Redesigned, Mini Wii Console Launching Next Month?

According to an internal release schedule from a “major retailer,” another redesigned Wii will soon be released. The Wii Mini console is supposedly launching next month, on December 7th. As its name suggests, the rumored console is said to be compact and will be bundled with a Sensor Bar, Nunchuk and a Wii Remote Plus with Jacket.



      1. But wouldn’t that detract from the sales of the Wii-U? Not only that but wouldn’t Nintendo have announced it by now?


      1. They do this sort of thing every console generation. They do it to get the customers who may not want to spend the money on a New system, but still want to get something


      1. Nintendo of Japan is doing the Sega game, like when the Genesis was still selling very well and Sega Japan pushed Saturn against Sega of America and Europe. Nintendo of Europe sees Nintendo of Japan killing it’s Wii golden egg chicken with the Wii U, they don’t trust the console and started getting ready to containment times.

        The redesigned Wii, which is cheaper and don’t play GameCube games, came from there. Xenoblade, The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower, they brought it all, along other games during the Wii’s lifetime that NoA dismissed. They were making serious money on Wii, and Nintendo of Japan just told them to stop.

        NoE is more in touch with consumers sometimes, they even where the first ones to address some of the worst 3DS problems, like putting ads saying “it can be played in 2D”


      2. That’s an absolout load of horseshit lol. Nintendo of Europe wants the wiiu to be a huge success in its rich countries ASAP. They also want the wii to carry on selling in the poorer countries of Europe.

        Nintendo of Europe Knows as anyone else , the wii is practically dead in the Bigger countries where people can afford the latest tech , so they need to put out the wiiu ASAP. That’s just common sense.

        The wii will carry on selling along side wiiu for a year , maybe two…


      3. Did you read that on the internet? Where are your sources for that information? That statement is weaker than 6 month old Ethiopian, and has about as much truth as the bible of scientology… which is to say none at all


  1. I call BS on this one. Why would they redo a system that is selling “well” and has a worthy successor and which will not recieve any more support.


    1. it’s @alec3232No it’s childish becuase it’s all colourful and gay.Only a 13 year old over sensitive fanboy like yourself would find it appealing.Opinions are formed to be expressed, to hold them in and let them fester is not healthy.I’m sorry if the truth about Mario gets you all upset. I think it’s best you just ignore all the criticism and remain a blind little fanboy. You’ll be happier that way.


    1. great game but its great game but its not paper mario. i mean its a GREAT GAME that kept me acupied for along time and had a great story, but i would have liked this more if it was a rpg IMO i give it a:7/10 for glpameay (NOT COMPARED TO RPG PM)10/10 for story


  2. Nintendo has never even done die shrinks on any of its hardware, ever. Well, consoles anyway. And it’s not hard to see why. First of all, moving to a different fabrication process costs a lot of money initially, and secondly, Nintendo’s consoles are already incredibly efficient and well made machines. So doing so would actually hurt Ninty.


  3. NES had 2 models released in America. SNES also had 2 models released in the States. Both times “model 2” was made smaller than the original. Nintendo has absolutely done this. Not giving any credit to this rumor though, just saying.


    1. Hm. Forgot about that.

      Although, with their first 3 consoles Nintendo wasn’t obsessed with efficiency and low power usage at launch, so there was actually reason to do so. Not anymore with the Wii at 18 watts usage and the Wii U barely doubling that.

      Sony and MS do it because their first models were pushing 200 watts and really created some intense heat.


  4. They do this sort of thing every console generation. There was the NES, then the Top Loader NES. Then There was the SNES, right around the launch of the N64 they had SNS-101, I think the only system that didn’t get a redesign was the Gamecube. They usually do it to get the customers who may not want to spend the money on a New system, but still want to get something


    1. I own every Nintendo console.. But did noy know there was a second SNES.

      I must aquire this… (Yes, I have many cartridges for each system as well!)


  5. 1. If it doesn’t play GC games, no deal.
    2. Please make more 3D classic games instead of shrinking an already small system.

    3. OMG, I am having So much Fucking Fun with my WiiU! I have 3 Bookmarks in the kick-ass browser, one of which is this site!

    ZombiU froze on me once, but has otherwise played flawlessly. It’s scary, and makes RE drop it’s head in shame. CAPCOM, look at ZombiU, THAT’s Survival Horror… REMEMBER?!


    1. Is it good then? I dont trust reviewers, theyve all been shite, besides the whole cricket bat melee, the rest of the negatives seems like them not understanding survival horror.


      1. I don’t think most people know what Survival-Horror is anymore.
        This is not a Run’n’gun FPS.
        You have to have a Splinter-Cell mindset.
        Be Quiet. Be slow. Be methodical.
        It’s not a “Oh I died, no big deal, I’ll just respawn.”
        When you die, there are consequences. Like, you could lose all your shit, or worse.
        If you like to be scared, then turn out the lights, let yourself be pulled into the Character, and try to survive.
        It’s exectued beautifully. There is even daily interaction between the Dev team and the Survivors.
        Multi-player doesn’t seem very good, but I haven’t played it yet, so I may be surprised.
        Single player though? Is the survival horror experience I have wanted for a long time.


  6. It is a rumor though.I don’t think nintendo would make a redesign so unimportant as that even though their next generation system has come out already.


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