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Nintendo Europe President Says He Was Initially Too Shy To Do Nintendo Direct


Satoru Shibata, the president of Nintendo Europe, has confessed that he was initially a little too shy to appear in the European Nintendo Direct presentations. He also said that he was worried that the audience wouldn’t understand him due to his English skills. Shibata says that after Nintendo Direct presentations he always goes to websites to read the comments. Here’s what he had to say.

As some of you know, I had seldom appeared in public before starting Nintendo Direct (because I was too shy!) and in the beginning, I was quite hesitant about hosting Nintendo Direct for many reasons. To begin with, I was almost certain that no-one would recognise me when you saw me on screen, I was worried that you might not understand my English because of my awful accent (I still get laughed-at for my English pronunciation from time to time!) and I wasn’t sure if you would even be interested in watching a European Nintendo Direct in the first place.

I am always reading every single comment that you kindly post on various websites after each Nintendo Direct. I jump for joy when I read that someone is excited about an upcoming game that I announced. Conversely, I feel down when I read comments such as “I’m disappointed that there was no new information” or “The release date is too far ahead!” (which was the case last time…).

43 thoughts on “Nintendo Europe President Says He Was Initially Too Shy To Do Nintendo Direct”

  1. I`ve never had any difficulties understanding whatsoever.
    However, stop announcing things you’ve already announced before…
    It’s kinda a waste of time…

    1. you mean you wish we had someone with a big on screen personality but who ultimately denies us big games like Xenoblade, The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower and Disaster: Day of Crisis? No thanks, I’ll take Shibata-san over Reggie any day ;)

      1. At least you can download 18+ games in the day. And Reggie did get his body ready in the end and he released 2 of them games. DOC had poor sales and reviews, so that did have a reason. Still, Reggie is much cooler.

        1. I think 4 awesome games (and yes, Disaster is one of them) >>>> when you can download games. Besides, NoE have already said they are working on a fix for the 18+ download situation, so yeah…Let me remind you how late the US got Xenoblade, and the fact that they would still be crying for The Last Story if a 3rd party publisher didn’t step in

      2. I forgot about Disaster day of Crysis. Only if nintendo would give us a packaged disaster day of crysis and pandoras tower on one upscaled disk. One can only dream :).

  2. I think he speaks well enough. I never had any problem understanding him, and he handles himself well on camera. Leave luck to heaven.

  3. After that video chat of Reggie and Iwata in the last Nintendo Direct, I can see why he isn’t afraid anymore. In other case he’s doing a great job.

  4. Meh, he’s english can only get better if he does more Nintendo directs. Only issue i have is that they arent really funny or something. Add a joke or something, do it in a funner room with jokes in the backgroud. That would make them even better.

    1. That my friend is where your wrong. here are the sales.
      First Week (18th-24th): 425,000+
      Second Week (25th-1st): 130,733*
      Total: 542,583*
      First 2 Days (30th-1st): 178,615*
      Total: 178,615*
      First 2 Days (8th-10th): 307,471
      Total: 307,471*
      First 5 Days (18th-24th): 50,249*
      First Second Week (25th-1st): 16,114*
      Total: 66,363*
      Grand Total: 1,095,032* (yes 1 million).

  5. Awwwwwwwww, great guy. This is the reason Nintendo is a great company, they have humans working at all fronts with wisdom and grace.

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