Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate For Wii U Scores Highly In Famitsu


The latest edition of Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has awarded Capcom’s forthcoming Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate an impressive thirty-five out of forty. Three of the reviewers awarded the game nine out of ten, while one other reviewer gave the game eight out of ten. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS is expected to launch in the West during March 2013.


  1. <3 Hell yeah. Even for an upgraded, HD port, it still has enough rich, new features to warrant a great score…

    …is what I would say if I had said game in my hands.

  2. Those lucky japanese bastards!!!!! So envious of them right now.
    Can’t stop playing my wiiu. I’ve basically been glued to the wiiu for 4 and a half days now :/

    NSMBU is absoloutly AMAZING. don’t give me that ”oooo its just NSMB2” No . just no. This game is amazing.
    The wiiu definitely has a few solvable problems. But other than those , it’s like a dream come true.

    1. Agreed. Even tough Japan doesn’t have the Wii U yet, they’re lucky as hell to get MH3U at launch

  3. I’m not going to buy this piece of shit because its not from this country known as America!!



    1. Wow. You’re trying to be american, but isn’t America all about getting rid of racial discrimination? I’m pretty sure absolutely no one on this site agrees with your opinion, and just about each and every one of them hate you.

  4. Damn nintendo threw japan a huge bone. They get there system later but they get one of the better games at system launch.

    1. Guess you gotta be careful what you wish for,The WiiU release now was everything the gamers were talking but now the Japs gets the better launch.

  5. Never played a Monster Hunter game before, but after this review I am totally considering buying this game. Famitsu is one of the very few reviewers I trust… IGN -__- ….other random American reviewers -__- ..zZZ

    1. If you’re a newbie of Monster hunter, it will be a real pain. This game is hard

      I don’t take scores seriously anymore, including Famitsu since they’ve ridiculously given so many high scores in recent years. Any big budget or extremely well-known titles will automatically have 38, 39, 40/40 regardless of the quality (cough… Final Fantasy XIII: 39/40, XIII-2: 40/40 … cough).

      Anyway, i will still buy this game.

  6. In live there are monster, and then there are monster hunters!
    I hope they hire him again for the publicity XD those ads where awesome ^^

  7. This is going to be a system seller for the Wii U. People love Monster Hunter. I’ve never played one but will pick this one up. Leave luck to heaven.

  8. This is definitely a great thing to see finally, especially after tri was so disappointing. Of course I liked tri, but it had the least amount of monsters of every game so far.

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