Paper_Mario_InfographicThis Infographic comes courtesy of Nintendo UK. Paper Mario: Sticker Star is just one of many Super Mario games available on the Nintendo 3DS.



    • Yeah you’re kinda right there, I mean I didn’t feel like a true Paper Mario game, no leveling up, no badges, no special abilities, no towns other than the first one, no other playable characters, no permanent partners, and no epic side stories.
      This game was pretty half ass, but people are still gonna praise it to no end, just because it’s Mario.
      Nintendo have gotten lazy lately!


      • I would disagree with you *opinions*. I have played so many RPG’s in my life that Sticker Star is a nice change up while still having plenty of RPG elements. I am about half-way through the game and I am enjoying it. I do not like crappy games, that is just a fact, and there are a plethora of them these days. Sticker Star is pretty solid, but not as good as the original or Thousand Year Door. Super Mario RPG is still the best Mario RPG, and more than likely always will be. New Super Mario Bros 2 for the 3DS was lazy, Sticker Star is just not to your likings. Sticker Star is a good game, but does have flaws no doubt.


    • Depends on what elements you like.
      It’s still Paper Mario and im sure its a decent game.
      Story and RPG aspects are lacking in the latest title.


    • I am enjoying it quite a bit.
      From what I have gathered, Fans to the series are disappointed, however if you are like me, and only played part of one other, or this is your first Paper Mario, you will likely find it a refreshing change to the NSMB playstyle.


  1. Paper Mario was GREAT!
    paper Mario ttyd was AMAZING!- THE BEST
    super paper Mario was not the best, but OK.
    Paper Mario sticker star is GOOD!- BETTER THAN SPM.


  2. I don’t know what’s up with Mario Fags. As long as its a Mario game and it loses it originality of the genre that made the series famous it somehow gets a warm reception. Super Paper Mario Sucked Ass, you might as well play any other game that has a similar boring generic gameplay. Same can be said for Sticker star since its basically the same thing, but losed its RPG polish and has been crapified in every single way not even resembling to the original that made the series so great to begin with.


  3. Wow…everyone is really hatin’ on Super Paper Mario. I really enjoyed that game. Fun, good storyline, engaging. As good as TTYD? Not a chance, but a fun game all the same, not bad by any means. Now Sticker Star on the other hand? I haven’t played it, and I wasn’t like ‘oh, thats a day one buy for me’, but I was gonna get it, right up until the point I saw that Nintendo Direct or whatever that said something to the effect of ‘we found most people don’t really care about the story, so we took that out’. That was the killer for me. I think what I love most about these games is the fun and creative stories. But, to each his own…


  4. It’s hard for me to even consider Sticker Star a member of thePaper Mario series. Nintendo experimented with way too many aspects of the game, and strong story elements were purposely removed because no one cared about the story in Super Paper Mario. I don’t think it could even be considered a decent Paper Mario game without a good story, or even multiple party members or some sort of level-up system. Those things are staples in the series, and I just can’t respect a game that refuses them.


  5. If youve never played TTYD then youre missing out. Easily the best one and its 1 of 2 gc games i still play (other being FE:POR). SPM was fun and was worth a shot but doesnt even begin to compare to the epicness that is TTYD


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