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Disney To Unveil Disney Infinity Next Month For Consoles


Disney Infinity, which is best described as Disney’s take on Skylanders, will be unveiled by the company during a press event in Hollywood featuring the chief creative officer of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios. Disney Infinity sounds like a rather ambitious project for the company which sees Disney and Pixar collectible toys with embedded NFC/RFID chips interact with console games. We will certainly hear more about the game come January 15th.

35 thoughts on “Disney To Unveil Disney Infinity Next Month For Consoles”

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      2. Hey guys, so i downloaded homeerbw recently because i wanted a hacked wii in order to play games for free. Everythings been smooth so far and homeerbw is successfully installed, i just don’t know how to get the free games I can’t even find a video on youtube to help me with it. Does anyone who has a hacked wii know what to do for the free games?Thanks

      3. you can get we ski, raving rabitbs tv party, all star cheer squad, donkey kong presents:prizefigher, skate it shaun white snowboarding, g1 jockey, wii music, wii yoga. some of them are to be released later in the year.

        1. I don’t hate Nintendo. The Wii just put me off them something chronic. I can safely say if a pokemon RPG is released on Wii U, I’ll love everything about them again, but right now, they ain’t doing anything special for me :/ I only like Disney and Pixar because I’m just a MAJOR fan of there movies xD

          1. The wii put you off Nintendo ?

            What was it that put you off , Mario galaxy 1 , Mario galaxy 2 , Smash bros brawl , Mario kart wii , Skyward sword , twilight princess , Metroid prime 3.trilogy , Xenoblade Chronicles ?

            People make out like the wii was bad , when it had some of the best games of the 7th generation. I would say Mario Galaxy 1 is the best game overall of the seventh gen…

            1. I admit it had some good games, But I also admit I’m a little bit of a spec whore :P Not graphics whore, just a spec whore :P

              1. Fair enough if , the graphics did restrict any major multiplats to the system. But it had a TON of awesome exclusives and exclusive third party games that were just fun and refreshing to play.

                With the wiiu , Nintendo has gone a lot more hardcore. You get that sense with the console. It has everything that the wii was missing and a ton more..

                1. The only thing I dislike about the Wii U at the moment, is the lack of games (that interest me, I know it has shit loads) The only ones that really interest me are a few eshop games. Xenoblade Chronicles would have been perfect for Wii U. Seeing that in HD would be an Oh my gloobness moment.

                  1. With a bit of luck , Xenoblade Chronicles HD remake on wiiu is not unthinkable at all. Infact I expect a 1080p remastering Of xenoblade to come out next year. Why ? Because A- It’s the most beaitfull Standard definition game ever made. B- A TON OF PEOPLE were put toff by the standard definition.

                    So if they re-release it on wiiu with glorious added visuals and some new features , touch screen and remote play (optionally) it will be a fantastic system seller for wiiu.

                    There is a lack of games on wiiu , if you’ve played all the multiplats already. But I holded oyut on them all so I have them all to play.

                    Just bought batman arkhum city , and there is basically no framerate issues at all lol. It actually runs paritculatly smooth. And the anti aliasing is some of the best ever seen on a console. It looks unfamiliar to see a game so sharp on a console , so I would say it actually looks a lot better than the ps3 and 360 versions… There is some subtle things in the game which I don’t remember seeing in the original version , certain details , lighting , etc.

                    There is basically no framerate issues AT ALL with BACAE. The framerate has dropped to an ugly level about 3 times so far. But 95% of the game runs BEAUTIFULLY. About 30-45FPS.

                    I was expecting it to be bad. But it’s blown me away. It’s a fantastic port with a few codeing erros here and there. And I mean a tiny irrelivant amount..

              2. the thing i don’t like about Sony and Microsoft is that they overpowered their consoles, i think the Wii was fine for 7th Gen.

                If Sony and Microsoft didn’t jump straight away to HD our consoles still would have had that WOW experience, in the 8th Gen.

  1. As long as they release this at a time that’s not close to Monster hunter 3 Ultimate. How I smile my nintendo gamers that MH3 Ultimate we all shall play. Then in the afternoons we shall be playing Aliens colonial marines :). The Wii U has ports and third party multiplats, feeling broke at the moment. Great move by Disney to challenge activision on this one. More gaming wonders for us :).

  2. Guys remember “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”

    My #1 favorite movie of all time. Hope it makes a comeback, though the fact that it had loony tunes characters might be a problem.

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