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Reggie Hits Back At Wii U Critics


Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has hit back at the Wii U critics that have been lambasting the console since its release. Reggie says that it really comes down to the quality and capability of the reviewer. He went on to say that when he visits Miiverse and sees how consumers are reacting to the titles on offer, he personally hears nothing but praise.

“Reviews of a system or review of a game really come down to the quality and capability of the reviewer. There has been a range of comments and commentary. But when I go on Miiverse and see how consumers are reacting to games like ZombiU or … Call of Duty, that tells me we’re doing something very, very positive. Similarly, when I go on other consumer social networks and see other consumer reaction that is positive, I know we’ve done well.”

115 thoughts on “Reggie Hits Back At Wii U Critics”

    1. My body wasnt ready? ready for CoD freezing with a loud hum noise and having to unplug System or maybe the 4 freezes that occurred when i was trying to re download all my Wii Virtual Console Games. or the internet dropping out in the middle of netflix requiring a system reboot also that really helps on the games when you cant get your save in before the un expected crash. Dont get me wrong the sustem has potential but only after the fix all these bugs that i believe are related to the system connecting to their crappy servers we have to remember this is the 1st full scale always online system for them. Oh and no its ot my internet I have wireless N Dual Band w/ 40Mbps Down and 6Mbps Up!

      1. Just because you’re internet has good speeds, doesn’t mean it can’t have issues. I have good speeds, but I still get the occasional issue, some can be severe too.

        1. That’s the point I didn’t want someone trying to say its my Internet its definitely not my Internet causing the issue it’s the operating system of the wii u that has bugs that need being fixed

          1. I have shitty internet.. and you know what? I had Zero issues! Only thing is it took close to 8 hours to complete all the updates.
            Yeah its your internet.

            1. I personally haven’t had too many issues, but regardless of the quality of the internet connection, the hardware and OS should handle these issues much more gracefully. Hopefully with the latest patch that Nintendo has issued, these issues will be resolved.

        1. i have my black wii u with the 11 games i own for it and as far as internet speed goes congratulations on your download speeds of 100 luckily enough i know i dont need to waste money on 100 since no game system can full utilize that much since the systems all throttle it back anyways!

  1. The title of this entry make me imagine to Reggie smashing a Gamepad in the head of someone like Michael Pachter.

      1. —————————————-
        Last All above this /\ arrow is mad and jelly and has to take it to their knees.

  2. I think it is safe to say…

    …that their bodies wasn’t ready!


  3. Don’t worry about that, Reggie. You need to keep people talking about Wii U. You guys need to get real serious with marketing! When I introduced the Wii U to my neighbors, they thought it was only the controller. When I showed them the actual console they asked: “Is that your internet modem?”. Never been angrier in my entire life. >:(

    1. It’s better than when I showed pictures of Wii U and GamePad to my mom (pictures that I took of my own console since she’s out of the country) and she said it looks like PS3 and PSP. I was so disappointed in my own mother.

  4. I just wish it was easier to ask for help within Miiverse. I posted something within Nintendo Land’s community, and seems like it’s buried within a minute and I don’t know if people actually take the time to scroll through a number of the posts.

      1. I don’t go through every page and post, but I try to read like 20 or so posts to respond/yeah, that is when I’m checking Miiverse.

        1. There should be tabs that tell you when you have replies on the Miiverse NavBar – Also, when you press the home button, your Miiverse icon will be animated if you have any activity.

              1. I didn’t say they were important, but if the idea that is advertised if you are stuck and post to miiverse for help, then I’d think someone might look to help. But if noone is looking, then noone gets helped. I’ve scrolled through and with the huge amount of posts, it’s hard to go through everything, which is the point that I made.

      1. I guess it’s hard to tell, since it also flashes when a friend signs online. It also flashes if someone is trying to wii u chat with you.

    1. I agree, they should make it so when you post there are different categories like, general messages, pictures, support, and friends only..

  5. He has a point. Reviewers say one thing but the people who have bought the games are happy with them and the console itself.

    1. But at the same time, there are a lot of reviewers who like the Wii U. It’s just that negative articles are the main ones that get hits and raise a commotion.

  6. He didn’t hit back. More like he went on nintendos Facebook and saw all the fanboys praising it.

    Can’t use miiverse as a source because his party in the debate control moderation.

    It’s like if all the trolls and hate posts got deleted here and then they wrote an article “my Nintendo news viewers 100% satisfied with wii u”

    1. Um dude but when you have people reviewing things like ZombiU for instance a person who isnt even a fan of the god damn genre giving an 8/10 game a 4.5/10 then you got real fracking issues.

      1. It’s like those retards at Joystiq. When the 3DS came out, they had one guy reviewing/previewing all the software – and guess what: HE COULDN’T SEE 3D! He has a defect in his vision that prevents himself from seeing the 3D effects! So one of the 3DS’s prime features, he couldn’t write about… it was a fucking joke!

        I stopped visiting Joystiq for this reason, and because they “try” and be funny with the constant stream of puns, but they just come across as douche bags.

    2. Dumb, it’s not as if they would delete critical posts. I’ve seen a few but the majority are happy with the console despite its numerous flaws. Me included.

    1. “Reviews of a system or review of a game really come down to the quality and capability of the reviewer”
      That´s plain true. There´s a lot of editors out there, from both magazines and websites, that don´t understand a s**t about videogame production, don´t understand how the device works, rush their reviews based solely on their personal tastes (not personal knowledge) and do terrible reviews.

  7. F**k the critics! The peeps in the Miiverse prove these so-called critics wrong big time. The Regginator terminates the negative critics like there’s no tomorrow. Now that I’m a Wii U owner, I’m gonna get Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge and Call of Duty: Black Ops II next on my list.

  8. ZombiU is a definite example of bad reviewing.
    From what i’ve seen, the cricket bat mechanic can get tedious (although reviewers dont mention theres other melee weapons hidden in the game), but otherwise, everything is good, and its just people forget its SURVIVAL HORROR. Not Shit 4 Dead, or COD zombies.

        1. I saw a video, and they finished it in 6 hours, thats why i dont know if i should buy it, i dont wanna use $999 pesos for a game of 6 hours

          1. Depends how much of the game they actually found, in terms of secret areas and what not.
            Plus the survival mode adds more replay value.
            Too many games are short these days anyway, but as long as its interesting all the way through, 6 hours wouldnt bother me that much.

          2. $999 pesos?

            Is it dollars or Pesos Dude?

            Cause 10 pesos or so equal a dollar, meaning 999 pesos is about 100 or so dollars, but $999 is about 10,000 pesos. So which is it?

    1. ZombiU is fucking awesome. BUT It’s slightly unpolished and buggy. Sometimes when a person (friendly character model) during a cutscene talks, I can’t hear them :S .

      I love the game though, it’s really really really refreshing from the same oold sit every month.

      I would reccomend this game to anyone. As long as you can deal with a few minor hickups here and there. 8/10/

  9. also how the fuck can you review a system after 2 weeks, you cant. xbox has got more and more adverts on it in the last couple of years.getting really pissed off with that, hopefully Nintendo go forward and not backwards like M$

    1. What do you think a review is? First impressions I believe. I never listen to them anyway, I only use them to get a good idea what the product actually is x3

    2. Microsoft? More like Moneyhard since they expect you to pay for XBox Live Membership Gold just to use online chat and several others apps. They are as bad as Cashcom. DX

  10. What I find interesting is that we as people can’t form our own oppinions. We are relying on others to make up our mind. I have owned every nintendo console and I never knew nintendo to be hardcore as far as blood and guts. Nintendo has always left it to others to be that those games don’t define the company. But I have known them to be family friendly family oriented.

    In life we all have images to uphold and if you think they will change there’s. Stance anytime soon that is crazy. Why should they. The one thing I love is that nintendo breeds future gamers. Look at this way. I work two jobs and play maybe 8 hours worth of games. When I get home I’m more prone to surf the web while catching up on my old tv shows I missed ( fringe). Now I’m totally loving my amazon app. Oh yeah smartest feature on my wii u auto shut off I haven fallen asleep on my couch 3 times. And awoken to see that the system timed out.

    1. then you are either too young or have forgotten the days. nintendo was family friendly AND hardcore back then with Gameboy, NES and SNES. Its only been the Wii that brought that extreme family/casual-centric perspective on Nintendo…

  11. I just wish they could comment on the loading times… I’m getting really tired of them. And to make matter worse, my internett sucks, so it takes like a year to connect to Miiverse ^^

    1. I “borrow” my neighbors wifi, its kind of poor signal, and kind of slow internet, even with that it loads miiverse fast

      1. Thief. Get a job and buy your own damn wifi you mooch. If you can afford to spend money on game consoles and games you can afford your own Internet.

  12. My body is certainly ready for Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion, 3DS and Wii U Virtual Console, Zelda U 3D, Wii Fit U, and Yoshi Land U! :D

  13. Glad he said what he said about reviewers. He is correct. This is why Miiverse is brilliant. Through its growing community, it will start to make the reviews of biased journalists obsolete. Now is the Wii U without flaws? No! But nevertheless, those flaws are being corrected. Anyhow, I’m enjoying my Wii U!

  14. i agree. if the people who buy the wii u dont complain about it in miiverse then it does mean theyre doing good. if they wernt, then theyd see it in miiverse with everything agreeing.

  15. No matter how great something is, there’s always gonna be a few people here and there who complains. It’s a fact of life. You can’t please everybody.

  16. Speaking of Miiverse, is it just me or is anyone else surprised that you can type PlayStation and Xbox on Miiverse and not have your comment deleted by a moderator?

    1. Why would they delete your comment just for mentioning Xbox or Playstation?

      I am more surprised that you are surprised that they aren’t deleting comments for mentioning their competitor.

  17. I love the Wii U. Only complaint is the damn thing freezes 3 times a day. I’m down loading the new patch right now. Hopefully that takes care of the problem. New problem though, it says its gonna take 4 hours to complete. WTF!?

  18. The only reviews that matter are the consumer reviews, and so far they’ve been positive. After getting past the initial problems of being an early adopter, things seem to be running smoothly. I can’t wait to experience it myself. Leave luck to heaven.

  19. “Reviews of a system or review of a game really come down to the quality and capability of the reviewer”
    That´s plain true. There´s a lot of editors out there, from both magazines and websites, that don´t understand a s**t about videogame production, don´t understand how the device works, rush their reviews based solely on their personal tastes (not personal knowledge) and do terrible reviews.

  20. He has a point. ZombieU got terrible review scores, but the people playing the game on Miiverse are enjoying it. You can tell if a person has played a game on Miiverse with a check box on their comments.

  21. Zombi U received awful reviews for not being a bullet fest like other zombi entries. That insta-defined it as “clunky combat”, how ridiculous. Personally, I’ve checked what people say, and I haven’t seen any complaint. They say it plays awesomely and a good tribute to older zombie games where you didn’t receive much ammo, like the good ol’ Resident Evil.

  22. “I know Wii U is good because people on Wii U’s network are not badmouthing it!”

    Terrific logic there buddy. I bet if you go to a crack den, you’ll hear TONS of fanfare about crack as well!

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