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Nintendo Provides More Details Regarding Wii Mini

Nintendo has announced that Wii Mini will be available to Canadians on December 7th. The console lacks an internet connection and doesn’t play Gamecube games. Also, unlike the original Wii, the Wii Mini has a manually operated top-loading disc drive. Nintendo of America has yet to confirm whether the console will be available in the US. The system will retail for $99.99.

66 thoughts on “Nintendo Provides More Details Regarding Wii Mini”

  1. Might be better to buy the original. Some of the things they took our are the best features of the Wii. Leave luck to heaven.

  2. I wonder if you could give it internet with a usb internet adaptor and The recent design on the Wii did not have Gamecube so you are still getting a huge bargian and they just said over 200,000 Wiis sold as well on the week of Wii U launch so Nintendo will start making huge profits I think :) Welldone.

    1. i think its really stupid. they’re not even going to be supporting the wii anymore, and the only reason why someone would/should pick up a wii anymore is to be able to play gamecube games, and this version doesnt support gamecube games. might as well just get a wii u even though it cost 3 times as much lol

  3. I suspect this will be as much of a ‘Success’ as the Game Boy Micro was.
    Stores will already be cutting the price of their Wii stock so I can’t see the
    price being a great motivator, something that’s compounded by the fact
    that it lacks internet and ability to play Gamecube games.

    Nintendo should continue to focus on the manufacture of more Wii U
    and 3DS units instead of wasting it on this.


  4. I think this is smart. Giving customers a lot of options is always a good idea. Ex. Apple.
    I mean if you get a Wii anymore, you’re probably looking to play a game. I’d imagine the only downfall to this, is people who want to watch netflix. But they probably already have something that can do that anyway. If they can lower the price and sell a bunch, more power to em’.

  5. This seems more like a good choice for people who didnt get a Wii this generation, but wanted to play some of the games, so a cheap model with everything you need will attract those people.

    1. Everything you need except a way of connecting to the Internet… Without any way to get the system online, you lose out on 90% of what the system has to offer. No Internet doesn’t just mean that you can’t play games online… No Internet means no News Channel, no Weather Channel, no Everybody Votes Channel, no Check Mii Out Channel, no Mario Kart Channel, no Wii Speak Channel, no Internet Channel, no Netflix, Hulu Plus, Youtube, and so on… Worst of all, the Shop Channel (assuming it’s even on the system) would be totally worthless without Internet; as you would be unable to download anything on the shop, you can’t play ANY Virtual Console or WiiWare titles, nor can you get the few channels that don’t require an Internet connection. Hell, if Nintendo releases a new update for the Wii, you wouldn’t even be able to update this new Wii variation.

      I could understand if the system played GameCube games and the focus of this bargain version was to play recent physical games (I would even consider getting it if that were the case), but with the way the “Wii mini” is now, anyone with an ounce of intelligence could figure out that the standard Wii is a much better value (and that the original version with GameCube compatibility is even better).

      1. Thats why i said it was for people who just want to play the games.
        And its not 90% -.- i factor the games as being a pretty important part, because they are, the most important part, so they take up at least 80% of the Wii’s purpose

        1. Even for people who just want to play games on the system, this mini version isn’t ideal. As I mentioned, it seems like you won’t be able to play GameCube, Virtual Console, and WiiWare games. Even for those that couldn’t care less about all the extra apps on the system, the original version is a better deal as it can play a much wider selection of games.

      2. Agreed Sir! Hate when people took away things from their consoles. Nintendo did wrong this time, i love the design but why in the world they’ll do a revision of the Wii, taking away all the good things; that is going backwards. What they need to put again is the gc compatibility, internet, and more new things that attract more people, not giving less for the same price.

  6. waste of time and money… and its not even that cheap, for a few dollars more, might as well buy the real thing… its like getting a psp Go…. why would you?

  7. never liked the internet on the wii anyway. Perfect christmas present for kids at that price… love it. Not bad nintendo, not bad

  8. With no internet and no gamecube ports, this is not targeted to Nintendo faithfuls. This is more for a young generation / older generation. Parents can purchase for young kids without having to worry about monitoring internet access. With it’s small size and cost, it would be more efficient for places like nursing homes to manage. Put the disc in, and play. No futzing with downloaded games or a separate SD card section.

    I guess you could start a Wii Fit gym.

  9. Its retarded that they would even do something like this now…… But only things I would want from this is the red wii mote and nunchuck but seriously wth nintendo……

  10. I need a motion plus so could be worth getting if not too expensive, but in the UK it’ll end up overpriced. I’ll pass mo fo’s.

  11. What is the point, Nintendo?? You just the released the Wii U, the original Wii is cheaper than this one and it plays Gamecube games. I just don’t see a point. Kinda looks cool, though.

  12. Why is this $100 if its stripped down? My mom got her a normal Wii (no game included) for $100… I can understand losing the GameCube ports but Internet too? Kinda dumb to me but heck I got the Wii U so it’s none of my business

  13. My Original 2006 Wii is still working like new … I don’t need this .. but! .. maybe I would buy it… as a collectible item.. hmmm.. Take my money!

  14. its pretty bad that they had to take out online compatibility, without it your not gonna be playing MKW or SSBB online, and your not gonna have access to Virtual Console or WiiWare games, Netflix or Youtube, I do like the design but no internet is really a big turn off!

  15. Lol wut? Is all I can say about this. The official nintendo canada facebook page said this a canadian exclusive. What I don’t get is why is it canadian exclusive… im a canadian so I feel special about that but you would think this would be something in Japan as a exclusive. And do they not know that Canadians use the most internet?

  16. Not only ugly, but also lacks important features… I see.
    And what’s the point releasing it before christmas ? Are they trying to scale down the sales of the WiiU ? I don’t get it.
    To me it looks like a desperate attempt to extend the life-span of the Wii. I don’t think it will work.

  17. Please tell me it doesn’t only come in black. I’m sick to death of black consoles and electronics. The worst dust collecting color.

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  19. No internet? How lame! One if the best things about Wii was playing certain online games with friends and downloading virtual console games. Those without an internet connection would certainly enjoy this but it can’t even play GameCube games. Oh well at least my launch day Wii still works fine.

  20. Other than playing Gamecube games and the awesome first party titles, they took out one of the key features of the Wii: online function. Sure it was bad but that means you wont be able to access the the Wii Shop Channel and get some retro titles. The only thing I see this console going for it is the awesome color scheme and the red wiimote and nunchuk.

  21. I pity everyone who acts like online stuff is SO important. Since the beginning, I’ve never cared about online features, and probably never will. I SO can’t relate to modern gamers. They all bore me SO bad!

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