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Capcom Talks Mega Man, News Coming On December 17th


Christian Svensson, Senior Vice President of Capcom USA has told IGN that constructive discussions involving Mega Man are now happening. Svensson realises that the Mega Man fan base has been let down with the cancellations, but he promises that discussion of Mega Man’s future will happen on December 17th.

“After the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 and Universe, there was a cooling down period where even discussing the prospect of a Mega Man title was difficult. The wounds were still fresh for us (just as they were for fans). We’re at a point now where it’s not as painful and constructive discussions are happening again.”

I think there are core aspects of the franchise that can transcend genres, ages and platforms. While I’m far from the only person with an opinion internally, I’m firmly in the camp of wanting ‘jump and shoot’ as a core tenet of any project we do. Beyond that, I think the ground is still fertile with room for creative expression.”

57 thoughts on “Capcom Talks Mega Man, News Coming On December 17th”

  1. An early Christmas present? If there’s any one thing I want to see, it’s a new Mega Man X game. It’s enough to mean that they aren’t just doing another Mega Man game like the WiiWare ones and manages to usher in a new age.

    1. The X games sucks compared to the Mega Man titles on WiiWare.. Especially the later ones which are in 3d worlds… No, Mega Man should be in 8-bits, arcade style and hard as hell.

        1. Ok ): But this is my opinion about the series. I think that is what it should be like. The later x games killed it for me :/ but the x games are not so bad considering some other spin-off’s I guess. But I think Mega Man is a franchise which would feel good going back to basic.

        1. Anyone that says the X series sucks in an idiot. I enjoy both the X series and Classic series equally. I love how much darker and more mature the X series is compared go the classic.

              1. So if one does not say what you want to listen, one is stupid. Sometimes I think people here has been educated in a stable.

      1. That’s problem with mega man, they need him to take a different direction than just being a sprite nes game. So many fans have done this already it’s nothing new

      1. lol! Btw , just let you guys know. The wiiu is HIGH demand in the UK atm. I was in my game store before and there was litteraly a Que all asking for wiiu’s and the shop taking orders. Wiiu sales will accelerate until this time next year…

          1. The wiiu is turning into my favorite console ever. This is NOT another wii. The wii was awesome but had many flaws. Mainly being stuck with a wii remote all the time.
            Now you have the Gamepad (best controller ever) Pro controller (awesome controller that never runs out of battery ever) and the Wii Remote which is awesome and I Use for CoD every now and again :) and Nintendo Land and NSMBU)

            This console has unprecedented Potential.
            There is a few holes at launch , but can easily be filled just like what happened to xbox 360.

            Haters are gunna hate , but the wiiu is a special console.

            1. Not to forget to mention, all of the wonderful, exciting news that could come from E3 this next year for the Wii U. ^_^

              1. Indeed sir. I take back what I said about AC3 on wiiu aswell. I updated it and it’s running Beautifully. Sometimes it feels about 45 FPS other rare times it feels about 25FPS. All in all it’s a very good port. And digital Foundry proved that the wiiu version is the same as the 360 version which is better than the PS3 version. PS3 has a tiny bit lower Res.

                The game kicks ass. Being able to play on the gamepad whilst layinbg back in bed is a ”Revoloution” :)

                9/10 I expect no less for wiiu than the quality of this port.

  2. Here’s wishing a Mega Man Battle Network 7 or a new style of Mega Man with a similar engine (sort of like how Star Force was).

  3. Hoping they do rockman right, cause what they pulled was lies and bs about rockman…. And so good things better happen and they should bring mml3 and finish the game and release it!

    But over all its good to know they are gonna do more rockman stuff now, just hope they dont mess it up.. And also have kenji inafune help with the games

  4. You know what? No…. I still don’t trust them. You people need to stop trusting Capcom. They are a bunch of incompetant assholes, who make promises they can’t keep. They should give Megaman to someone we can actually trust to deliver what we actually want. DON’T buy anymore of their games people… They are con-artists, this is a fact.

  5. Megaman X8 was the best in my opinion, i loved the music, the opening,the weapons, the special attacks, and the final battle, Megaman X8 was a good final game for wat a is or to never be a Megaman X9.

    Lumine was an epic boss battle, and so was sigma, and he looked awesome, compared to his rehash forms from the other installments, i still can’t get enough Megaman X8. :)

  6. Mega mans 25th is the original mega man not X or volnutt etc. Anyways I’m tired of the sprites 8 bit or 16 bit it’s time to move on like what Nintendo did with their characters like Mario in galaxy and have something fresh

  7. I want the regular, original Mega Man to return. I don’t care about Mega Man X or any other strange crossovers.

  8. Honestly, I wish they would bring out another Mega Man in 16-bit style like Mega Man 7. The classic 8-bit games are great but I just really enjoyed the new style 7 brought. Sadly, that will never happen cause a lot of the Mega Man fans are nostalgic whiny bitches that can’t handle change. People are constantly wondering why Capcom has pretty much abandoned the beloved blue bomber franchise but every time they mention a new game people find something about it to bitch about. Perhaps Capcom has just realised that theirs just no pleasing the MM fans. Maybe if the fans would learn to accept that the days of classic MM are over and let a new era start, we’d probably see some more Mega Man games being released and who knows they may actually be decient oh given a chance.

    I’m probably going to get bashed for this but whatever that’s my two cents on the situation.

  9. The wounds hurt?! That’s like purposely trying to fall on a bed of nails and complaining about it hurting! Unless you revive Megaman Legend 3, THEN FUCK YOU CAPCOM

  10. Here’s to hoping for either Mega Man Legends 3, Mega Man 11, a new entry in the Mega Man X series for Wii U/3DS, Mega Man Universe on Wii U, or all of the above. Please don’t let us down yet again Capcom.

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