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Mass Effect Wii U Has Technical Issues

Online gaming publication 1UP has gone hands-on with Mass Effect 3 and the results aren’t pretty. The site claims that the game suffers from a number of technical difficulties on Nintendo’s latest console. The Wii U version has problems with the frame rate and animation, amongst other things. Here’s a sample of what they had to say about Mass Effect 3 on Wii U.

Without question, it has a few issues. This version of ME3 seems a lot less visually stable than, say, the Xbox 360 version — the frame rate is choppier, the animation seems rougher. The audio suffers, too; while the music and sound effects have come over fine, all the dialogue has a hollow, echoing quality to it. The GamePad’s analog sticks aren’t as comfortable as the 360’s, and the placement of the face buttons relative to the right stick made me continually miss the melee and reload buttons. My headshot ratio has dropped precipitously. It’s tragic.

93 thoughts on “Mass Effect Wii U Has Technical Issues”

        1. I have reason to believe that EA has lost faith in Nintendo and is deliberately putting low budget shitty ports on the system to damage its reputation or use it as an excuse to not release future titles on it.

          Why the fuck is NFSMW coming out so far after the original ? there is no excuse for that bullshit, that’s just being dick heads lets face it. They’ve had the dev kits since before E32011, that’s plenty of time to put a decent port of NFSMW on wiiu.

          They are deliberately disrespecting Nintendo. Wiiu gets a horrible version of ME3 and ps3 and 360 get MEtrilogy soon after ? yeeeeeeeeeeehhhh…..

          1. Sounds like a fanboy conspiracy to me. The most probable reason might be because, A) they had a short time to port it, and 2) Bioware is not yet used to the WiiU’s hardware.

            1. Do you think they would treat Sony and Microsofts next console in such a way ? gimped sports games not matching last GEN in features, A racing game months late a shitty singular version of ME3 compared to the trilogy.

              It’s the worst third party support ever by such a big company, Ubisoft agrees with me btw

              1. So are you saying dead space extraction was a bad game? Again, by EA.

                And just to make this whole argument irrelevant, EA publishes, they don’t developed /port the games.

                1. Your argument is understandable, since of course, everything we say is speculation. But honestly, they’re all companies, if Bioware received a mound of cash from Microsoft in order to water down their copies of the game, they would do it. Competition works that way, and that’s exactly what it is. Releasing the Mass Effect Trilogy on PS3 and XBOX 360 and leaving the Wii U out of the equation is the perfect example for “preferred platform”, and if you don’t think so, then I don’t know what is.
                  It could be both ways, either they deliberately made the copy to be inferior because of an outside party interference, or the people from their team that they let port the game, just didn’t give any flying f***s about developing for Nintendo. Either way it both points to them being uninterested in Nintendo consoles because as of late, their games haven’t sold well on them, simply because Nintendo proprietary games sell unfathomably better than the games by other developers, and on top of that cloud their sales. Dead Space extraction, although a good arcade FPS, didn’t sell for shit. EA, and Bioware just aren’t interested in Nintendo consoles, and Nintendo knows it, they most likely just payed to get that game on Wii U at launch to make people and investors think they had support from them, as they are an important ally nowadays as game providers.

    1. Framerate and audio quality are indeed issues, but complaining that they’re not familiar with a new controller and including that as an issue is completely idiotic and unprofessional.

      1. agreed. but the thing is, its just a port for a new console. i mean look at skyrim on the ps3. right now its…ok. but when the game launched…..some developers are fine with porting games, but others, like bethesda and whoever did the port of masseffect 3 it seems, are not as good at it.

      1. You’re correct, G. Straight Right is responsible for developing the U version of ME2: Special Edition. The Aussie devs need to fix the bugs in the game before finalizing it. Time for all of us to protest EA and THAT game.

      1. Could have been one of the greatest sci-fi trilogies, The way the story ended was ridiculous and ruined the whole “legend” of Mass Effect. Then they even managed to screw that up with its Soprano-like ending and then had to make some dlc to fix that. Don’t get me wrong though I still love the series, just wish they took a different path, the path they took was the least imaginative way I can think of.

      1. I don’t think EA are the ones to blame for this, I think they have an external developer responsible for porting this too WiiU.

          1. Well yeah they are to blame for that, but still, if the trilogy still got ported over, most likely it would be the same dev.

        1. Actually, MyNintendoNews are the ones to blame for this, it has been taken way out of context and blown up to a full post. Read the original article, and THEN try to accuse an Aussie developer of bad porting!

          1. Well no they haven’t. The article TITLE says that the game has technical issues and the writer took the portion of the original article and that stated as such. No changes made whatsoever. I’d agree with you if they said that the game was a terrible and bad port of the original versions…. but they didn’t.

            1. I don’t think you read my comment right. Straight Right aren’t bad at porting, and are experiencing the issues that a new console brings. But people are getting fired up about this being an “awful game”, but there were positive points in the 1-Up article too. Just don’t skip to the conclusion that this is a terrible port, because the article never said that!

    1. Not really. I blame EA. they ordered this up but they should have known, this is a stupid idea. I worked in the console development sector for a few years (I did a bit of work on And Yet It Moves for WiiWare) and I know, you cannot take a game from one generation and port it over in less than a year. This tiny company would have been fine just porting a game but it’s not just that. In many ways, their job was harder than that of BioWare, they don’t just have to port a game, they have to port an engine. Seriously, when will people learn, ports don’t happen like magic, especially onto new platforms that have never been developed for before by a small company.

  1. That’s what you get for giving a big port to a small dev company… EA doesn’t care about Nintendo.

    Also the control issues are probably more his personal difficulties.

    1. Also the guy complaining about the controller is just balls.
      The 360’s analogs are terrible, and if you miss a button on a controller, you’re just retarded

        1. I mean i use all consoles, and the 360 controller is just balls. I can use it, but compared to the ps3, its balls. The analogs are too small, and wear out fast, the trigger delay, that fucking “dpad”, and the bumpers wear out in 1 day

          1. I have played with the Gamepad and pro controller exsrensively for about 2 hours. And yes they are very good, absoloutly nothing wrong with them except ofcourse- the analog triggers.

            The gamepad is a beast, and the pro controller gets the job done.

              1. Yeh yeh , meant to say ”no analog triggers”*

                Yeh, I really want the wiiu to be the perfect console but it seems Nintendo have left themselves open on a few different issues.
                They really shouldn’t call it the pro controller considering it’s at a disadvantage to last GEN controllers for racers and doesn’t have a Headphone jack.

                Seems a bit odd to leave out such key requirements.

                I know I am gunna love the wiiu!!! but I can’t help get the feeling Nintendo may have shot themselves in the foot a bit.
                If mass effect 3 is not peforming as well as it does on the 360 then who the fuck is in charge of quality controll ? because that’s gunna damage the consoles image amongst fake ”hardcore” gamers.

                We know the wiiu is way more powerfull than a ps3 and 360 but requires a new modern way of developing games using the GPGPU, fast code speeds, RAM etc.
                The CPU is probably an issue if developers just slap a 360 game on it. It’s not gunna work like that.

          2. Hell no if anything is trash its the ps3 controller, the 360 controller is great. The only thing bad on the 360 controller is that horrible d pad which on the ps3 is sex, but overall the 360 Is better

              1. Considering how the 360 controller is conceptually similar to the Gamecube controller, which, according to many “fans” is the best controller evar, it stands to reason that the 360 controller is the best this generation.

                You’re probably just letting your “just because” hatred of 360 cloud your judgment.

            1. Haven’t tried the 360 controller, but I’ve tried the ps3 controller and it’s crap and the same with the blu-Ray controller

            2. yeha i agree, worst D-pad ever but I also think it lacks ergonomy. Maybe I’m just too used to my gamecube controller but I feel the shape of the xbox controller is a little bit uncomfortable.

            3. IMO the 360 controller is better for games where you are using two sticks almost constantly, like a FPS game. The PS controller is better for games which is using mostly only one stick

  2. Well, the whole controller problem is just a personal issue on his part, but the framerate issues and echoing sound doesn’t sound very inviting :\

    c’mon Wii U, be good! xD there’s been too many screw ups already :\ we don’t need more.

    I want Wii U to succeed! xP but not just in sales, but in the core gamer environment.


  3. Since this is some sort of tech news (or not) I have to tell you something about the Wii U. Do you remember the “CPU is a weak 3core broadway” topic? I read some official Wii U specs from Nintendo and saw something. There stands the wii u is compatible to ALMOST all Wii games. “Compatible to almost is a quote that is normally only seen by software emulators. Also I don’t think Nintendo is so stupid to take a CPU that is actually 12 years old. They know about the strenghts and weaknesses of their systems and have good talent in making hardware(proven by their previous systems). The have FULL access a Wii SDK and a Wii devkit. They are perfectly suited and have all the required things to make a BUGFREE Wii emulator.
    The problems with the port are most likely because of the unfinished stadium, the little devteam that is unused to the new stuff and the reason that it+s a PORT.

    1. I agree is like wen a developer as been working all his live making original handheld games and then out of nowhere bam, they ask them to make a port of crysis 3 for ps3 cause we all know the console s capable but are the developers?

  4. “My headshot ratio has dropped precipitously.” Website troll alert here. Even Aeolus knows this is an xbot damage controlling his RROD, disk scratching xbox360. Remember when we told you EA are troll kings hehehehehehe.

  5. hmmmmm. I don’t know. Maybe it has something to do with the Wiiu’s slightly awkward architecture in comparison to the current GEN,

    Maybe it’s this guy being a dick head considering the 360 Mass effect games all run like crap too.

    I don’t give a shit anyway lol.

  6. And yet the analog sticks feel just as good as the 360 controllers… eh personal preference Ig. Now the fact that all the other games are doing AND working well on the U with this one being the only exception can only speak of one thing.

    … the devs themselves did a bad job of porting it, writing in the code for the gamepad, and etc.

  7. Didn’t the same issues happen with Ninja Gaiden….is this the Wii U struggling or sloppy developers? I don’t know much about this tech stuff.

  8. Ill agree with him that the wii U controller is uncomfortable, in fact it is the most uncomfortable controller I have ever used. But that’s hardly a reason to bash a GAME for, maybe a console but not a game. They will probably fix this problem via update. And I’m sure ill get used to the controller over time but for now ill be using the comfy pro controller, similar to the comfy 360’s.

  9. I dont think EA hates Nintendo and doing this on purpose.. I have discovered Dead Space Extraction on my Wii few weeks ago … and its a very very good arcade shooter/horor game. Just give them some time with the Wii U and i’m sure they will make better games with less issues. I hope Mass Effect 4 coming for Wii U.

  10. These kind of news is still a win for me: I own the 360 version. If the Wii U version had been better, then still a win, since it validates the Wii U as awesome.

  11. I love this: people hear about Wii U issues, and they automatically just trash te developers as if they don’t have YEARS of experience making refined games without issues.

    Give them a break: it’s a rushed port, and it’s their first game on a new platform. Of course it’s going to have issues. Also, Wii U isn’t as powerful as many Nintendo fans love to think it is, so to do a game like this in 1080p is very, very tasking on the hardware. Games that look like ME3 may be the best you’re gonna get with the Wii U, maybe a little bit better.

    However, is argue that a full 1080p console with XBOX360-like graphics or slightly better, with optional touchscreen capabilities, may be worth the money.

    It’s up to the software for me. So far, however, I’m not impressed. They have plenty of time to change that though.

  12. I don’t know… every time I see some news about Wii U, it’s either about how much good it is or how trashy it is compared to PS360, which later comes with an explanation on how the guy who wrote the article never actually tried the game before… I don’t really care for Mass Effect, but I don’t think what he said is true.

  13. if you don’t know by now that 3rd party launch titles and launch window titles are usually glitchy, then youu haven’t been gaming long enough to call yourself a gamer and shouldn’t be writing articles to begin with.

  14. EA has people porting over Mass Effect 3 to the Wii U, the same people who were happy and said good things about the Wii U. Then we find out that it will not use Miiverse, is only 1 of 2 games in Japan not being available on the e-shop, and has technical issues. Meanwhile, a compilation of all of the Mass Effect games for the price of 1 is coming to the other consoles.

  15. It really is bullshit. They’re gonna botch this port and then, when the piece of shit doesn’t sell well, they’re gonna abandon the Wii U.

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