail games, downloadable content, free demos, and games that are exclusive to the online store. Via an update, the Nintendo eShop will be available at Wii U’s launch on November 18th.

52 thoughts on “Here’s A First Look At The Nintendo eShop For Wii U”

  1. Does anyone know if the sensor bar is going to be better than the original wii, because i done want to have to aim DIRECTLY in a weird angle to play, i think they should of had a camera instead of infared

    1. It’s the same one that came with the Wii. You’re probably having issues because you’re either not pointing correctly, or your sensor bar is sitting on a TV with a sloped top. It could also be that you’re too far away from it or you play with another bright light source close by interfering with your remote.

    2. Also, in the setting, make sure your bar is set “below the TV” or “above the TV” depending on its actual location.

  2. What games are you guys getting?


    -Nintendo Land (included with console)
    – Batman Arkham Asylum
    – Mario Bros Wii U
    – Trine 2

    1. Nintendo Land (with the console)…and thats it for now. I’m going to buy some eshop games and then wait for the launch window games.

      1. same here. well, actually im just getting the deluxe set with nintendo land, and then waiting to see if the price of the games go down at all on black friday, if they dont, then i’ll just pick up a couple of games anyway lol

        1. I got on Newegg 12 dlls off promo for each game about a month ago. I doubt they will have any promo for black friday since tehy will be “hot items”. Though I could be wrong!

        1. for just on day 1
          New Super Mario Bros U
          and Nintendo Land (i’m getting the deluxe bundle)
          in the launch window
          :Pikmin 3
          :Rayman Legends
          :ScribbleNauts Unlimited
          :Sing Party (pretty much just for lawls xD)
          :Just Dance 4 (not so sure about this one but it could be fun :))
          :Batman Arkham City Armored Edition

    2. – ZombiU
      – Assassins Creed 3
      – New Super Mario Bros U
      – Nintendo Land (If I can’t get the ZombiU bundle)
      – Possibly Darksiders 2
      And I’m eventually going to get Rayman Legends and my beloved Pikmin.

    3. I’ll see in a year’s time when I buy the Wii U. The system looks great, but I have a huge backlog of Wii titles to finish first before I even think about buying new anything.

  3. If they have some games on the eShop that are from PS3 store, most likely I will be purchasing many games that I have been holding out just for the Wii-U.

  4. Ever since my original Wii went out and I lost all of my Virtual Console and WiiWare games, I’ve lost interest in downloading games. I SO prefer having a hard copy of a game. It would be SO awesome if Mega Man 9 and 10 was released on a Wii U disc instead of being WiiWare exclusives.

  5. Where’s the rest of the article? All I see is the beginning of it that says the update will let you use the eshop to buy games and downloadable content/demos and then the video you associate with the article is just some pedophile trying to sell me on Devry University. Anyone else having that problem?

    1. Sickr/Alba typically don’t write much. Mostly it’s a summary. If you want the full original article, some of the words (underlined) are linked to the source. Other underlined words go to other articles, just verify in your browser before clicking on them. Yep, the ads stink, but he needs revenue to keep the site going.

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