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HMV Oxford Street To Host Wii U Official Midnight Launch Event (Prizes To Be Won!)

HMV is delighted to announce that its flagship store in London’s Oxford Street will play host to the Official Midnight Launch Event of Nintendo’s hugely anticipated new home console – Wii U.

With much of the UK’s stock of Wii U consoles in high demand through pre orders, HMV have channeled extra stock into its flagship store so that customers will be able to purchase their Wii U on the night, so a large turnout of enthusiastic gamers are expected to attend when the doors open at 11.00pm on Thursday night, 29th November.

Additionally, the first 100 customers queuing to attend the event will be entitled to a free copy of New Super Mario Bros U as well as another Wii U game of their choice from a selection that will be offered. The next 100 people in line will be entitled to a £5 gift voucher for redemption on the night. *NB This voucher will only be valid against Wii U hardware and software. The first 500 people in the queue will receive a Wii U goody bag and there will also be opportunities to win Wii U related prizes during the evening.

To lend further excitement, Ubisoft and Nintendo will be demonstrating ZombiU *, Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U during the build up to midnight, when the console and associated games officially go on sale. Guests will also be able to sample a number of Wii U titles during the evening, while a range of Nintendo promotional characters, from New Super Mario Bros U and ZombiU games, will be on hand to add even more atmosphere to the evening . * NB Zombi U is PEGI rated 18, so demonstrations/sales to any customers aged under-18 will not be possible.

14 thoughts on “HMV Oxford Street To Host Wii U Official Midnight Launch Event (Prizes To Be Won!)”

  1. Just afew months and I think we get an R rating for games! (Australia). Too bad left 4 dead 2 was released so long ago :(. Anyway wish we had a midnight launch here :_(

        1. Yer, it depends which one you’re going to I guess. I got mine at JBHIFI so I’ll have to wait til later in the morning. Not a big deal for me really.

  2. Wish I would of pre ordered at HMV Manchester now :/ , I’m guessing there would be a similar shibang. Oh well , I am going to a midnight release at a small independant store anyway , and I am first in line :). All those free games and shit sound well worth camping a day for though in London.

  3. I wish they’d announce these things before I pre-ordered elsewhere.

    Oh well, I’m getting a Premium Edition for £200 and 2 games for £50. So kind of the same as getting 2 games free xD

  4. Thanks for the info of how the sensor bar is put tthoeger. I guess that means I could harvest some of those LEDs if I felt like being excessively cheap. But then again IR LEDs are not at all expensive.Also as an alternative, standard Christmas tree lights give off enough heat to be picked up by the wii remote. So clever placement of a few of those would also do the trick whilst being tremendously festive.

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