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Nintendo America Confirms Nintendo Direct Tomorrow


Nintendo of America has confirmed via Twitter that it’s holding its own Nintendo Direct presentation tomorrow. The company promises new details on upcoming Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games. The presentation will begin at 9am PT. Nintendo UK confirmed earlier today that it’s also holding its own Nintendo Direct which will start at 5pm GMT. What are you expecting to see?

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.


    1. Yeah some new info on this new Yoshi game would be cool. Maybe even a mention of the new Zelda U or Mario Kart U hopefully…seems unlikely but maybe ^_^

      1. Zelda would be nice…*sigh*
        Also, your profile picture rocks. (Heehee, see what I did there? Rocks? Yeah…I’m a genius.)

      1. Id like that. Kinda depends how good or bad they’d look on a tv and gamepad screen though xD

  1. I dont unterstand any of this 9 am PT or 5 pm GMT Shit.
    Really i dont get it…Can someone help me please?
    (i live in Germany)

    1. There’s this fascinating new tool called google.com and you can enter in time zone conversion questions and it magically gives results about your inquiry and nicely sorted. Then you click on the result and it reveals the answer!

      1. I’m just amazed as how difficult that is to do. Assuming I didn’t know when 9am PT is, that’s what I would do.

      2. lol i agree. i think it’s stupid when people ask questions like that and dont expect to be treated like an idiot.

      3. Thanks for the support! It’s like they expect Sickr and Alba to list all of the time zones and what times it will be for every reader. I mean if you want to watch it, wouldn’t you try to figure it out yourself?

        As a coincidence, I read on twitter that they are taking place at the same time. This way the information is actually revealed at the same time.

      4. at the same damn time at the same damn time two friggin updates at the same damn time….! two chains!!!!!!!!!

        turned on wii u for yet another update thanks nintendo … over three hours in system updates not counting games

      5. If youre on the internet there is no excuse, everything can be google, so youre either lazy or tech retarded. (Since yourr on MNN then im guessing youre just lazy)

      6. I’m just saying it’s no excuse to be rude. He’s just asking a question and not TROLLING. I didn’t know this either because I never get to watch Nintendo Direct live.

      7. We live in a rude and selfish society, unfortunately. Once upon a time, people would go out of their way to help their neighbors and friends- no matter how seemly small or large the task. Now, you’ll be lucky if you get a reply to a “hello.”

      8. maybe when someone says “one thing i wish they’d do, but probably wont, is make an adapter for the wii u to be able to play ds and 3ds games on it” also deserve to be treated like an idiot

      9. It was done for the GCN and GBA/GB games, so it isnt so farfetch, hell its very probable.

      10. exactly, why do you think peteriuss hates my ass? (ill give you a hint, how many time he has said ” whats a Wii U? is it an add on to the wii?”)

      11. You ain’t right hahahahahahaha. Goodness advice was on point, delivery was crazy.

  2. What Sickr or Alba didn’t include is that the Nintendo Direct is only covering ANNOUNCED games, so this means Pikmin 3, Wii U Fit, Wonderful 101 and other launch window games (likely release dates), and for the 3DS, we have Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Fire Emblem Awakening. I know Smash is ‘announced’ but it’s still very doubtful to have anything to show. It was prematurely announced. No new Zelda, Mario, Star Fox, Metroid, F-Zero or anything of that nature. I’d be surprised if there’s a new game announcement.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. Third parties should be the ones taking advantage of Nintendo’s generous ways this generation. When Zelda, Metroid and 3D Mario arrive third parties shall be crying again.

      1. No problemo. We need the third party support though, so I hope those releases don’t interfere with major 3rd party games.

  3. what are they Haters of nintendo going to say now. Nintendo is truly a game changer, the shut down E3 and gave the world nintendo direct; Sony and Microsoft are still shaking their collective heads lol. Nintendo!

    1. All of the recent E3 conferences and show floor displays have been a bit disappointing recently.
      That said, Nintendo does have a lot of good stuff coming up that I’m really looking forward to. :3

      Not sure why Sony and Microsoft would be shaking their heads though. :/

      1. ’cause nintendo is flying on all jet streams :). After Sony’s executive yesterday said he is importing the US Wii U yesterday, my heart got happy. I like Sony, with Nintendo succeeding Sony shall most definitely be more about gaming again; and stay away from move 2 hehehehehehehe.

      2. After that patent leaked about the ps controller that splits in half and has a move ball on both halves, I’m starting to worry that sony might just be getting started with this move support bs

      3. Must be cause they used millions on a e3 show wen they could have done a Nintendo direct thing and more people would have saque it than e3

      4. Yeah, but they didn’t rely on only that, did they? Sony and Microsoft on the other hand…

      5. Yea game jurnalism cantar be trust anymore that goes to borneo sony and Nintendo.if sony made a few shows about vita it could be doing much better.

      6. They actually do. :/

        These are official PlayStation (as in, run by Sony) programs. Look up:

        -PlayStation Access
        -and then there were PULSE and Qore (both unfortunately cancelled now)

        I know Microsoft has their different shows on XBL as well.

        And then they’ll have little pressers throughout the year too. They’re not the same style or format that Nintendo does them, but they’re still something. Plus we get regular updates from the official PlayStation and Microsoft blogs with new videos and news every day.

        They all have their own ways of letting the community know what’s coming soon.

    1. Dude, I want that game so much. I hope they reveal some online connectivity for it. Online multiplayer for that game would probably be so awesome.

  4. Do you guys think they will bring out a new Mario kart next year? I think Nintendo needs a killer game with online multiplayer.

      1. Yeah, same thing I’m thinking. It’s a bit too soon. They’ll want to save some of those heavy hitters and spread them out the console’s life; Not pile everything within the first year.

        I expect we’ll start seeing more of those titles streaming out starting maybe in 2014.

      2. I thought about it it being too soon after mk7 but then I thought about nsmbu being released like 3 months after nsmb2. I do hope smash comes out in 2014

    1. Pics of Mario Kart Wii U were leaked last year before E3 then quickly removed. One was even on this site

      1. I played the Japanese demo (on PS3) for EX Troopers and really liked it. But I heard something about them not bringing it to the West. :(

        Anyway, evidently this Nintendo Direct is just for games that have already been announced previously.

      2. It could include a localization of it, but as it hasn’t been announced for NA/Europe, I’m figuring we won’t hear about it tomorrow, but perhaps in the next one?

      1. I do have a Wii U but I don’t post my IDs for my gaming systems online. I really only add people I know personally, work with in the gaming industry, or get to know over time. :/

        Sorry. If you have a Twitter and follow me, I’ll follow back. If we talk a bit on there I’ll likely add you eventually! =p

      2. That’s my reply as well. I do not add everyone and anyone. I also work in the industry, I write for a small site and also do some reviews.

      3. Nice.

        I wouldn’t exactly say I work in the gaming industry (although I did a few years back), but I do work along with those who are part of the gaming industry.

        Anyway, what I said still stands. I don’t just add anyone. =p

      4. Ah I see, I understand. You work in the game industry?
        And I’m considering getting a twitter but I haven’t found any convincing selling points…how is it better than Facebook?

      5. I work with the industry. I wouldn’t consider myself part of it.

        Also, there is a large gaming community presence (both industry and consumer alike) on Twitter. I’m not a fan of social media, so I don’t use Facebook but I do have a Twitter to keep up with the happenings in the industry and with a few of my contacts and to promote gaming.

      6. Can you talk about what you do or is it sensitive? News generally releases on Twitter first? Or is the appeal that you can follow favorite composers/designers/studios and see their updates?

  5. Its got to be Yoshi’s island, think about the rumors and the guy that told about the awesome game to be announced during the spike awards.

    1. They’re probably unrelated, but you never know. The list that said Yoshi’s Land also said Metal Gear Solid and some game we dont know of, it could just be a test they ran, but then again it might not, but i dont think the VGA announcement is it, its probably something Capcom related, maybe Mega Man.

  6. Expecting to see: Updates on games we already knew about.
    What I HOPE to see: That future franchise titles are being worked on and that an update for the laggy Wii U menu is on the way.

      1. I would have extended the laugh if he said “I am” and then you said “Will”

  7. Probably just release dates for a few big name games, like Pikmin, Animal Crossing, Luigis Mansion, ect

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. Nothing new, just release dates of Nintendo’s “Launch” window games for Wii U, and hopefully timeframes (or release dates) for those huge 3DS games: Luigi’s Mansion, Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem.

  8. Love these Nintendo directs. Don’t think we’ll hear about software being released in retail this month. Think we’ll hear more about the release of tvii and eshop releases.


    Heh. Best not to get my hopes up. This is a NoA direct after all.

    My god, Animal Crossing release date please…

  10. I gave up long ago about trying to watch these Nintendo Directs live. Because no matter how much I try to figure out the accurate time they’ll aire in my time zone, I’m always wrong. Like last time, it was already over when I tuned in. Oh well, I’ll find out what happened here on My Nintendo News.

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