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Wii U Allows You To Post Screenshots Of The Game You’re Playing

The latest Iwata Asks reveals that gamers will be able to take a screenshot within a game and post the aforementioned screenshot to Miiverse. To do this you’ll need to press the Home button when you find a cool spot in the game and then select Miiverse and post the screen that has been saved to show off to your friends.

Kurisu: I want people to try Miiverse just by itself, and also try posting to Miiverse from games. If you spot a cool scene, you can post a screenshot by pressing the HOME Button. I truly hope people will actively participate in the communities tied to particular games.

Iwata: After you press the HOME Button, you can go from the HOME Button Menu to Miiverse. The game screen that was displayed at the time will be saved as a screenshot that you can post, right?

Kurisu: Yes. There’s a spoiler button, too. We’ve designed it so that people who don’t want to see spoilers won’t have to.

Iwata: There’s also a way to report something that you feel is a spoiler so it should be hidden.

Kurisu: Yeah. I hope people will make use of such features and enjoy aspects of Miiverse that connect to the games.

115 thoughts on “Wii U Allows You To Post Screenshots Of The Game You’re Playing”

    1. Indeed. I have been hoping for features like this for a while now. The Vita has it and now the Wii U. Good stuff! Hopefully all next-gen systems will have a button built in where you can just snap screens while you’re playing games.

      If they can add built-in video streaming functions too, that would be awesome. :)

          1. why u calling me a troll? the wiiU is missing out on STANDARD features. stop being such a fanboy trying to defend a company that fail to get with the times in certain areas

            1. You do know that Steam has been doing the same thing for quite some time now so really blaming Nintendo on not having a system-wide achievement system is just idiotic.

              Steam doesn’t have achievements for every game, same as Wii U so really Nintendo is doing a good thing. Plus, achievements don’t do anything but show off how big your score is an thats it…

              1. Now, you see, Steam has the right system. System wide achievements which appear on every profile but which aren’t required to be added by developers. But missing out system wide achievements all together? Bull shit. Nintendo should know better.

            2. Nintendo doesn’t support bragging. That’s what achievements are for. Bragging rights. Only tryhards or fanboys love them. And its the standard? Microsoft did it first. Then Sony copied like usual. So 1 company copying an idea only 1 company used doesn’t make it a standard. It was only on the 7th Gen for 2 systems. There were no achievements prior to the 7th Gen. So stfu and gtfo.

        1. “achievements for those thta want them!” LOL
          nintendo let it be there, it’s up to the game developer to use them….kids these days men….

          1. Dude, you don’t understand. I don’t care about not every game having them, I care about the lack of interconetivity between games with achievements. It turns from “ooh and achievement, now I can brag to my friends about it and feel that I am special because I have done something which is uncommon in the gaming community” to “oh… an achievement… nice… I guess…” Defeats the point all together.

            1. BECAUSE every game holds your fucking hand, I love giving kids tLoZ from nes and watching them fail, or GOOGLE. Games nowadays hold your fucking hands like you’re a toddler. Achievements are trying to make up for that.

        2. Achievement and Trophies get you nothing, other than self gratification (dont give me that 1% off bullshit that was just introduced). Its a lazy technique by developers, so they can make a 4 hour game, slap on some dumb difficulties and put grinding achievements on. In game achievements like in Smash Bros, Kid Icarus ect are much better

          1. And yet it is still very enjoyable. Seriously, I don’t care if it’s lazy of devs to add achievements, it’s lazier of Nintendo to not add interconnectivity between achievements in games. I genuinely cannot fathom what went through Mr Iwata’s brain: “oh, hold on, lets not add a really simple and common feature for no apparent reason and give devs another excuse not to develop for our platform.” Can’t even think why Nintendo thought this was the right thing. It’s not like not adding achievements will make developers less lazy. They’ll just release the same games but without achievements if other platforms have them. They aren’t doing things to improve gaming, they’re doing things to discourage devs from developing for Wii U.

            1. “oh, hold on, lets not add a really simple and common feature for no apparent reason and give devs another excuse not to develop for our platform.”

              where in the world did you get that information from?

            2. Lazy? Nintendo isn’t lazy they always have a plan. They stick to their beliefs you don’t like it gtfo the door is over there. Sorry they don’t do what Microsoft and Sony do sorry they choose to be different sorry you can’t accept change.

        1. Exactly. For all those awesome moments where you pulled off some crazy action, or those memorable moments in a game’s story that you just want to remember, or even funny moments or glitches you might find in the game and want to share with others.

          There are so many uses you can think of. I can’t wait.

          1. Let us play ”Screenshot feature examples”.

            1. Epic Zelda Screenshot looking over Hyrule field.
            2. ZombiU screenshot, secret area you found.
            3. Smash bros screenshot- Link Final Smashing Ganondorf
            4. Another epic Zelda Screenshot – Link sticking it to a boss.

      1. Because its an important use for screenshots? A lot of people will want to take their screenshots and upload them to Facebook, Twitter or whatever else is popular these days. And if you fail to remember, Nintendo won’t allow you to do that through the browser on the console, it’s a really important feature which I imagine will be allowed via an SD card.

                    1. I have a gut feeling that both Facebook and Twitter will be useful when using Nintendo TVii. You’re not the only one wanted both Facebook and Twitter connectivity, Jellybean… and besides, the Wii U does have a web browser. Let’s all hope for the very best.

    1. Imagine that. Wii U would become the weapon of choice for let’s players every where. My life would be so easy, record footage, add in commentary, upload. Much easier than bringing my PVR, PC and iPad into the mix.

  1. That’s awesome! Maybe we can also record gameplay without the need of a capture card (but I doubt it)…but maybe we can record what’s on the Wii U Gamepad when we have our secondary screen up instead of the TV). But yeah, as Carlos said, if I can’t upload it to my computer, what’s the point?

  2. see this is what makes me think that the reason theres no party chat is because there really pushing this miiverse feature and they think people wont use miiverse as much if theres party chat i think what they will do is you miiverse and when that beening use a lot then there add party chat

  3. I wish they had options like this back in the Super NES days. I still remember trying to take a picture of the tv screen to prove I completed the entire Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels without warping. I won a sew-on patch for that from Nintendo Power. Still have it. The good ol’ days of Nintendo Power. Can’t believe it’s going extinct after the December issue. : (

      1. HOW STUPID MUST YOU BE? Do not, ever, ever, as long as you live, feed the trolls. And tell your children, and your children’s children and your grandchildren’s children the same. I expect trolls will become extinct by the days of your great great grandchildren though.

        1. As long as more then 1 person is on this planet their will be conflict whether its wars or racism or trolls on blogs lol.

  4. This is pretty cool, usually use a camera for stuff like that and the pics come out too blurry. Hope you can use an SD card to upload them to your pc to add a caption, you know to say something funny.

  5. Lol perfect. In a way it allows for bragging rights among other fellow gamers. Miiverse littered with screenshots from gamers trying to top one another, i can already seein it happenin

  6. Hey Hey! Ain’t that some shit? Everyday I get even more excited for Wii U, hopefully third-party developers won’t opt-out of the Wii U when Microsoft and Sony release their new consoles. Though, Nintendo has always been the top contender in marketing.

    1. Hey hey Ain’t that some shit….. on my dick. God damn goat love is getting the best of me. I love the feel of the love hole. Its like the first time you boot up the Wii U, the pants of goo shall be everywhere that day.

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  8. During the Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct, Iwata said you can create content that can be added to others game experience. Any word on that feature? Leave luck to heaven.

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  10. defenetly mariokart DS,the new surmreapio bros.,or if u like shooting games,call of duty 5 for dsthese are all the games that i think are the best for ds but if u dont like those just go to the game store and ask one of the people that work there what are some good games that are on sale and they will help you find the game perfect for you

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