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Nintendo UK Hopes Wii U Can Replicate Wii Success


James Honeywell, head of consumer marketing at Nintendo UK is hoping that the newly launched Wii U can replicate the Wii in terms of sales. Honeywell firmly believes that the UK Wii U launch will be just as strong as the North American launch, which took place on November 18th.

“The US has been a fantastic launch. Obviously that’s a much bigger market, and so they’ve got more stock, but we’re hoping for the same standard of success here in the UK.

“We’ve got a fantastic launch line-up, and we think it’ll be sold out in the first few days, if not the first few hours. But after that we’ve got really strong deliveries of follow-up stock.

“We hope to live up to the same kind of success with the Wii. As you can see, people are really excited about it. Time will tell.”

40 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Hopes Wii U Can Replicate Wii Success”

  1. I got mines with 4 games plus a cover case for just £75 =3 What a bargain!! x3

    I love it, its far more better than the PS3 and xbox by a Ikea mile, which is incredible long

  2. Course it will! Just needs some time! This time next year more people will have the Wii U and there’ll be more cool games and many more announcements too!

    1. Award Winning Troll

      Yet, it runs on NEW hardware meaning that even though the CPU and GPU may sound “weak” but it uses different architecture which means it is powerful.

      Plus by your logic the i7 CPU is actually “weaker” than a old Phenom 4 CPU but by real world logic it is actually using newer architecture meaning it works better at half the power meaning its stronger

  3. I have my doubts on this console. It doesn’t seem to separate itself enough from the Wii with it’s branding. If I was a mom looking for a kids new toy I would just think the Wii U is just a Wii with extra features. I see the gamepad on the front but it looks more like an add-on then a whole new system.

    Needless to say I hope it does well, I really love it but it’s not different enough on the outside.

      1. It’s quiet, and it runs at a very cool temperature. My Wii would overheat while in standby or lengthy gaming, but I’ve kicked the tires pretty hard on my WiiU, and it remains cool to the touch… Very happy about this.

    1. It’s great :-D bit of a lengthy setup time though.. I had problems connecting it to my Internet (who is virgin media btw) got there in the end :-)

      Anyone wanting to add me it’s

      Happy gaming folks

  4. I don’t doubt the wiiu one bit after using it.

    This console doesn’t seem right for really young kids is my only worry. I think it will be a sophisticated family and friends machine / hardcore Machine which isn’t competing directly with sony and microsoft , but offering something totaly different.

    The PSP and DS were almost incomparable. That’s how I think wiiu will compare to nextbox and ps4.

    it’s an amazing console , and I am going to predict big success for it.

  5. I don’t think it will be as successful as the Wii.
    1) Price is way too expensive and for casual gamer it’s a big no no, Nintendo should have give us the USA price.

    2) Nintendo UK/Europe has not done as a good job as the US, marketing wise.

    3) Even if 1) and 2) can’t be “ignore” the stock level is lower than the Wii therefore even if there is an high demand, Nintendo won’t be able satisfy the demand.

    4) As mentioned in this tread, parents won’t know the difference between the Wii and the Wii U (cause of lack of marketing) except for the price. most of the hardcore gamer will surely wait for better game to come,better system stability and lower price. Not to mention a possible release date for the next Microsoft console game (everybody know Sony won’t get a new system out before 2014).

    5) The wii U launch will be successful after Christmas (unfortunately for Nintendo). The business model of Microsoft and Sony may stink but still doing very well in Europe.

    All that to say the Wii u will be successful but not as good as the Wii and not as fast.

  6. I dont think it’ll be as successful as the Wii, or at least not in sales ratio, more systems will most likely be sold next gen than this, thats how it always is, but it’ll still sell well, probably the same as the ps4, maybe more seeing as the Xbox brand has a larger casual market, if be genuinely surprised if it sells more than the 720 though.
    All depends on the marketing, and the price of the other systems coming. A £100+ difference would make the WiiU very appealing, even id find it difficult spending £400-500 on a console now, i certainly wouldnt preorder it.
    Also depends on how the WiiU does graphically. I dont think it’ll have a probably till maybe 2-3 years into the ps4/720’s lifetime, but by then, the WiiU would have been out out 4-5 years, so a new system is most likely only a year or 2 away.

    1. The wiiu has definitely got some fiery biscuits under its bonnet graphically.
      Nintendo have made something powerfull and excellent. CoD runs 2 screens at once during the campaign. You don’t even have the choice to remove the tv image if you’re playing on the gamepad , the TV image just carries on…. even when the tv is switched off.

      Digital floundry are BS-ing aswell. I got my little brothers mate to bring round CoD on 360 , and we all noticed , the wiiu version had better lighting and draw distance and all that. It’s blatent , and the wiiu version’s colors pop much more DRAMATICALLY as reggie said.
      And there’s less Jaggies on the wiiu version , and you can have a screen each during multiplayer.

      These comparisons are Bullshit lol. Another guy I know who bought AC3 and Sonic racing , had them both on 360. And said , the wiiu versions look a lot better. Especially SASRT.

      Sloppy ports are sloppy ports as the Ps3 will happily explain. But I think this console must be able to produce graphics like the Zelda Demo and the Garden demo when it’s ready. And I think you will see people comparing them to PS4 graphics on YT.

      1. Well thats the thing, all the launch games have had really short development times, besides NSMBU, they just cant build a next gen title out of thin air in 1-2 years.
        I still think it’ll struggle a few years into the 720/ps4 lifetime, but it’ll manage

  7. It’s not a kiddy console…. Lol that is funny actually to hear being said repeated all the time.the iPad the Wii. iPods those are kids toys. With there 99 cent games and lack of hd. The Wii u games are complex as is the user interface and game pad. It is not a console I would buy a child under 7. The constant talk of how the 720 or ps4 will beat it is silly as dev teams have already said it won’t be by much or even noticeable. Ps4 most likely will never happen as Sony is on a verge of collapse. And the talks of the ps4 only working on 4k TVs is proof of how disconnected Sony is from the gaming community and what games mean. Not all about graphics .

  8. LMAO Wii U to next end year will be better place than the xbox 720 & probably Wii U the lowest price & when the next cod MW4 comes next year that maybe or maybe not be a good comparison DEPENING if xbox 720 will be useing a GPCPU than if so YOU’LL be able to tell which console is better IF A GOOD PORT no slow downs 60fps & 1080p if wii U or xbox 720 whichever 1 doesn’t PREDUCE that next year and 1 will means that console better ps4 i think might be alittle more powerful than both by 10%

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