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Next Assassin’s Creed Game To Be Set In Brazil?


Ubisoft Brazil managing director Bertrand Chaverot has apparently revealed that the next instalment of the immensely popular Assassin’s Creed franchise will be set in Brazil. Assassin’s Creed 3 featured missions set in the South American country, so it isn’t too surprising. Ubisoft’s North American outfit has yet to comment on the news.

67 thoughts on “Next Assassin’s Creed Game To Be Set In Brazil?”

      1. I’m guessing that the main character would be a Brazilian tribesmen and he would be fighting to save his forest from the white people who have ruin the forest ??? aka Avatar- ish

    1. Im a brazilian, and i have to agree with that. Seriously.
      But an assassins creed set in Brazil sounds amazing! There is a lot of interesting history in here!

      1. I know it would be cool an AC in brazil, theres a lot of nature there, and about the MMO, i used to play one called Crossfire, and around 90% of brazilians use hacks. Thats why i no longer play that game.

    1. Brazil is an awesome place ^_^. I always wanted to go and live in the Rain forest for a week or two. I’m always watching Bear Grylls and Ray mears Survival shows. That stuff is too cool…

  1. This year Ubisoft in Brazil made a funny video about an assassin taking the prince’s life back when Brazil was still a cologne. After that, I don’t think we’re too far way of having a Brazilian Indian killing off Portuguese soldiers in tupiniquim territories! XD

  2. Ok. I do like the “Prince of Persia” type assassin in the revolution, but it was a stretch. To have him in South America? Not so much. Could be the beginning of the end for AC. Jumpin’ the shark comes to mind…

  3. “Assassin’s Creed 3 featured missions set in the South American country”

    That’s a REAL stretch, dude. But then again, you’re the kind of person who exploits any technicality for your needs.

    Oh, and it’s CONTINENT, not country.

  4. I’ve yet to play any of the Assassin’s Creed games, but what if one game took place during the time Cortez and the Spanish Conquistadors invaded South America? You could be an Aztec assassin or something.

    1. I would love that kind of game, where i kill lots of spanish people.
      I hate what Spain did to Mexico. I mean England took what now is U.S, and made a great Country of it, not perfect but great, Spain took what now is Mexico, and they made a shitty country filled with corruption.

  5. lol is that for real? I’m wonder in what time period it will be set in, when Brazil was Portugal’s colony would be cool cause there would be interactions between natives, portuguese and africans, but it would be suuuper cool if the main character was a Cangaçeiro too (ço)

  6. i never liked the premise of the game, also the assassins are really dislikeble. as well as the byzantians been the bad guys while it was the muslim invaders that took the city of byzantium, which these assissins where part of. then to demonise the locale inhabitance sort of pissed me off. know they have some half irish attacking the british. what will they do in the next drefull instalment have him chop down the rainforest and kill all the amazon idians

  7. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the AC after that was about a caveman that assassinated prehistoric dinosaurs? Anyways, I’m Italian and Brazilian so it’s possible I’m a descendent of not one but two assassins. I always felt it within me….

  8. Noooooooo, i want one based in Feudal Japan >.< training in a ninja guild and having loads of awesome silent techniques , having katana fights, running through those paper doors, big Japanese battles, and best of all, cherry blossoms ._.

      1. No, like an actually battle system, 1v1 katana fights against trained people, rather than the stupid enemies we normally get (but throw them in too)

  9. I’m American/Cuban, mostly American because I was born here. Assassin’s Creed 3 made me jizz when it was during my countries independence, for me Assassin’s Creed 3 is my favorite game of all time. Seeing some many different cultures in this series makes me happy, this series is a bit of history, with a whole lot of ass-kicking action I love about video games. Perfect match!

  10. well that weird… assassin’s creed 3 was supposed to be the end of the franchise.I read an article about how and why ending assassin’s creed.If I remember correctly they wanted the game to be synchronised with the “end of the world” (20/12/2012).

    In the same article, before they decided where and when assassin’s creed 3 will be set I read WW 1 and WW2 will be a big NO NO, the same for the french revolution and feudal Japan.

    I guess the profits where very high and they could not stop the franchise after all. Or my guess is that Desmond save the world but did not win yet the fight with the Templar.

    Hum my guess, is they do more assassin’s creed it will be maybe in Egypt, Rome, Chinese revolution or any area of status you can see in AC 2 under the villa.

  11. I thought Assassin’s Creed was supposed to be a trilogy (1, 2, 3), each featuring a new character and having spin-offs that basically expanded on the trilogy installments by expanding on the character (Ezio trilogy expands on 2).

  12. I think it would be cool if you could collect all thirteen of the crystal skulls and the master skull and stop the the Mayan/Aztec doomsday prophecies way ahead of time! (The real prophecies is not that the world ends because the calendar ends but it is that the world ends unless we gather thirteen crystal skulls and the master skull in an Aztec temple before 12-21-2012 and aliens will come down and give us knowledge on how to save our planet. I know it’s crazy but that’s ancient civilizations for ya!)


    I actually would’ve liked to expand early America more. There’s the Louis and Clark expedition and the War of 1812. It could’ve featured an older Connor, or even his son.

    Brazil actually sounds pretty cool though.

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