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Nintendo Is Not Looking To Emulate Xbox Live And PSN

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told IGN that the company is not interested in emulating online services found throughout other consoles such as Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. Iwata said that Nintendo is looking to create an experience that can not be found elsewhere

“We have not thought that offering the same features that already exist within other online communities would be the best proposal for very experienced game players.”

“Nintendo has paid a great deal of attention to the dynamic of people playing video games together in the same room. With Wii U, we thought about expanding this concept into separate rooms which are connected online. Miiverse is a network community dedicated to video games that represents a very unique game-dedicated social graph that has never existed before.”

47 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Not Looking To Emulate Xbox Live And PSN”

    1. How is Nintendo being a leader? I play games online with my friends on my Xbox because I’m able to talk to them and play a game with them at the same time. That should be a standard feature on ALL consoles. If Nintendo wants to add a Twitter clone on top, fine, but first, fix what’s already broken.

        1. “I get the Wii U tomorrow”

          Then shut the hell up! You idiot! It’s a matter of seeing it yourself. Until then, your opinions shouldnt be said, especially with words like “laziness”

          1. Big man behind his computer eh haha silly little child i’ll say what I want and yes I am getting a wii u tomorrow but that does not mean I don’t want the best out of the system. In game chat is a no brainer and to not have it across the board in this day and age is taking the pi**

      1. Miiverse is amazing as it is, but it definitely has potential to improve (say, a refresh button?).

        As for voice chat, there’s no systemwide voice chat feature like Miiverse, but some games support voice chat and some games are getting it later with updates.

        Also, I’m usually on Skype on my laptop when I’m playing video games, and my pro controller is also being charged on my laptop. While having no system wide voice chat is an inconvienence, I also don’t quite mind it. I doubt there’s a single person who owns a Wii U but not a device that’s Skype-compatible.

  1. If anyone can achieve that, it’s Nintendo.

    In related news, 1 hour and 48 minutes until the Wii U is released in Australia!

    1. You should print those seals off as stickers, with that avatar in the middle.

      Seal of something approved
      “it’s neat”

  2. I like Nintendo and what they are doing with Miiverse, But: Ignoring the Standards other companys have established for online gaming is just as bad as following them without thinking youself and innovating. Some things are just expected from a modern day console and if they are missing, that’ll gonna hurt Nintendo.

    That being said, I’m looking forward to getting my WiiU tomorrow and seeing what they have done myself :)

  3. Other than party chat, they dont offer anything anyway, besides PSN with PS+ membership.
    Its stupid when people say “oh Nintendo cant get the online right, what a surprise, lawl”, it’s like, what exactly arent they doing? You can play online, check. You can buy stuff online, check. Adding people is simple, and you have accounts, check. You can use a mic, check (although apparently not having one in the pro controller is bad, guess what, its got the same fucking buttons, Nintendo shouldve called it the Dumbass Controller).
    Theres literally nothing Nintendo arent doing that PSN and Live already do, besides party chat.

    Probably the same people who whine about no achievements system, because apparently you need a 2 second *bloop* to make you play a game. I’ll happily come round and slap them in the face instead

    1. What about seeing when someone is online, what they are playing and being able to join their game with the tap of a button?

      1. lol dont bitch about something you haven’t used. miiverse blows xbox live out of the water. even if they dont have party chat, the fact that you can push on button at any time to pause te game and go to miiverse for help, go onto the web browser to watch youtube videos/go to facebook or check this site as im doing RIGHT NOW, or even browse the eshop, and when you’re done you can jump right back into your game, is absolutely amazing.

  4. Yeah, just at this moment the online experience is 100x better, i pre ordered the WiiU, but i am really sad that there online still sucks.
    I hope that they suddenly next year come with a Pokemon MMORPG(only playable on WiiU) and Nintendo Network with Party system(you can use it with your WiiU Gamepad and tablets /smartphones)
    WiiU will then sell as shit.
    As they finally bring a game with Proper Online and a Pokemon game on a Console.
    That will be AWESOME.
    Just that you can walk in all regions in full HD in 60 FPS, have all youre pokemon details on the gamepad, see the pokemon walking, ready to be caught by you, playing with youre friends, and talk to your friends.
    that would be awesome.

    1. Don’t expect Nintendo to make that pokemon MMO we’ve all been waiting for. They would be shooting their biggest handheld franchise in the foot. Pokemon is just too big on the handhelds. Unless that MMO comes with a monthly fee.

  5. Haven’t owned a 360 or ps3 but as long as the store is like/better then steam or origin (battlelog is pretty sweet too), I’d be happy

    1. It’s hard to explain Miiverse, but it’s far better than party chat…
      Damn, I love being able to have several mini conversations going on, in different gaming rooms, while being able to post Screenshots ofy game and asking questions/making comments.
      Party Chat seems like more of an unorganized Meh, whereas MiiVerse has solid structure around it.

      1. Why would you want to come out of a game to type a message out when you can just talk to the people in your party whats wrong with having both features like?

  6. This is just one of reasons why I truly love Nintendo. With the Wii U powered by the Nintendo Network, it does everything… especially using the social gaming structure Miiverse and (my personal favorite) Wii U Chat.

  7. fair enough nintendo don’t want to copy but not having in game chat in all online games is stupid. Thats one of the basic functions of online play and some people dont always have soneone to play with on the same console. So I think this needs addressing

  8. Awwww man. …….. I can’t take this anymore .. I have to wait more than 6 months to get a wii u …… And it looks so damn good

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