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Nintendo Won’t Confirm New 3D Zelda And Mario… Yet

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told IGN that they’re not ready to announce a new 3D Zelda or Mario title at this moment. Iwata says that they will make an announcement in the future, but they’re just not ready at this precise moment. It’s likely that the games will either be showcased in a future Nintendo Direct, or they will save them for an upcoming event like GDC or E3.

“We will announce the launch schedules for new 3D Zelda and Mario games in the future, but this is not the right opportunity for me to indicate when we will make such announcements.”

Thanks, Nintedward

90 thoughts on “Nintendo Won’t Confirm New 3D Zelda And Mario… Yet”

    1. It’s getting annoying that everyone is just asking for smash bros info, THE GAME IS BARELY BEING WORKED ON! You need to be patient and wait like everyone else.

    2. Screw you. Some people are huge fans and fancy having even more Mario and Zelda. What is also ace is how they wont confirm it yet so it means we will defo get some :)

      1. Exactly. I wouldn’t complain about a new Zelda, but a new Mario is just too much. I’m sick of Mario. I used to be a huge fan but now I find him extremely annoying. He’s everywhere. We get around 6 Mario games each year now, and, in my opinion, their quality is decreasing.

        1. to be fair to Nintendo Skyward sword came out a year ago as did ocarina 3d and Mario galaxy 2 the year before that.

          I think this pretty much confirms that both a 3D mario and 3D zelda are deep into development for wiiu. He says , we won’t announce them yet , becuase they’re not near enough to the finish line to be announced for a release schedule…

          1. Remember Skyward Sword was delayed year, it was originally suppose to have came out in Nov 2010 but Nintendo wanted to add a few more finishing touches. So it gives the hint that a few years have been put into development of a new Zelda game. Ocarina 3D was done by another studio, not Nintendo. Super Mario Galaxy 2 was mostly levels from the first game so even more time could have been put in a new one for the Wii U.

              1. I agree on the 3D Mario, but not 3D Zelda. Yes a Zelda game for the 3DS but not a 3D Zelda game for Wii U. Skyward Sword only just came out. The pattern is normally a 3-5 year wait, so we defo won’t be getting 3D Zelda in 2 years time

                1. I can agree with that. A nice big chunky Zelda for 3DS would be awesome. I absoloutly adored Phantom Hourglass and Spirit tracks for DS , they are easily both in my top 5 DS games…

        2. Why so sick of Mario? Mario is great… if u think about it in the main Mario series of side scrollers they are only about 400 stages total In 25 years angry birds already surpasses that in its few short years on earth so actually who’s more played out and rehashed .

          1. Honestly if the game is made by Grezzo;. why would it bother you? I’d rather have a remake of a AMAZING game than a good game like Spirit Tracks or an ok game like Phantom Hourglass.

          2. If Majora’s Mask were to use the resources of another. I’d agree with you. At the moment, however, it’s a win-win situation. If the reason you’re angry is because of the volume of people suggesting it over the years. I’m sorry, I wasn’t there >.>

    1. I’m totally for Majora’s Mask for the 3DS. Ocarina of Time was such a great game to be brought over and I want this one too!

        1. Sony is so close to losing the console war, a poorly selling vita, major money issues, outdated gaming consoles, the ps4 may be weak due to lack of cash, Nintendo has got them in checkmate. I would worry about Microsoft more.

    1. No doubt, i’ll be surprised if they dont show the 720 at E3, so Nintendo will pull out the big cads then. Retro’s game and a peek at Smash Bros would steal the show

  1. E3 is the place for announcing Zelda and main Mario games
    looks like next E3 will be busy with Nintendo announcement if it’s Mario, Zelda and smash!

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    1. Agreed. But his statement confirms a 3D mario and 3D zelda are in deep development. Like miyamoto disregarded F-zero which confirms nothing is in development for now. Iwata’s statement hints at Mario and Zelda games being launched withing the next two years or less.

    1. They would make a killing with a starfox and when that happens they better include online multiplayer unlike the 3ds version

  3. So buy 3d do they mean for the 3ds? I mean, zelda has always been “3d” on consoles since n64, just sounds like to me they are going for a full 3d game on 3ds like OoT.

  4. I definitely predict that E3 is when they’ll announce (and maybe show some videos) of a new Mario and/or Zelda game for Wii U. It would be great if they were released in 2013, but I doubt they will.

    1. Why? Seriously, why do people always want fucking remakes?
      Ocarina of Time 3DS was good, probably the best version of that game, but it isnt new. With Majora’s Mask, its more passable because barely anyoje played it, but Mario Sunshine? What would be the point, just make original titles that actually use the hardware its on.

      1. Because they enjoyed the originals so much, they’d enjoy playing them again with updated everything? I myself would like a remake/sequel to Sunshine. I don’t see what the big fucking deal is. Remakes don’t delay the new games.

  5. Well you dont need to, we already know its coming, same with Metroid and other franchises, because they always come out, thats the beauty of Nintendo.

    Not like “oh gee i got a 360, wonder what game i can look forward to getting, and know it’ll come out?….halo! Duhhhhhhhhhhh!”
    Halo isnt a bad game…its just boring and hasnt changed…ever.

    1. My favorite thing on Halo4 atm is making big Canon men Ramps and race courses on forge lol. So epic…….. I have made the greatest level of all time in a FPS on forge XD

      1. Meh. It just annoys me that they dont innovate the franchise and because acts like its not a problem, they will never change it. Co-op was the last big, if not the only change they made that really changed the game.

        1. I agree , sometimes it feels like you’re playing Halo 3. But it’s still an extremely good game.
          I would give it 9/10. The campaign whilst Dense with detail and action , is too short. And like you say it doesn’t innovate very much at all. Other than that , it’s pretty exceptional stuff.

          1. Nah, id give it a 7, just hecause its the same thing as the last 4 games. Its polished, and i can enjoy it, but ive seen it all before. Its not like a Zelda where the game changes art style, items, combat, dungeons, story, overall theme, with every game.

            1. I know what you mean there. Zelda games undergo a transformation form about 3-5 years. And it shows. The difference between , Ocarina , WW , TP , SS is proof of the pudding.

              1. Yeah, i mean thats why they never get old, and on handhelds, the games are completely different because theyre in 2D (i hope they stay that way too on handhelds, same with Metroid)

                1. After seeing the raw upgraded beauty of OOT 3D on 3ds , with 2 versions of the game on one cartridge in 3D with massively upgraded visuals.

                  I would say you could easily expect a Massive 3D zelda game on 3DS with considerably better graphics than OOT 3D.

                  Phantom hourglass and Spirit tracks were amazing for me and 2 of my fav DS games. I would happily take another top down , psuedo view like those…

    2. I’ve been playing Metroid Blast and I could totally go for a 3D third person Metroid on the Wii U. Just as long as it has a good story.

      1. Same. Id rather a new Metroid with a new gameplay style, thats more focused on deep combat and has a good story.
        Prime’s gameplay is good, but we’ve already had 3 games of that, and Other M’s just didnt work for me, it was just tap the dpad to dodge and holding 2 over and over, it was uninteresting and tedious, especially some of the enemies that just take tons of hits. Plus the whole recharge health and rockets was retarded.

  6. Why are people complaining about another zelda game coming out so soon? Majora’s Mask came out 2 years after OoT did and no one complained. Just saying. I still want a new Metroid!

  7. So…Nintendo aren’t going to announce these games…until they’ll announce them?


    Also, I’ve got to shake my head solemnly at all these requests for Mario/Zelda/Starfox/F-Zero/anythingelsenintendo’severmade.

    YOU people are the reason Nintendo has been criticised for not making new IPs, you do realise that?

    Still, the fact that Nintendo has now embraced digital distribution has allowed them to create new franchises such as Pullblox, Rolling Western, Freakyforms, and Harmo Knight…that makes me happy.

    1. How about we satisfy everyone, Limited amount of ports and sequals, and have lots of new games! Plus, who doesn’t like a great game!

    2. Anyone who criticises Nintendo for having old IP’s is fucking retarded. We get 2 Zelda games every system, if we’re lucky. Its hardly milking the franchise, its not like the 6 COD games that came out this generation, or the 5 Halo games. Anyone who’s actually played the games knows how different each new title is. The only time where they loose originality and can actually be accused of rehashing is the New Super Mario Bros franchise, but even that has only 1 game per system

    1. My patience isn’t. Infact it ran out a year ago. I don’t mind not having Zelda 3DS but a little detail would be nice and then I can wait another year.

  8. Wii U would dominate the console wars with STARFOX U, ZELDA U, MARIO U, METROID U, MIYAMOTO’S NEW IP, RETRO’S IP, DONKEY KONG U, SMASH BROS U, & PORT/SEQUEL OF kid icarus Uprising!!!

  9. Sooo… it’s an announcement about not making an announcement on unannounced games and they’ll make an announcement when the time comes to announce the games?… Makes sense to me.

  10. Omg why ? 3DS have like 6 games with Mario why u want to make more it start to be annoying even i love him but i thought with 3ds and wii u Nintendo will start working on new IPs not still repeating the same -_-

    Sorry for bad english

  11. Those games will be awesome when they’re inevitably released. I do hope they give some love to their lesser known franchises though. New Star Fox please! Leave luck to heaven.

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    1. Someone…somewhere…out there on the Internet…suggested that, and after following up on it, I came across an “unofficial” statement by Nintendo saying that before they do Majora’s Mask 3D, they’re most likely going to make a totally new, original Zelda game for the 3DS (many say it’s already in development–Nintendo’s even hinted at it–but nothing’s official yet). Either one’s cool with me, as long as I get more Zelda.

  13. i don’t mind waiting, i have patience unlike some of the fucktards around here who keep bitching about how nintendo is milking their franchises. You should see how many CoD games are released per year then.

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