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Satoru Iwata Feels ‘Very Sorry’ For Wii U Owners Who Have To Experience A Network Update

Nintendo global president Satoru Iwata says he feels ‘very sorry’ for consumers who experience a lengthy network update right after setting up their Wii U consoles. Some Wii U users claim to have waited for five hours to complete the new console’s necessary day one update.

“Personally I think that users should be able to use all the functions of a console video game machine as soon as they open the box. So I feel very sorry for the fact that purchasers of Wii U have to experience a network update which takes such a long time, and that there are the services which were not available at the hardware’s launch.”

59 thoughts on “Satoru Iwata Feels ‘Very Sorry’ For Wii U Owners Who Have To Experience A Network Update”

    1. Because NoA is headed by Reggie and not Iwata. And to get the Wii U out here faster was to make it an update. While yes did suck to have to wait longer to play it, it wasn’t really that big of a deal.

      1. from what i understood the main reason for the update was so that the press (who received their consoles earlier) couldn’t talk about the features until nintendo revealed them.. and to update all consoles by hand shortly before launch likely wasn’t possible
        the other launches probably won’t have that problem tho

    2. Hmm… good point, but after thinking your comment through I’ve found (hopefully) the right explanation,think of it this way:
      The principal of a school is the headmaster. Their role is usually not to teach, but to manage and administrate the school in a business manner. Now, Satoru Iwata is essentially a principal. If a school did not have its standard teachers just as if Nintendo did not have its workers directly working on the Wii U console, then there is no way for a principal or Satoru Iwata to make all the decisions for the Wii U.

      That being said… fuck it, I have no idea what I’m talking about LOL

    1. im not getting wiiu til the update is added to the game disc just the the wii and ps3 games… if the update is big then they should of include the system update disc with the console.

  1. Updated mine today. I don’t know how long it actually took, because I went and did other things. Couple of hours to wait is really no big deal.

  2. Yes “I feel very sorry we rushed hardware production at the cost of shipping the console without its software being finished, making the end user suffer for our inability to wait to get your money”

    1. That’s reasonable and almost unmockable in every way.

      Satoru Iwata did Hint at 3D mario and 3D zelda games in the announcement too. Saying they will announce launch schedules in the future. And by Future you can bet your sweet ass that means e32013!

      My theory is Nintendo had a lukewarm E3 this year and next year they plan on having by far the best e3 ever. Bayonetta 2 , Smash bros U , Mario U . Zelda teaser , Zelda 3DS etc etc etc.

  3. Are people still experiencing long updates? I thought it was because of so many people doing it at the same time (on day 1).

      1. As PuAI says its been debunked the ‘5gb’ is what’s kept aside for wii u os not the update. There was a previous article saying those who got a 8gb version only had 3gb to play with for storage ( I wonder if 2gb after this update, I’m not bothered I have a 3 tb external hdd with its own power source I thank you lol )

  4. That’s why I don’t get any console at launch and Please make a Red Wii U Nintendo because I Black and white doesn’t suit me with certain consoles,also Red is an awesome color!I don’t care if it takes you guys a year or two,just please make a Red Wii U!

  5. Guys it really doesnt matter after all just be grateful you will play a Next Generation Nintendo System!! :)
    This is How U will play next gen!

  6. these guys never afraid to apologize for their mistakes.. which is actually very good, compare to some arrogant company.. but yes mr. iwata, if you are sorry, you should do something about it

    1. this is sort of nintendo of americas domain
      they don’t have much to say in the business but how they launch the console on their market is their doing

  7. Everyone is complaining that he didn’t do anything about it, but would also complain if he had decided to push back launch dates. People…I personally think it’s perfectly fine.

  8. to be honest i don’t see the big deal with the update

    we’ve been waiting for the wii-u for 1 and a half years now.. what’s one hour more
    anyone should be able to muster that much patience

      1. This^ lol but 40minutes isn’t bad at all. I’ll spring for one when pikmin is out. Had $215 on one on preorder but canceled to replace my phone on the 12th.. missed launch by a week. Might get one for Christmas but my mom’s talking about a ps3 and I do wanna play God of War Ascension. .. so idk. I wanna play zombiu really, really badly too.

  9. It’s understandable since they sent out those pre-launch consoles to the press like ign and gameinformer. I’d hate it for them to ruin the surprise waiting for me on my Wii U.

      1. Real close. I’m from Venezuela. I don’t have a credit card (and it’s hard getting one) so I can’t but it on Amazon. It’s nearly impossible for me to get a WiiU. And the local currency will most likely get devaluated next year in comparison to the USD, so it’ll get even more expensive. You don’t have an idea how sad I am about this.

        1. Feel sooo bad for you.350 makes 2500 look like a little especially when it ain’t worth it.If you ever,ever come to the states pick one up,I wonder if it will work since you live there though plus the outlets are different >.>.

          1. Yes, I would have to buy an adapter, but it would work. It really sucks, having been raised playing every single Nintendo console. I haven’t even been able to get a freaking Wii.

            1. That’s just fucked.If you ever come here get a U.Missing the Wii is a issue,buy a U,I’m guessing games there are also expensive.Good luck with getting a U.

              1. Thanks, I hope so. I want the Wii so I can play my old Gamecube games. Games are expensive too, today I saw Pokémon White 2 for $175. And that was from an official Nintendo retailer.

                1. Maybe if you find a website that will ship stuff to your place.But if I were you and I got a Wii, there is no way I’m going to buy a 50$ game for that much,i’ll truthfully go pirate it.But there is ebay,amazon,gamestop, playntrade, and other retailers that will ship from US.

  10. I think Nintendo should put an update in all future Wii U boxes. This will avoid the download time. Or better yet now that the update is available just at the update to the console so no update is needed apter unboxing.

  11. I believe that in the future, we wouldn’t need to suffer that long update. i’ve been wanting to get a Wii U, unfortunately, from where I am, they overprice the console by almost 100% (almost double the price). So I’m waiting for the holiday seasons to pass, and in a few months or so, the prices here will go to a reasonable level. I’m in the Philippines, and we usually get the US version here. my brother says, there is an “Asian version” but it’s really the US version without Club Nintendo and power supply is 220V-230V.

  12. In this case it pays to be a late adopter. Even if I was one of the first people to get the Wii U and I encountered this update I would simply do something else. Sleep, eat, watch porn etc. So many different ways to pass the time. I know people are excited and stuff but, this is an unfortunate reality with a lot of hardware these days.

    Even the Samsung Smart TV my aunt bought (which I will also buy for myself) I set it up for her, it also had a firmware update. that took a while, I just went off to do something else. It’s not really a fault if it’s a one time thing. Leave luck to heaven.

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