Animal Crossing 3DS Remains The Best-Selling Game In Japan

Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS has once again secured the number one spot in the Japanese software charts. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for the PlayStation 3 just couldn’t manage to top the social simulation. The Nintendo 3DS remained the best-selling hardware in Japan selling 162,077 units, compared to the PlayStation 3 which only managed 34,167 units. Here’s the Japanese software and hardware charts,

  1. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  2. [PS3] Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Subtitled Edition
  3. [3DS] Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infinite Dungeon
  4. [PS3] Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational
  5. [3DS] New Super Mario Bros. 2
  6. [360] Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Subtitled Edition
  7. [3DS] E.X. Troopers
  8. [PS3] Assassin’s Creed III
  9. [3DS] Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
  10. [3DS] Dangerous Ji-San to 1000-nin no Otomodachi Yokoshima
  • Nintendo 3DS: 162,077
  • PlayStation 3: 34,167
  • PSP: 16,903
  • PlayStation Vita: 9,712
  • Wii: 3,590
  • Xbox 360: 1,495
  • PlayStation 2: 747
  • Nintendo DS: 452


      1. You have cuya to take into accaount that many people bought diffrent games. Lets say 400,000 divided into 23 titles and low numbers for games show up

      2. Early days really, and its only out in America. COD already has a large fanbase on the 360 mainly, and a decent one on the ps3 and PC. Give it a month, and it should be fine.

        Or dont play it, seeing as its boring as hell and exactly the same as the previous 5 games

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      WiiU is’int out in Japan yet.

  1. I bought Black Ops 2 on WiiU, it looks BEAUTIFUL, has a great story, and gameplay is smooth.
    I had 2, brief moments where a cutscene had framerate issues, but never during gameplay, and again, only twice in the whole game.
    From someone not obsessed with CoD, I was very impressed. There is variable gameplay options (drive a car, skydive, command squads, drive Walkers, hack turrents,… It’s mosty FPS style, with a large variety of unique gameplay mechanics.
    I recommend this game, even to people who dislike CoD, they stepped outside the box, and I appreciate that.
    It IS still a FPS, so if you don’t like FPS’ in general, then you still want to steer clear.

    That said, I want te new Animal Crossing so bad! There is a reason it’s selling so well!

    1. I’m buying black ops 2 tomorow! Mainly because of the local Dual screen multiplayer feature. That is undeniably incredible. My little brother shall screen peek no more! I have to sell Halo 4 amongst other games to go towards a couple of wiiu games I want becuase my 360 is getting neglected and I just traded the shit out my ps3 for hard cash.

      ZombiU bundle , NSMBU , Nintendo Land , Black ops 2 , AC3 – not bad launch titles hey ?
      Then I will slowly pick up , TTT2 , Darksiders 2 , Trine 2 , Nano Assault Neo , Sonic Racing , and possibly others…

    2. The story was good, i was surprised by it, but the multiplayer is just the same old crap, and im not a fan of the zombies mode

  2. Vita is on it’s way down on the list again and the 3DS is on the top. Nothing to report about, really.
    + the Wii sold 3,590 devices? Wow, i thought it was almost dead in Japan. Didn’t it sell like 400 last week?

  3. Nintendo 3DS: 162,077
    PlayStation Vita: 9,712

    Ouch !!! When there seems to be some light for Vita, then comes another drop. What a struggle for Vita in its native market

  4. already below 10k again. poor vita. it’s going to have a rough second christmas. i can’t believe sony let things get this bad for it

      1. They can’t do anything about it, everything that made Psp a success in its own way is not even in planning for the vita. Unless Sony can find a hit with the small amount of titles they have announced, it’s going to be a slow spiral down.

  5. if you take everything from the PS3 down, add it all up, and double it, the 3DS would still have a good-looking lead over it. looks like japan is in need of a good new console experience. hopefully the Wii U launch should do great over there

    1. Well spoken my friend. All still shall be well for the 3DS when it’s real rival the Nintendo Wii U is released on the 8th of December in Japan.

      1. the only reason ps3 is competing software-wise is due to more hardware sold and its been 6 years for the system, where the 3ds is already beginning to dominate after a little more than a year.

      2. AND because there’s nary a 360 fanbase in Japan. I don’t think they even sell any 360s there anymore, hence the placement of PS3s in the list.

  6. Well, I know I am buying Animal Crossing: New Leaf when it arrives in NA, so there goes one copy. The question is: physical or digital copy? I ALWAYS get physical copies of games if I can, but this seems like it’d be nice to have with you all of the time. Tough, tough, tough decisions.

  7. The Wii U looms on the horizon for Japan. It will be Nintendomination this Christmas. Leave luck to heaven.

  8. Lol 3DS and PS3 are duking it out for first place. I want a demo of pokemon magnagate and the infinite dungeon. Now. And/or a demo of E.X. troopers

    1. it’s a bit one-sided in japan though between 3DS and PS3 haha. actually the 3DS is soon to overtake the PS3 in lifetime sales in japan! i give it about 3 more weeks at the most

    2. There’s a demo of EX Troopers on the Japanese PSN store. It’s fun. The demo has single player campaign and you can set up custom co-op games. I liked it. I really wish it was being localized.

  9. Japan sure loves it’s Animal Crossing, can’t wait for it when it comes to N/A, it’ll probably be my new handheld addiction till the next Pokemon game.

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