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Pachter Talks About Wii U Supply And Demand


Famed Wedbush Morgan industry analyst Michael Pachter was asked on the latest edition of Pach Attack why there are so many Wii U units on the shelves in certain areas of North America. Pachter believes that it’s simply been a case of Nintendo mismanaging its inventory. Some markets are being shipped too many Wii U units, and some just not enough. If sales are low then Pachter says all Nintendo needs to do is ramp up the advertising – which they can do anytime they want.

71 thoughts on “Pachter Talks About Wii U Supply And Demand”

    1. On the good side of things. I did see a heck of a lot of people crowding round Wiiu demo units the other day…. At about 4 different demo units in different stores , there was crowds of people all ages playing the wiiu !

      Funny thing actually , I speed runned though the Rayman Legends demo with about 15-20 people watching , and they were like ”this guy is Amazing!!!” . Because I knew what to do off the demo on my own wiiu xD !!!!

  1. It’s not like he is wrong, there is still a huge part of the world who don’t know what Wii U is. I haven’t seen a Wii U commercial in weeks. They need to start advertising more.

        1. You mean like the NES n SNES. Ppl just fail to see the difference is all. Nintendo needs to go all out on marketing Is all

            1. Because unlike Nintendo, Apple know how to market there products effectively. Seriously, I haven’t seen any advertisements from Nintendo here in Australia.

              1. True, Apple knows how to advertise a whole heck of a lot better than Nintendo. I’ve always found Apple’s advertisements to be really cool and persuasive, and found Nintendo’s to be… well not so good.

                1. I know in Australia the only ones doing any form of advertisements are the retailers, Nintendo of Australia arent doing anything.

                2. where i live at least the apple commercials are mostly utter crap
                  they show a device of theirs how it’s slowly turning and that’s it.. no details, no technical data, no differences to the previous version (probably because the differences are usually hardly noticeable).. that’s not what i call good advertising

                  NoE is doing a decent job advertising the wii u over here though

                  1. I think you need to be taught advertising. You don’t need any details really. Ever seen the cadbury ads? They have nothing to do with chocolate but are still extremely effective. Plus Apples global branding is by far greater than Nintendo’s, people don’t really need to be told the differences.

        2. I agree with you on this! At least with the numerical naming order of the playstation you know that it’s a new console… Wii was meant to be a play on “we” as in how it brought casual and core gamers together to enjoy something. The Wii U is like it means to isolate one and allow other players to come together… In a new way albeit. Would have been better to have named it the Wii 2, there would have been less confusion for the general public; since everyone seems to think they just made a new controller! I understood exactly what it was when I first saw it at e3 2011 and am still baffled as to how anyone could think its just a new damn controller! Advertise better nintendo, because I love this console and I want more ppl to join in the online fun!!

  2. Nintendo claims that they want to attract their hardcore audience this generarion, but the commercials and advertisements does very little to do that. In fact, it attracts casuals more. Now Nintendo know how to advertise games but they’ve been acting the opposite in past years. I wish they would do some serious step-up with their game plan.

    1. hardcore gamers dont go by commercials. they usually scour the internet for news and anything they can learn about the games or systems to know about them way ahead of time. they inform themselves and dont really need the commercials directed at them.

      1. Hardcore wannabes though, like faux nerds who just want to look cool by gaming are affected more by television than anything. They are not really “hardcore gamers”, they just act as if they are. And these make up a good percentage of the sales.

    2. Sadly I don’t believe that’s the case. From experience I’ve been going to several malls, Gamestops, and Best Buys, for the past month or 2 and comparing the Wii and Wii U sections, I’ve been seeing very little casuals ever look at the Wii U section and the mostly go towards the Wii section. As for those more “hardcore” looking gamers, I don’t see them bother going to the Wii section ever but most seemed very intrigued in the Wii U whenever they pass by, hell a group of 5 people went up to the demo station once and in the end, 2 seemed confident about it, 2 were rather objective, the other, well he just said the wii u might flop. In both ends, I really don’t see the tv commercials doing much.

  3. Wow. Surprised he didn’t get ugly with that topic. I’ve seen a lot of Wii U’s on shelves in the last 2 weeks but only in white. Haven’t seen a deluxe set anywhere since I bought one.

    1. I actually really really like the white wiiu now :S . At first I thought , the black ones looks 100% better…. Because I was sick of the white wii….. But After playing with it the other day , i really like the white wiiu lol

      1. I bought a white one also….I was silly and didn’t get to preorder but yea the deluxe is what’s out. Honestly the white doesn’t leave noticable finger prints etc and I’m getting an external HD anyways so I don’t regret my purchase.

  4. He’s dead on about the advertising not many commercials and the ones I have seen is that kareoke one and just dance or whatever.

  5. I’ve seen a bunch of kids in best buy and Walmart going crazy when they first lay there eyes on the demo units. Kids know what it is. They might advertise on cartoon network etc. the thing is its far too early for everyone to know what it is. Nintendo doesn’t even have that one or two must own titles themselves to have people rush out and buy a wii u. It’s similar to the 3ds but watch when the killer games like Mario kart come out

          1. Yes…. No offence to anyone… But I recently bought SASRT for wiiu and it seemed good at first , but in my opinion , It’s not as good as MK7 on my 3DS…. Can’t wait for Mario kart wiiU.
            SASRT – 7/10 MK7 -9/10 ….. My opinion…

            1. I liked SASRT, but the AI is bullshit.
              Its so broken.
              Im all for a challenge, but jeez, how is a character with 1 bar speed faster than 5 bar speed character i was using?
              And on battle races, they NEVER hit other opponants.

  6. They should show the eshop in their commercials, along with the internet browser. The eshop and the internet browser are beautiful.

  7. Deluxe set are selling like hot cakes compared to the Basic sets. Similar to how Xbox 360’s launch, there was the premium and the core set. The core didn’t sell too well compared to it’s $100 more counterpart, and they eventually dropped the core after 2007 I believe. I wonder if the same could happen with the Basic set, where it gets dropped for another alternative. Personally I would like to see a $400 bundle that comes with ZombiU and a pro controller and a bigger flash storage capacity, I call it the “Pro” Set. Could be possible in the future that the player has an option to use just the pro controller instead of the gamepad even for navigating the menus. Please let it happen Nintendo, it’ll attract more people that way too

  8. Um, Nintendo distributes it to chains who then divide it up between their stores themselves. Nintendo doesn’t send it to each Best Buy individually or each GameStop. Their corporate offices and distribution centers make that decision. Why is anyone still listening to Pachter? He’s been saying Nintendo would go out of business for like 10 years or more. Why are so-called analysts always the ones that seem the most out of touch with the industry?

    Plus, is he forgetting that a ton of Wii U systems were stolen from Nintendo’s distribution center recently?

    As for the advertising, I do feel Nintendo’s doing a poor job on that. I know it;’s a whole new system and everything about it, and the commercials still come off as a controller to me and are very underwhelming.

  9. It’s been a love hate relationship between nintendo fans and wishy washy Scrooge mc Pachter this year lol. This dude loves nintendo and sees how well the big N is doing with the 3DS and Wii U :).

  10. In the stores around me the Wii U is selling, just not flying off the shelves as fast as expected. On the other hand, the Wii is still selling out in all the stores I go to. The Wii U needs more games, it’s getting a lot of competition from PS3 and Xbox 360. They 3DS and DS are all selling well in the stores. Nintendo needs more games, like a Brain Training game but way better and Nintendo shouldn’t stop Wii Sports, maybe Wii U Sports.

  11. In Aus there has been very little advertising.
    I am a long term gamer and even I didn’t know what a Wii U was until a month ago.
    I thought it was a add on for the Wii not a new console.
    I have since decided to get one and am a little gutted to find you can not play your previous virtual console downloads on the handheld unit.
    Also the range is poor, I was hoping to play the handheld unit in bed but it looses signal with the main unit.
    If Nintendo want to take sales from Apples app store then they need to improve ( and bring download prices down)
    I won’t be downloading any game over $40!

      1. Maybe people have more important things to do in life? That’s the point of advertising. To get there product out there. Nintendo of Australia has done no advertising what so ever.

    1. Actually I had problems with my gamepad’s range and sent it in to Nintendo now I can use mine all the way down in my basement, since they sent me a new one!

  12. I’ll get a Wii U when I see Animal Crossing and Mario Kart Double Dash!! on Virtual Console, or the next Zelda. Maybe Mario Kart U.

  13. I haven’t actually seen a single Wii U ad anywhere aside from Wii U related sites. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, because I despise their US ads.

  14. Where I live I have seen at my Best Buy about 40 Black Wii Us and about 50 White Wii Us stored at the top of the back wall shelving also at Walmart I saw about 4 Black Wii Us and 4 White Wii Us and at Gamestop a similar scene as Walmart but they prolly had more in the back too. I bought a black one on launch day but i was soooo disappointed in the system that I returned it back to Best Buy a couple weeks later fur these reasons:

    Constant freezes after a couple updates have been performed occurring on every game I played and 4 times while playing the old Wii games too!

    Lack of support to control my Yamaha Surround Sound Volume since i only use it for sound and never the TV and a mixup with remote codes for my Tivo Premiere box that I had to select Satellite Tivo to get the right code even though the Tivo Premiere is a Cable Box DVR not Satellite.

    Lack of good games that were no already on other systems.

    Scribblenauts sucked as it forced gamepad usage viewing to play since constantly lifting your head up and down was just rediculous.

    Sing Party had no background music videos for the songs and made Singstar and Lips out perform the game.

    Zombi U was riddled with glitches galore that while the game was fun to an extent the glitches upset me too much.

    Just Dance 4 was lacking DLC for songs that were already released on the other systems I just wanted to play Psy Gangnam Style and they were definitely dropping the ball on the DLC window very similair to how they cared about DLC on the Wii.

    Epic Mickey 2 forced you to play as Mickey using the Gamepad and Oswald with an old Wii Remote w/ Nunchuck with the game having no pro controller support even though it showed the Pro controller on the packaging sad given that you can play with controller support on the PS3 and Xbox360 that means the game had controller support already made and they dropped the ball on offering it for the Wii U.

    Lack of support for 5.1 Surround Sound Audio.

    Lack of Support on release for TVii functionality and even after it has been released lack of support for Tivo DVRs.

    No Achievement or Trophy Support to push me to want to play games for the full experience like harder difficulties and scouring for secrets.

    Gamepad was not designed for Hardcore Gamers since I had to stop playing after 3 hours because it was dying and the game pretty much was forced to pause when it died.

    The only thing that i enjoyed on the Wii U was the Mario game the remote play feature which mind you glitched out and dropped connection whenever I left my Living Room.

    I tried really hard to like the Wii U but after playing with it extensively i did not want to dish out so much money and end up with a system that would collect dust like my original Wii I bought on Day 1. I may buy another one later on in its life cycle when these issues are corrected and better games are released such as Dragon Quest X and other RPG and Action Adventure games are released and have a better play style than other console systems preferrably better than PS3.

    1. I can see some of your point, but others jus seems like your individual conplaints.
      My ps3 controller has terrible battery life, and i can only charge it from nect to the system, and the wire is short. You can charge the Gamepad from an plug outlet and the wire is long, keep it plugged in, no biggy.

      Trophies and Achievements shouldnt dictate how much you play a game. If a game isnt worth playing, dont play it, if it is, do play it. Hitman Absolution has pointless trophies, but replayablity in its challenges, thats how it should be. As for the games you listed, they arent even good in the first place on any system, although the Scribblenaughts and ZombiU complaints just seems to be a personal thing to you.

      The launch games arent amazing, and alot are on other systems, but theres still stand out ones.

      1. my PS3 controller has lasted over 5 hrs of gameplay time and to top it off if it dies i can pull out my 2nd controller unfortunately i cant pull out a 2nd Gamepad also I can charge my PS3 controller from any outlet too while playing unfortunately that becomes more of a pain because i do not have extra outlets to spare since i have an ocer abundance of electronic devices taking every outlet in my small apartment. As for Trophy/Achievement Support i see what your saying but if a game ends up sucking i then lose out on an expensive purchase but with trophy support it makes me have something to set out for and thus gets me to play it even if it sucks which sometimes can be a good thing since some games suck in the beginning and get better later on!

  15. This is kind of obvious, the only advertisement so far was that really crappy one where there’re a bunch of people in cubee holes getting excited about playing the Wii U which was just weird, it doesn’t explain what the Wii U is.

  16. I have to agree with this one. They need to advertise WiiU better. The UK advertising is terrible….they show ZombiU, and the footage the show looks like fucking shit, and the guy talking over it just sounds like a twat.
    I know ZombiU isnt that great visually, but the footage they use is appauling, show off the lighting, and some good gameplay.

  17. I bought a black one for myself and my sister’s family, and got a white one for my other sister’s kids. Got a good deal at Fry’s for the white one, it comes with Nintendoland and Sonic Racing included for $349.

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