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Nintendo Says No Plans To Launch Wii Mini In The UK


Nintendo UK has confirmed that it has no plans to launch the recently announced Wii Mini in the United Kingdom as it’s focussing all its attention on Wii U. The Wii Mini is currently only available to purchase in Canada and comes with a $99.99 price tag, The Wii Mini doesn’t have internet access, neither does it play all those classic Gamecube games.

“We have no plans to launch it in the UK. Our focus here is all about Wii U.”

28 thoughts on “Nintendo Says No Plans To Launch Wii Mini In The UK”

    1. I actually want it, i dont wanna Mod my current Wii (Cause its a GCN support one) but i do wanna play a few RPGs that we never got, so Modding one of these would be better for me. Plus its only $99

  1. like I said before, Why would they be releasing a small version of the Wii if te Wii U has just launch? My guess is that some people prefer to buy it in a cheaper price?

  2. tbh it makes a lot of sense,i don’t think it will be successful, with the wii U arriving, the wii itself will be cheaper. I don’t think the consumer will want that. it will be interesting to see if the system will sell well in Canada. I know for fact my work colleagues won’t buy it, unless the price is below 50 CAN$ (tax included).

  3. The UK doesn’t get the Purdy box with no internet and no Gamecube compatibility?
    I’m sure they’ll be so depressed.

  4. I swear, the one released in America better come in a color besides black. And it better not be white. I want a red, green or blue one. Black and white are such basic and dull colours.

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