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Black Ops 2 On Wii U Is Sub-HD And Has Worst Frame-Rate

Digital Foundry has found that the Wii U version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is sub-HD and features a number of problems with the frame-rate. The report states that the frame-rate makes the PlayStation 3 version feel smoother, while the Xbox 360 version feels like a completely different game. Have you noticed problems with your version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for Wii U?

While Wii U matches PS3 performance in a range of gameplay scenes, the more ambitious levels bring performance down to unacceptably low levels.

The Wii U version matches the look of the Xbox 360 game and thus gives it an edge visually over the PlayStation 3 release, but unfortunately it comes up well short in terms of performance – an aspect that is all-important to the playability of a COD title. The frame-rate variance is such that the PS3 game feels generally smoother, while the 360 release feels like an entirely different game in the more demanding levels. Bearing in mind the commonalities in hardware design between Wii U and Xbox 360, we can’t help but feel somewhat disappointed that Black Ops 2 under-performs so noticeably.

388 thoughts on “Black Ops 2 On Wii U Is Sub-HD And Has Worst Frame-Rate”

    1. NINNTYNintendofanboy


      SUCKS TO BE A NINTEN YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. You mean the awesome visuals I’ve experienced while playing this on WiiU are just in my head?!

        Nooo!!! My eyes decieve me! How can I continue to play knowing what I am seeing doesn’t really look this good?! D:

        1. It’s true, PC versions of games will always be better than console versions because PC is constantly upgrading with better technology and components, and the consumer can play the game with less matter of how much power their PC is limited to, while consoles are limited to the latest specs of that generation.

          But I prefer video game consoles because I just feel more comfortable with them. I do play plenty of WoW on my PC, but if I had to choose between a PC or console version of a game, I would go with the console.

        2. I’m going to assume that it destroyed our next gen platforms in the massive fireball it caused when you forgot to let it cool.

        3. Don’t you have to spend tons of money just so your PC doesn’t suck badly after a year because of no upgrades? A console doesn’t have THOSE issues. Just sayin’

          1. It’s the same with wii u, Xbox and ps3.cfor example I have 6750 and I can play all with more graphics than consoles. I you wanna upgrade all the time you can do that but is not necessary.

    2. Activision quite clearly said it was 60PFS on wiiu. Maybe there is just some FRAME DROPS from time to time. You can clearly see the game runs at 60fps , many youtubers who have BOTH VERSION claim the wiiu version runs the same or better.

      1. Unfortunately not. Just because Activision say so, doesn’t make it so. It would seem that it rarely reaches 60FPS at all from looking at various framecaps (including digital foundry’s). However, the average seems to be around 35-45FPS, which it’s worth stating is still a perfectly playable frame rate and besides this was the first try at a port like this for Treyarch.

        1. I will wait for Treyarch and Activision to confirm something before I believe it.

          Digital Foundry said mass effect 3 in terms of performance is inbetween PS3 and 360 .

          Obviously devs are just miss treating wiiu , look at fucking MADDEN LOL. That thing is a fucking joke. No excuse for that apart from PATHETIC development.

          In a year or 2 , everyone will have realised that the wiiu can produce better graphics than last gen and will just laugh at the shoddy quality of some of the rushed ports.

          1. It’s visualy better than the ps3 version which is more powerfull than the 360 but peforms less than the 360 that is less powerfull than the ps3 ? would somebody like to explain what is going on ? Oh wait I think I’ve cracked it!

            Everyone is treating the wiiu like a 360 and not tapping into ANY of its potential at all.
            COD BLOPS 2 to wiiu is what COD2 was to 360. the beggining.

            1. To be honest here.. I think that these guys have their heads up their asses because
              1. Its not done in “Sub-HD”, people are reporting that the game is running at 1080p with amazing graphics which rival the PC versions.

              2. I’ve seen videos online and the frame rate just looks more fast, heck maybe even faster than what I’ve seen on the PS3.

              So yeah, they are just giving Nintendo a bad time because this is their first HD consoles

              1. The game is sub-HD and direct feed rips have confirmed an 880×720 resolution. There is no way in hell that this is a 1080p title.

                “Videos online and the frame rate”

                Videos are generally encoded at 30fps, so I have no idea what the fuck you’re snorting.

                1. Aelous,

                  Not meaning to jump to the Wii U’s defense out of loyalty or anything but in fairness…
                  All three versions of the game run at 880×720 native and are then upscaled to output at whatever resolution the console is set at.

                  1. “Upscaling” does not transform what the game NATIVELY is into something else. The image is stretched out by the console (or TV), nothing else. At the end of the day, it’s not a 720p nor 1080p title by any means.

                    1. I completely agree, I’m under no illusion as to what upscaling is.
                      My point was that all three versions of the game do this, so to call the Wii U version sub HD, is to call the other versions sub HD too

                    2. Actually, upscaling and “stretching” are two different things. Your image would be “stretched” to properly fit your screen if not upscaled. However, upscaling an image actually adds in data by filling in the missing lines/pixels needed to fit the screen. Hence why upscaling looks better than “stretching” but not quite as sharp as natively 1080p.

                2. You do realize that the PS3 and 360 versions are 540p and are upscaled, right? Still disappointing the developer didn’t take advantage of the Wii U’s hardware but yeah the PS3 & 360 versions were never HD either.

                3. Have you even played the game on the Wii U…? In my opinion, real experience is better than what you find about it on the internet :P

              2. It seems they may have had some FRAME DROPS. Because they say it matches ps3 (which is 60) but drops during more ambitios scenes. So that cofirms it’s just some drops.

                Maybe if you play with the pro controller instead of the gamepad the drops don’t happen ? Because a number of Youtubers said the framerate is Perfect but drops depending on the distance of the gamepad. Or maybe just the wireless connection of the gamepad causes the occasional drop.

            2. End of the day, all these games are developed ON the 360. It is where the mass market lies at the moment, so developers (by preference, and profit sales in mind) will develop on that.
              This current Gen, a lot easier to port a game from the least powerful hardware, over to the PS3. Which is the main reason generally why PS3 gets the short end of the deal on most games, because they’re simply ports.
              Porting games written for PS3 over to 360 doesn’t happen because, the hardware can’t handle it, they would have to be rewritten from scratch to get a more powerful Bluray spec game to the shitter hardware (Metal Gear Solid 4 for example, developers basically said it was not possible, Heavy Rain, etc…) Which is what Nintendo saw in this, hence making the Wii U a port-friendly console, Until developers get it right, this is still a launch game, and therefore, will have launch-type issues.
              These are literally launch games, out on day 1 of the console.
              They were given specific time-lines on when to be released alongside the hardware so they could take the most advantage of sales on the platform.
              Now that the console is out and developers have that leeway to take their time, it’s just all uphill from here.
              I’ll be getting it on Wii U because they left the Wii Remote/Nunchuck control scheme in, and I can’t aim in FPS’ using the shitty joysticks on modern controllers.

              1. This. I’m getting it on wiiu to enjoy Dual screen coop and competitive multiplayer. Did digital foundry compare that to the 360 ? because you can’t do that there lol .

          2. I’ve been playing nothing but mass effect 3 and blops 2 on the wiiU and I have had no frame rate problems or anything, the only “hiccup” I had was during the campaign when it seemed to have bogged down…..but that might have been an intended effect, not really sure >.>

            1. The worst thing is , Everyone seems to pretend 360 and ps3 games have AMAZING framerates lol. I have alll mass effect games on my 360 and they all have SHIT framerates with horrible framedrops and stutters. Mass effect 1 is virtually un playable.

              All these reviewers act like 360 graphics are amazing or some shit.

              1. “I have alll mass effect games on my 360 and they all have SHIT framerates with horrible framedrops and stutters. Mass effect 1 is virtually un playable.”

                you might want to get your 360 checked out. I’ve played the entire trilogy on 360 as well, and it was great. Not sure why any of them would be virtually unplayable for you, or why they all have SHIT framerate and horrible framdrops. Just sounds like a bunch exaggeration (or deal i say hyperbole) to be honest.

                Back on topic. The digital foundry comparison says that when it comes to online multiplayer, that the Wii U version is identical to the 360 and PS3 version as far as performance goes, so I’m still getting the Wii U version (I’d already have it if they’d put it on the eShop! grr). I probably wont finish the campaign anyway. Haven’t completed a COD campaign since MW2.

              2. Typical quote from haters:
                “wow Nintendo brought out something that runs 6 year old games”
                Typical response:
                “So, after your 360/PS3 were a year old. you stopped buying games for them because they were outdated, yeah?”
                *face palm*

              3. I think the problem is that the PS3 and 360 have a relatively consistant framerate while the Wii U’s does not. most likely from lazy porters.

        2. I own it.
          I am immune to negative articles and comments because the game is RIGHT. THERE. In front of me.

          The article fails to explain that there is no drop in the fun-rate when their speculations are not visible to all of us.

          The only flaw I’ve experienced is that it get’s boring at times due to it being another CoD FPS.

          There are some new gameplay mechanics that ate cool, but if I don’t see something SIGNIFICANTLY revolutionary, I’m trading it back in. Funny how NintendoLand has more Variety…

          1. According to the Miiverse community it’s just fine on Wii U, particularly the multiplayer portion. Went to my Local game store just now to try and get one but they were sold out. it is!

          2. Unfortunately, there are fanboys deep down inside these critics that review the games as well, which is why shit like this comes about. And like all fan-boys, they will see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear to try and “steer” the market in their favour. Think about it from the companies perspective, how happy do you think Microsoft is that they have a large fanboy base, it’s like free marketing, they don’t even have to pay for these people to spread the word. Xbox360 fans have the mentality of Apple fans… “we are the best, nothing ever comes close, we innovate everything, we invented games, we masturbate over the Xbox logo” etc…
            The very reason I take any review, with a grain of salt, unless I experience it for myself, no one’s going to tell me what I think of a game.
            Hell, I hate the Halo series, I hate all Modern Warfare games, Bioshock sickens me, my favourite game of all time was Castlevania Symphony of the Night on PS1… I’m not gonna start a website/blog about it, though, it’s just my opinion. lol

            1. True. That’s why, for the majority of what influences me, I listen to word of mouth and series I’m interested in rather than reviews. Miiverse is great too since you can see who actually has the game and what they think of it (I’ve seen both good and bad reviews so far of some indie titles, so I trust the community already) rather than haters trying to hate on a game they don’t have.

            2. True, but its true with all consoles, they all have a horrid amount of dirty fanboys. I especially hate the Nintendo ones. but hey don’t hate on my favorite game :p. Halo is awesome. but ill respect your opinion.

    3. Long lost father of Aeolus

      Dear Sickr,

      I would like to thank you for feeding my son. Also for giving him a place to hang, his mother and I will not have him in our home.

      1. Implying you do? Is the new excuse you fanboys will make? A GPGPU cannot do everything a CPU can (also, should be doing) and will ultimately be SOL when even more intense games show up. It’s struggling to even handle current generation games, I think that speaks volumes about the situation.

          1. Stopped reading when I saw the title and the fact that it’s from Zelda Informer made me even less inclined to read it as well. You didn’t expose shit. You don’t know anything about a GPGPU, just buzz words that you read online in an attempt to spin the bitter truth.

            You’re technologically inept and it’s evident about how you can never argue anything related to it and post a bunch of links of fanboy articles to speak on your behalf. Might as well just come out and admit that you’re an idiot and it would save me a lot of time actually bothering to reply to you. :)

            1. What’s funnier is multiple people who know what they’re talking about are already owning that article creator in the comments.

              gamer confirmed for ass-kissery and reading the words he wants to see by subtle fanboys. ;)

                1. Exactly. You’ll get questionable information from sites that worship, instead of analyze.

                  Now if you’re all for worshipping, then by all means, go to those sites and party hard. Even though I think there are much more important things to be worshipping, but that’s another topic.

              1. Regardless, I have Blops 2 on 360, my roommate has it on Wii-U. It runs identically on both, I have yet to see noticeably frame-rate/performance dips in either version. The only honest difference is that the servers aren’t as populated on Wii-U, while I hope that changes (for the community’s sake) its not enough to stop my room-mate from enjoying it (sans TV) while I play my 360 on the main screen. :P

        1. No, but it handles the graphics proccessing. The CPU may be slow, but its not even being used for the graphics, its used to stream the gamepad ect

            1. Unless the past history of using the CPU as the main speed behind even the GPU has been completely wrong, then no, the CPU IS used for calculating graphics. The GPU most certainly does all of the actual calculating, but guess where the GPU gets its orders from? That’s right, the CPU! Virtually all of the speed within any computer system is reliant upon the main CPU.

              1. The whole point of a GPGPU is that you dont need to worry about that.
                Consoles have had massive CPU’s, because theyve had so much to calculate.
                The WiiU has the GPGPU proccessor, and a desicated sound chip, so that bulky CPU isnt needed.

                We dont know how exactly it works, but the whole point of GPGPU is that atop the hraphics card being CPU reliant, Nintendo would’ve put a lot of power into it, to match the specs of the graphics card, so the games run as well as they can.

                Developers just arent doing that though, because they really dont have time, its very very strict time frame, tp get it out for launch day. Im glad Rayman and Pikmin got delayed.

                1. “The whole point of a GPGPU is that you dont need to worry about that.”
                  That is exactly what these retards don’t understand.

        2. You fail like always, just remember that Crysis 2 ran in Wii U (in high quality) with more than 40 FPS, and if you know some shit, you notice that CryEngine 3 uses more GPU than CPU, just look at the benchmarks from internet, fast CPU doesn’t change many things, but a good GPU change the FPS.

          With this in mind, it’s clearly that if a game uses more GPU than CPU, the results would destroy PS360, simple like that.

          By the way, what are you doing here on this site? ass hole.

          1. Looked up Crytek running “Crysis 2” on the Wii U in “high quality”. Absolutely no such thing was found.

            Try again.

            1. So, you aren’t the troll that always says crap? You must know… and already have replies this question about CryEngine one thousands times… keep living in deny, that won’t change the fact Crytek already tested a build of Crysis 2 on Wii U and it worked more than fine.

              By the way, I don’t have to convince you nothing, you are the one that are talking a bunch of crap and trying convince Nintendo’s fans the contrary, like always, Aeolus “it starts” shitting through his mouth.

              1. Show me the source where Crytek has done this.

                And if you can’t, you’re nothing but a fanboy cunt spreading lies to support your underclocked 360.

                1. Not everyting need source to be fact, you are one of the person that likes to use neogaf quotes and wikipedia, don’t you? So, go search in neogaf by yourself that you will discover that.

                  Do you wanna a example? Aeolus is a teenager that lives with his mom, thinks the knows shit, and is the bigger troll on mynintendonews…. and I don’t need source to say this, isn’t? And change the fact that is real?

                    1. Thetruthandnothingbut

                      So you’re complaining that it’s doing a sequel to 2, which is bound to be an even better example than 2?
                      Also, don’t bitch about rumors, kid. As I recall, a lot of your hater smack-talk in the past was founded on rumors.
                      You’ve only got problems with sources when they aren’t in your favor, Troll.

        1. Shinobi hit the nail on the head. More trolls = more comments and flaming, which results in a better view count for his site. Heck, Aeolus should be on his payroll

    1. True i find wierd that if it is true then why no 1 else reported? I have not see a single owner saying it runs worst even people whit all the versions say the wiiu is the 1 to get

  1. A console 7 years after the 360 should be performing better by brute force, not even needing tweaking by the developers. This is pathetic. Can’t wait for no/worse 3rd party support again! :)

    1. Wii U does perform better in graphics in all areas. The problem is that when a console first comes out, developers don’t know how to fully utilize the hardware like they do with the consoles they’ve already accustomed themselves to. That combined with the fact that the game was probably rushed for launch, by Treyarch, not Nintendo, makes it not representative of the Wii U hardware. Learn to know what the hell you’re talking about before you comment something stupid, will you?

        1. You haven’t the foggiest idea how differences in architecture affect game development (not to mention a completely different graphics library), and you would rather spew abuse than discuss it like an intelligent human being. Nothing you say here from this point is worth the bandwidth used to post it. Grow up and stop acting like some whining 6 year old fanboy, or your opinion will never amount to more than something to be disdained or ignored.

      1. Wii U is being choked by low bandwidth memory and is sporting a custom GPU similar to a mid-range card from 2008.

        Your move.

        1. You have absoloutly no clue what GPU the wiiu is using. Shut the fuck up.

          Didn’t activision claim the wiiu version runs at 60FPS ??? And its well known that if you’re playing on the gamepad the framerate can drop due to the wireless streaming. But it should be fine playing on the tv.

          1. Actually plenty people do, the general consensus is that it’s based on a RV740 (HD4770). You can look all over Beyond3D forums among several others. Or pay attention to the people who teardown the console.

            Kiss more ass you stupid little sheep.

              1. Are you stupid? ANY GPU with a functionally complete set of operations can be a GPGPU.

                Wow, this confirms my suspicions that none of you actually know what the fuck you’re talking about. I thought it was bad before you threw around terms front, left and center, but I didn’t think it was THIS bad.

                You’re an idiot.

                1. Nice try dick head. Now you just go ahead and say there is basically no difference between GPU’s and GPGPU’s when there is a video on the internet BY AMD talking about 6670 is the first GPGPU they have made lol

                    1. What’s funny is the 6760 is designed to run multiple screens with no drawbacks , is designed for super low thermal and power and has about 480 individual processing cores.

                      At launch it seems NOBODY is using these cores to get the best performance. Because the CPU is similar to the 360 but a bit slower , they are just shoving 360 games onto wiiu and hoping for the best.

                      Imagine a game using the wiiu to full potential , it would look like the zelda tech demo or possibly better.

                      The only game which does the wiiu justice so far is Nano assault Neo and maybe Trine 2 and Rayman Legends.

                      Everything else is built with the old fashioned CPU based development in mind. Heck even Nintendo land looks great lol.

                  1. A GPGPU is not a specialized GPU; YOU STUPID FUCKING IDIOT.


                    Holy fuck, why are you so very STUPID? There’s NO SUCH VIDEO of that, by the way.

                    1. He finally admits his defeat.

                      Go on Nintedward. Tell Anandtech how the Wii U is using an E6670 and their findings are completely wrong.

                      Go on. :)

                    2. Ubisoft didn’t leak shit, that is not a 6670 GPU in the console and the facts are in the teardowns. The Ubisoft leak was a RUMOR.

                    3. There is no facts in any teardowns you stupid cunt. I’ve seen the teardowns on N4G and they basically just say the GPU is celotaped to the CPU and is blah blah NM . That doesn’t mean ANYTHING. That’s like looking at a car under a blanket and just trying to guess what it is LMAO.

                      You go on like your some tech savy , hardcore gamer. Then you expose yourself for a loser because you try to LIE and MISINTERPRETATE everything.

                      Seriously fuck off lol. Before you start opening Your mouth about GPU this CPU that you’re going to have to wait for some concrete figures. Of which there is currently Zero. Like those leaked specs a couple of months back which were completely faulse.

                    4. “There’s no facts in teardowns”

                      Stopped reading, you’ve confirmed your idiocy almost effortlessly. I’m no longer even going to bother replying to you, because you’re that fucking stupid. Good job.

                    5. Well what did the Tear downs prove ? FUCKING NOTHING YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT. There is NO full spec shet for the wiiu . I’ve seen the teardowns , and they are nothing more than the teardown that Iwata did on Nintendo direct a month ago.

                      So STFU and I will be glad if you please never talk to me again :) I only reply to you because you start lying and trying to misslead people like some sort of pathetic dick head lol.

                      Example of you ”it’s well know the wiiu is using a 4XXX gpu” , ME – NO ITS FUCKING NOT YOU STUPID PIECE OF DOG SHIT, YOU JUST MADE THAT UP BASED ON YEAR OLD BULLSHIT. Stop embarassing yourself.

                  2. Bro, look at the bigger picture here.
                    There is an Xbox fanboy, roaming around a Nintendo Wii U specific website, just to talk smack about it and piss everyone off.
                    Get on Wikipedia and check out Bipolar Disorder.
                    We’re only here because we’re interested in this upcoming console and to check out news about it.
                    Bottom line: The best first party games this world has to offer will not be available on any other console, no matter what their power or nuclear capabilities.
                    (Yeah he might put them down too and say, sub-par games and crap graphics, and kiddy games blah blah blah, we’ve heard it all before…)
                    He needs to pull the cock out of his ass and get a job or something, meet a girl…i dunno his life situation, sounds sad though…poor guy. haha

                    1. Thanks for the wake up call :) We’re just normal people , however fan based we may be. Trolling all the time about something you like is pathetic.

                2. Yelelelelelelholololololololol HAHAHAHAHAA TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

                  “Never argue with stupid people, they’ll beat you with experience”
                  Congratulations, you are now a fucking idiot. Welcome to the real world, dumbshit.

            1. No, you have no idea.

              Until someone literally pulls it apart, and checks every little detail, you have no idea what it does

                1. Wow……It’s almost worthy to be pitied.

                  Has anyone else noticed that Aeolus only comments on sites that has bad news for the Wii U.And on those it comments 10 times more.

                    1. The funny thing about the info he post sre from guess people make cause the serius tear down i have see no 1 could see the gpgpu and those who saw it cant find what it is by the serial code

                    2. It’s called *Life Fail.*
                      He’s convinced zero percent of the people against their decisions in purchasing this system. Yet, 100% of everyone on here to hate him and think he’s just a douchebag.
                      Probably has so much time on his hands, he’ll Google a response to this comment as well.
                      Best guess, it’ll be something like: “Nahhh, you’re wrong, ummm, because: GPU is slow….just STFU!!!”

                2. That ”Teardown” was the most useless piece of shit of all time LMAO. Considering the Wiiu will be using MODIFIES AND CUSTOM parts ABSOLOUTLY NOBODY can squeeze even 1% plausable stats about the wiiu’s tech just by looking at the GPU and CPU .

                  We will have to wait for some kind of Tech expert or Company to tell the exact specs.

                    1. I don’t give a shit :) . I know what I need to know! I get my wiiu on thursday midnight with NSMBU , ZombIU , Nintendo Land , Blops 2 .
                      Looking forward to AC3 , Darksiders 2 , Tekken Tag 2 , Scribble Nauts , And most of the digital games.

                      I have an xbox 360 and a ps3 already. But they don’t allow me to play Assassins creed 3 , Blops 2 , NSMBU etc etc on the gamepad screen in the comfort of my bed.

                      And i’ve seen Rayman Legends in motion for an hour or 2 and there is no way on this earth that shit would work or last gen consoles. Same with Nano Assault – shit looks amazing.

                      Considering the wiiu just launch it can be forgiven for a few hickups , but things will only get better and better.

                      Sony on the other hand have a credit rating that is considered ”Junk” . Super powerfull specs don’t prevednt you from being junk Aeolus.

                      The 3DS is far far better than the Vita. The same way the Wiiu will be IMO and my taste , better than the PS4. nuff said.

                      This whole wiiu graphics thing is just like when You were certain the PSP was more powerfull than 3DS. Even though Its not half as powerfull.

                    1. Yet Aeolus thinks he knows exactly how the entire System works.

                      I can’t even be bothered with it lol. Black ops2 and Assassins creed 3 , Tekken Tag 2 , NSMBU all on the gamepad screen whilst I’m in bed ? YES PLEASE!!!!!!

                      That’s not bad for lauch if you ask me.

                3. Yelelelelelelholololololololol HAHAHAHAHAA TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

                  Wow, do I smell your sadness and do I see your tears?

                  “You’re a boring and frankly, shitty poster. Stop posting.” You sound like a CoD 13 year old boy who WAS smart. Get the fuck over it. You wouldn’t leave us alone, we won’t change our opinions on Wii U. If you dislike Wii U so much, why are you here? Why bother? If one thing my mother taught me, it’s having some better stuff to do than to wasting time arguing with another people. What do you want, really? There isn’t anything for you here.

                  1. You can’t say anything about a person who likes Nintendo on a Nintendo Site , when you’re a fucking Anti-Nintendo Troll , lol.

                    1. Yelelelelelelholololololololol HAHAHAHAHAA TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

                      I meant Aeolus, dipshit. I love Nintendo. Got it memorized?

                      1. I meant Aelous too you dick. There’s a thing called perspectives, dipshit :P.

                        You (Aeolus) can’t say anything about a person (dragon) on a Nintendo site….. I obviously wasn’t talking about you . *sigh*

                      2. Yelelelelelelholololololololol HAHAHAHAHAA TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

                        Reply his comment, not me… Unless you can’t because there is no reply button?

          2. Brian is so right. Its a new system and the devs are still not experienced yet with the new unit. Also rushing it for holidays is a good point too. More then likely they didnt work as hard on ironing problem since Wii U just came out and hardware numbers are low so they figured not to bother as much.

          3. That doesn’t make sense. How does a console that everyone has said is very similar to the 360’s design be so hard to adapt to? Even Vigil games was able to figure it out! So no, it’s NOT because they “don’t know how to fully utilize the hardware.” It’s because either the developers just didn’t give a shit, or the console is even worse in power than they expected! Those two reasons don’t even have to be mutually exclusive!

      2. I’ve been playing it a lot on my Wii U and the only thing I’ve noticed about the graphics is that they look amazing. No frame rate issues, no graphics issues. Nothing at all. Maybe this guy forgot to change his settings to 1080p….

        1. This is what I thought :S . Activision clearly said the game runs at 60FPS on wiiu.

          ”The game is running at Call of dut’s signature 60FPS” – someone explain to me? PR talk is one thing, but for a developer to claim 60FPS it must be 60FPS you know ?

          A lot of people just say what they want to belive about wiiu .

          1. Hi, just for the record it runs at 60 fps…. some times. Regarding all that “wii u is not powerfull” i just have to say that it really doesn´t matter that much to me anyway. But i´ll state that wii u is more capable than what people tend to believe, just think about this: the first wave of titles for wii u performs as well as the hd siblings ones and all the multiplatformers were made in less time with less people on new hardware with a new architecture. For me is like handling the task with one arm tied on its back.

            1. You hit the nail on the head.

              Question for Aelous ! Bayonetta looks like FUCKING HORSESHIT on PS3 and Looks GREAT on 360.
              Uncharted 3 has far far better graphics than any 360 game.

              Why is that ?

      3. It’s a port, what was honestly expected? It’s not exactly made to take advantage of the Wii U’s hardware as opposed to a 360. It feels like a lot of these devs just don’t want to take the time to optimize the software for the Wii U.

        That being said, I’ve got a friend who owns it on both Wii U and 360 and prefers the Wii U version, says it actually plays better on it. So I dunno.

        1. you mad? tolod you ALLL THIS TIME THAT WIIU IS CURRENT GEN

          SUCK ON THAT

          DURANGO WILL DESTROY WIIu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Dodge Durango destroying the Wii U?! What fucked up planet are you from, Danny boy? U mad because the Wii U is the most unique, if not powerful, and profitable video game console on the market this year. U mad because the Wii U version of Black Ops II displays better graphics and texture and the gameplay mechanics using either controller of choice are extremely versatile and intuitive. Just wait until the Wii U gets The Wonderful 101, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Bayonetta 2.

            1. Yeah he’s mad that we won’t join his Xbox community to play “mature” games. Red rings are gay. What are my choices out of a million first person shooters?

      4. Fuck the media, that’s completely biased and there’s no proof of it whatsoever, I have seen the BLOPS 2 videos and they all look and run just fine. smh these American media sites are still sucking the bone dried dicks of PS3 and 360.

        1. Or maybe you could read the fucking article on the site. Why the fuck would they be lying?

          You’re a moronic, fanboy sheep.

                  1. How the fuck am I spreading false information when it’s the truth that you can’t fucking handle, Kaz Hirai’s boyfriend?

                    “I’ll state that I don’t think it’s our intention to bring Unreal Engine 4 to Wii U, but Unreal Engine 4 is going to be supremely scalable. We’ll run on mobile phones and on a wide variety of things, so if a customer decides they want to port an Unreal Engine 4 game to Wii U, they could. But Unreal Engine 3 is a really good fit for that platform.”

                    Mark Rein
                    Vice-President of Epic Games


                    1. So you proved my point, basically he’s saying it’s better off with UE3, not UE4.

                      Guess what? Epic said the same thing with the Wii and UE3, implying customers would try to port it on that console instead.


                      Doesn’t matter if it’s scalable, if it looks like shit on the Wii U enough for him to recommend UE3 instead, that’s all that needs to be said. Wii U cannot handle UE4 the way he wants it to be. Plain and fucking simple as that.

                          1. Those links were a comparison of his past comments with the Wii and UE3. Which are effectively the same as his ones with Wii U and UE4.

                            Your reading comprehension is comparable to kindergartners.

                      1. Yelelelelelelholololololololol HAHAHAHAHAA TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

                        It’s true! Wii U support UE4! Wii U is the most powerful console ever, beating the shit outta PS360! It’s offical! Oh yes.

                  2. Goddamn you’re a terrible “troll”. I miss the the turn of the millennium, when idiots like you were still learning to walk.

                  3. Let’s see how tough you are when you are getting fist fucked by a gang of AIDS positive homeless in the asshole till you bleed.

                      1. Says the troll who gives head to both Kaz Hirai and Aeolus. The Wii U is next gen. Why the fuck are you here whining like a 4-year old tinkerbell? Stay the hell away from this Nintendo fan-based blog.

                  4. We’ve had next gen for a while now. PC master race. You fanboys are faggots. Dead Space 2 at 120fps 1080p on max. Crysis 2 1080p at 60fps. Battlefield 3 at 60fps on ultra. Oh and they can run in 3D. Get a job, kids.

                    1. Yelelelelelelholololololololol HAHAHAHAHAA TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

                      Oh, but console runs all 60fp, 1080p, same goes for Crysis 2, BF2 and so much more! You obviously can’t deny console games like Uncharted, Halo 4, Zelda, etc. are exclusive for those consoles and PC can’t play them because they’re not meant for PC! Oh noooooes! Sure, there’s OoT for PC, but then again, what about the future of Zelda and other games? Srsssssss you are a faggottttsssssss, I have a job for you, kid, all you had to do is to suck my cock. Yes, cock, it’s right here. Any problem so far? Good, now get back and suck my cock!

          1. game works fine for me, only thing wrong with my wii u, is that it takes about 10-15 sec to nqvigate menus through out the OS like the eshop, but im pretty sure nintendo said theyll fix it, also i would recommend playinng on the pro controller.

          2. Dat “1080p Gamepad action @60 fps on both TV and controller”

            LOL, it’s amazing how everyone is now singing a different tune in the comments with the usual “lazy/bad port” excuse. Accept it, the Wii U is an underpowered “next-gen” system that struggles to handle current generation games.

            1. Sorry to disappoint you but it seems that this asshole either forgot to change his settings or his copy is trash …… Anyway mister Aeolus looks like its ur patrol now so … Why the fuck are you putting ur ass in a nintendo site ???

            2. The Wii U is underpowered for the next generation, I like Nintendo as a company, and I admit that fully. I think the experience that Nintendo provides makes up for that for the most part. But yes, the PS4/720 will be much more powerful than the Wii U. Why do you care so much? If you don’t like the Wii U, just don’t buy one. I personally have every 7th and 8th gen system released so far, and I think they’re all great.

              1. First of all, the Wii U is NOT underpowered. It’s the developers who are not taking full advantage of Wii U’s GPU… especially using the GPGPU. By the time we see the Wii U’s full potential in games like the Wonderful 101, Project CARS, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and Bayonetta 2… everyone around the world will know that Nintendo means business when it comes to making video games. BTW, graphics don’t matter… only gameplay and overall fun playing them matter.

                1. The Wii U is underpowered and virtually every fucking sign based on the components in the console is pointing right at that.

                  The Wii U is struggling to handle CURRENT GEN PORTS. While the exclusives look quite shitty (ZombiU).

                  1. Ya, “struggling”.

                    While current generation consoles can’t handle the Wii U’s version of trine 2.Quit spreading false information.

                    1. Unprofessional comparison with no FPS marker and an unsure person making that comparison, vs professional comparisons all over the web.

                      The latter wins.

                      1. You’re still in denial, Meg. Flaming Nintendo, Wii U, and Nintendo supporters like Sickr, is extremely hazardous to your health. Go outside and smell the fresh air, instead of sitting your fat ass on a computer while eating Twinkies for Christ’s sake. You’re a cancer to the entire video gaming community. YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY SIR!!!!!!!

                      2. Excuses,excuses.Even other ones show the Wii U version is graphically better,and the latter will win the console war.

              2. I disagree and agree with you. I disagree with you on that the U is under powered. I do agree that every system is great. In that regard it’s because of developers that specific games make a system look bad. If they choose not to utilize the system’s capabilities or have not fully gotten acquainted with the system it’s either because: they haven’t had enough time and practice with the system or they chose not to use it’s features and capabilities.

            3. who cares ? Nintendo its not about power, for a true next gen system i have my PC not Sony/Microsoft consoles wich say they are “next gen” but they hardly compare to a “decent” PC… 360 and PS3 tech was dead before arrival and they try to tell you something different (and im sure PS4/720 will be the same), at least nintendo doesnt lie to you with whats next gen truly means

            4. Yelelelelelelholololololololol HAHAHAHAHAA TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

              It’s called not using full potential of the Wii U, dumbfuck. They haven’t taken advantage of it.

          3. I hate to say it, but as an Anti-Explicit Video Game man, I think it’s a good job that this is the case. I wouldn’t buy the game for any console primarily because of the violent nature of these kinds of titles. I buy Nintendo Consoles for Nintendo Characters and family friendly games, not for Violent and Gory Titles like this.

            1. The One Who Wrote This


              Totally agree with ya! We don’t need violence and gory stuff in family environments! It (in my opinion) kind of changes the person for the bad (in a sense).

              Up top!

          4. It’s not a term of hardware specs, but poor optimization from Treyarch’s part. It would understandable seeing as it’s an extremely new piece of kit, but they would have had time plenty of time and it’s not like there was much to do. All the sound/textures/etc are there, so all it would take is some tweaking with the code.

              1. The One Who Wrote This

                Ahem. Daniel. Please stop with the wishing of other people’s misfortunes, ok? Kidnapping and death due to cancer are not good things to wish upon others, alright?

              2. Yelelelelelelholololololololol HAHAHAHAHAA TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

                Daniel, I have a question for you, suppose you sticking out your asshole, and with your both hands, you have a banana and a dildo. Which one will you take one to stick it in your asshole?

          5. I would like some proof from treyarch or activison the wiiU is running smoothly no issues and the graphics look great as well this is just more flase hate news.

            1. Finally a answer to the question! Lol
              My copy works amazing so far on my WiiU,
              No bugs or lag at all when playing multiplayer

          6. Meh. The only difference between the Wii U launch and the 360 launch 7 years ago is that Microsoft put out a couple of games to show off the new hardware, whereas Nintendo have kept their franchises that would do that away from the launch.

            Third party ports on both occasions were/are average at best. Gun on 360 was hilarious.

          7. Has everyone already forgotten how bad the Wii, 360 and PS3 were at launch?

            These things happen early in any console’s life, especially when launch titles are generally rushed and people aren’t familiar with the hardware yet.

            Meanwhile, the 360 has tonnes of support due to its age so people have worked out how to do crazy things with the hardware, whereas at launch it was basically a HD Xbox1. Compare Halo 3 to Halo 4. Halo 3 runs at sub HD, Halo 4 runs at 720p and looks heaps better. Similarly, Dead or Alive 4 was an early 360 title that just looks like a HD DoA3, whereas Dead of Alive 5 looks much, much better. Even the Wii improved over time if you compare Sonic & The Secret Rings to Sonic Colors.

            Considering the circumstances and how good Wii U games look right now, just remember that the only way from here is up.

            1. Wii improved? IT NEVER IMPROVED. What a stupid comparison too. SMG is better looking game than Sonic Colors and the former debuted in 2007 (was actually shown in 2006). SMG 2 is…basically the same thing, nothing better happened after that. Wii was doomed to forever be an overclocked Gamecube.

              1. nintendo is irelevant in the game industry.

                fuck off nintendo with your rehashed crap and kiddy games. Durango rapes all

                1. You are probably someone that is too young to remember the good ‘ol days when nintendo has the NES and SNES. Ahhh where did they go…

                  1. i am 29 actually. Nintendo lost that magic before the N64. Nostalgia glasses much? same old rehashes!

                    Nintendo should die or go to IOS where the money is

                      1. Actually, even though I am an Android fanboy myself, if you want to sell an app. You go to iOS first. I’m currently making a game for iOS right now and if it sells well, I’ll probably port it to Android and windows phone, and if it goes exceptionally well I may see If I can get it on the eshop (Long shot, But I can dream!) :P.

                    1. 29? Hahahahaha! Holy shit! 29? 29 and this is how you spend your time? God damnit somebody should slap some sense into you’re bald head! Hahahaha! Fuck, what a loser!

                2. Nintendo innovates video games while rival companies copy N’s originality. Sorry, but the Dodge Durango can’t handle asymmetrical gameplay. Only the Wii U does.

                  Due to your out of control console flame wars, your hypocritical ass is now reported to the administrator himself. U mad?

                3. The One Who Wrote This

                  Man, you must like that Lizard Cowboy from that movie, eh? Dunno if that’s the name yet. Wait ’til E3, alright?

                4. Delusion can be cured. PS4 and the Wii U shall have exclusives and multiplats. Durango will only have Halo 5 and gears 4 hehehehehehe.

                5. Irrelevant?! Video Games would no longer exist if Nintendo hadn’t steped in and saved the industry with the NES. So whenever you and your childern you have lockednin yoir basement play Xbox, THANK NINTENDO.

              2. Yelelelelelelholololololololol HAHAHAHAHAA TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

                At least it outsell PS360. Look at the gem games Wii has. Xenoblade Chronicles? The Last Story? Pandora’s Tower?

            2. You are preaching to a choir of rabid Haters. They won’t listen to reason. The Wii U shall be fine my friend. It hurts them that we are getting every port this generation mostly with all DLC, also the fact that we shall have multiplats from the other two next Gen systems. Nintendo first parties and exclusives, such as Bayonetta, Ninja Gaiden Razors edge etc.

          8. To the trolls: I think it is due to unoptimized hardware to be frank. The Wii U uses an architecture similar to XBOX 360 with a processor minimum as powerful, a GPGPU miles ahead and 4x the RAM of the PS3. If anything, it should be identical to the XBOX 360 version. I call bullshit- it’s a rushed port.

            1. Mann its not worth the effort. To the ordinary person this sounds like “The Wii U uses an Thingy similar to XBOX 360 with a dongle minimum as powerful, another dongle miles ahead and lots the Stuff of the PS3. If anything, it should be identical to the XBOX 360 version. I call bullshit- it’s a rushed port”. Sounds good to me though

            2. No point trying to reason with either of them. Neither of them are capable of objectivity or impartiality – Daniel just spews barely legible crap and Aeolus just repeats the same sub-wikipedia misinformation over and over again, throwing around out of date spec information and rumour as if it were solid fact. Worst kind of fanboy.

              1. Seems somebody is unable to make any sort of points and resorts to -this- posting method to hopefully redeem any inadequacies about himself.

                It’s okay, we all know you’re stupid.

                1. Yes Aeolus, you are right. Youa are 100% correct and we should all bow to your superior wisdom. Please continue to enlighten us with your Herculean intellect. I honestly do wish I could be more like you, I just don’t have to time to jump into every videogame forum that is focused on systems I don’t personally use in order to show them the error of their ways. Oh well, good thing you’re around eh.

          9. To be completely honest I’ve seen BO2 on the PS3 and the graphics didnt look too hot. I’ve already seen reviews saying the WII U version looks great and has minimal frame rate issues. Take this “review” as you will.

              1. “Nice try”? What are you talking about, I’ve never seen the 360 version in person so I didn’t comment about it. Unlike you who will just read blogs or watch videos and pretend you know everything about it.

                1. “I’ve never seen the 360 version in person so I didn’t comment about it.”

                  “Unlike you who will just read blogs or watch videos and pretend you know everything about it.”

                  Astounding amounts of irony. Basically confirms you’re a fanboy too by bagging on one version (which wasn’t even the leading version) and clearly implying the folks who presented this information are perhaps lying with the data they have presented and others have already confirmed.

                  You’re a fucking idiot.

                  1. Once again, you read or see anything on the Internet an believe it. I didn’t mention the XBox 360 version, so you’re pretty pathetic to bring it up. Almost as pathetic as the amount of time you spend on this website seeing as you hate nintendo.

                    1. Don’t mention the PS3 version either then. It just makes you look desperate to grasp at straws which aren’t there. Fact remains Wii U is the same resolution as the 360 version and has the worst FPS on average.

                      good fucking day, idiot.

          10. Lies! Lies! Lies! Wii U is better than Xbox in nearly every way. These idiots have no proof! They couldn’t even make a comparison video because they knew they would be proven wrong!

              1. Lack of any valid evidence in those videos…Now Aeolus, tell me your thoughts on the PS Vita sales and how you think fanboys like you will react when Sony reveals the $500-700 PS4 with GamePad clone for the controller.

                  1. Intelligence? Says the loser who uses a proxy to comment on this site. Pathetic. By the way, how about those PS Vita sales?

                  2. Yelelelelelelholololololololol HAHAHAHAHAA TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

                    Uhh… Aeolus.

                    If Perma-ignored, then why bother comment his post? At least get your brain check out, you stupid fuck.

          11. Sigh, MORE fan boys trying to defend their Wii U again… FACE it… come on. So many news about Wii U made me don’t feel like buying it… Gonna stick with my PC until the next Sony/Microsoft product.

            1. Except the problem is that PS4 won’t be available due to Sony’s financial problems. Negative $6.4 billion, to be sure. And you can’t play used games on Xbox 8 and have to pay $60 to play games online.

                1. Wasn’t it you who in an earlier post said that line was overused?And don’t deny it,I have a very good memory.

          12. To be honest, to me this looks nothing like signs of console limitations, and more likely to be due to the developers just being lazy…

          13. Im playing the game and it works fine, not sure if these guys are smoking crack or something, or probably there’s something wrong with their WiiU..

          14. I have made my decision. I am leaving this website and removing my subscription because of the insane amount of trolls, anti-Nintendo fans and unreasonable fanboys here, and the first two frankly have no reason to be on this website. Its been a fun couple of years My Nintendo News, but there are simply better, non infested sites out there. I wish Sickr and Alba the best of luck, and hopefully it’ll get better in the future :)

            1. You do know that as we have gotten our desired gaming system, that is next generation and has exclusives, trolls will hate. No longer shall multiplats and HD be there crutch so the will complain and through salt hehehehehe. Enjoy the marvelous Wii U.

            2. You’re doing exactly what they want you to do, quitting. All you have to do is ignore them, man. Sickr ignores them, and you should too. his is still a great website, you just need to scroll past trolls and find the sensible people. Starve every troll.

              1. Yeah, but frankly there are websites out there which simply do not tolerate trolls and unacceptable behavior. I have been part of a Nintendo fan website which simply does not have malicious trolls due to strong regulation. If Sickr moved providers to somewhere which allows for better administrative regulation, and deletion of posts, then I’ll be happy to come back.

                The fact is that newcomers would not want to return to a website with so much negativity in the comments section. It is not doing any good for My Nintendo News, and is limiting the audience to longtime members and trolls.

                1. I agree completely. I wish Sickr would take a more active role in removing those who just come to stir up trouble, but that would be a full time job imo.

            3. Yelelelelelelholololololololol HAHAHAHAHAA TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

              Don’t bother leaving this site. Isn’t this what you came for, to read the latest news for 3DS/Wii U? I mean, sure, I’m a troll, but I’m defending Nintendo when they can’t. All those trolls wants you to leave the site because they just want to. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion, dude, just read the news and share your opinions, or just read the news, that’s all. :)

              1. To be honest, I have been a member of the community of a far superior website which gets all the news this one does, has a dedicated forum, and is heavily moderated to deal with malicious trolls, to the level where there simply aren’t any. I want a website where I can talk about Nintendo without swear words being sent to me. I’m not getting that here.

          15. youre letting the trolls get to you, is what they want I dont see why they would bother you, i dont usually comment on here or even bother reading readiing the comments section, I only come for news and you can do the same..

          16. Wow! Does the Wii U being this successful really hurt drone and exbot emotions. Am loving my Wii U and all multiplats we shall receive.

          17. What’s that? A port of a 360-developed game has worse framerate on rival consoles?

            Gee oh gee, who couldn’t see that coming?

          18. there’s just to many games to play that’re coming out, ZombiU,BO2, Nintendoland,Assassin Creed 3, SuperMario U, Hitman Absolution, Halo4(yes i still havent play it), Far Cry3

          19. Sickr,

            No offence but you really really need to check all your info before posting stuff like this. If you’re claiming the ‘Sub-HD’ resolution from the article where it states 880×720 Pixels, it’s worth noting that’s the game’s native resolution and that it is upscaled to 720/1080p output. It’s also worth noting that 880 x 720 is the native resolution for ALL versions of the game, not just the Wii U. Please read article more carefully, again no disrespect intended…Frame rate though does seem to be a genuine issue.

            1. ” it’s worth noting that’s the game’s native resolution and that it is upscaled to 720/1080p output.”

              …Which can be done on any console, making this an extremely redundant tidbit.

              1. I know it can be done on any console, hence why I said it’s the same on all three versions.

                No offence but are you incapable of saying anything remotely constructive? You and Nintendward are as bad as each other

          20. Don’t people ever learn that you need time for the developers learn the tech of the Wii U, if the developers say its powerful, it’s powerful. Don’t judge until it’s actually is used to it’s full potential.

          21. And once again, gaming sites, reporters, etc. forget one thing that every console has. IT’S A FUCKIN LAUNCH TITLE!!! They never looks as good as the years go by on new hardware, same goes with PS3 and 360 launch games compared to now. That and technical issues are the reasons why I never get a console at launch.

          22. Its a direct port using an engine designed specifically to work with the PS3/360 hardware which is heavily CPU dependent and less GPU dependent since the GPUs in those systems are the lesser of the two. That is why some of the ported games have minor frame rate issues.

            The Wii U architecture has been revealed to be more GPU driven (GPGPU) than CPU. Take a look at the link below which explains how the Wii U architecture is designed. This was discovered after the Wii U console was torn-down and analyzed. The real next generation capabilities of the console are now known. I cannot wait to see what Retro will do with this next gen hardware.


          23. Christmas came early for the Trolls!!

            Anyway, if you are a Nintendo fan, and are coming from te Wii like me, this version looks AMAZING. I’ve clocked several hours, and am blown away by the graphics and have not noticed any framerate issues.

            So, this is only unfortunate for spec-whores who don’t really care how it looks, just what te specs look like on paper.

            Basically, if this game got rated worst frame-rate, and it looks THIS damn good, then this is very good news for WiiU fans as a launch game is going to be the worst looking game on the system.

            1. This. The game looks as good as in the 360, I’ve played both versions but I’m staying with the wii u version because wii remote + nunchuck

          24. Fuck this shit Im returning my wii u and buying a PS3 Im ashamed of even liking nintyshit in the first plae fuck yo fan ninten kids fuck this less than current gen system that will fail kthxbye

              1. That’s not a Nintendo fan lol. Why would a Nintendo fan leave his system because Call of Duty apparently doesn’t peform aswell as other versions lol ? That guy is Aeolus pretending to be that guy.

                The wiiu is no for call of duty , that’s just a bonus. The wiiu is for Mario , N-land , Bayonetta , Monster Hunter , Pikmin , Scribblenauts and games along those lines lol.

                  1. You just do what you do best Unation. Haters will soon see the full potential of wiiu and they will be in tears when it looks the same as the PS4 lol

          25. Amazing how people thinks Sorny and Microshit is mature and hardcore.

            1. this is the first time I hear anyone say BO2 performs bad, always heard the complete opposite.

            2. When you see walkthroughs or play games for these consoles like RE5, Dead Space and so on.
            The story is mediocre at best while the game difficulty are a joke compared to the word “hardcore”
            Repetitive crap in many games, bosses that are so dull I was about to die.

            3. It’s mostly Sorny and Microshit bashing Nintendo all the time.
            Nintendo might not be as “powerful” on consoles than you are but atleast they still know the words “creativity”, “originality” and most important of all “FUN”

          26. For a rushed port it looks to be very good. All you need to realize is this: The Wii U right out of the gate with rushed ports is on the same level as the 360 (the developers’ console of choice). Imagine what’ll happen when devs get used to the hardware’s architecture. We’ve got nothing to worry about. Leave luck to heaven.

              1. I’m working on it. Aiming for early next year. I’ll use my standard def TV for the while so I can save up to get an HDTV. So glad the Wii U works with the Wii’s component cables. Was surprised to see component cables inputs on the back of my TV.