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Here’s The First 60 Minutes Of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U In HD

Tilmen from Nintendomination has uploaded the first 60 minutes of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Wii U was released on December 8, 2012 when the Wii U launched in Japan. Capcom has already announced that the game will be released in North America and Europe on March 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U.

52 thoughts on “Here’s The First 60 Minutes Of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U In HD”

    1. Stop being sad Aeolus, that is how people miss out on goodness. Monster hunter 3 Ultimate, and all other monster hunter games have been prime, maybe except frontier lol. Nintendo is dominating everything and there is nothing your sadness can do about it. Wise people have said ” when good people rule, people rejoice.” Nintendo has ruled gaming from the early eighties and we have all rejoiced. Only evil people and disillusioned sheep do not appreciate a great cultural and nice gaming company as nintendo and Capcom when Capcom is at the top of their game :).

    2. ofcourse it does fucking retard. it’s just an upressed port of the wii game. what did you expect? capcom to actually beef up the visuals? i liked it better when you were just lurking.

    3. *Says it looks like shit, forgets to turn the video’s setting to anything above 480P*
      Yeah, nice going.
      Don’t bother lying about it either; it’s the only sensible explanation, unless you’re just lying for the sake of trolling or your standards are elitist and retarded.

        1. Except it’s not, and you’re a terrible troll.
          If you’re trying to get a rise out of people like a real troll, you’re gonna have to do better than the few you’ve snagged so far.
          Son, your efforts disappoint me.

          1. it is the same game as the 3ds version

            capcom merely upressed the wii u versions of it

            all of the assets are there plain and simple as the day

            your denialfaggotry does not hide the simple truth and those horrible textures are more than enough evidence

            the game looks like shit and is just another port :)

  1. I don’t understand who this video is targeted towards. If you’re interested in a game, why would you want to see 60 minutes of it, and ruin the gaming experience for whenever you put down your $60.00. If you’re not interested in the game, why would you watch an hour of a game you don’t care about it.

    1. It’s aimed at people like me. I have no attachment to the franchise, but i’m interested in it. MH isn’t a story oriented game, so I doubt the first 60 mins of the game is heavy on spoilers. This gives me a chance to really see what MH is about and make a more informed discision about buying or not buying it.

    2. Trust me, for new players and interested parties. 50 minutes might not be enough. This is thus good, in that it shall introduce new gamers and interested folks a wonderful introduction to a gem. Monster hunter is such a great game immediately after your first big monster is killed or captured :). There is just so much to do every time you play it, it’s a totally new game.

    3. I’m with you, in that I refuse to watch the first hour of any game, especially one I plan on buying.

      Given the replies to your comment, it would seem there is a large target for them, so I’m happy people are enjoying the video, but I wouldn’t personally want the first hour revealed to me.

      1. I’m planning on not hearing anything about the next zelda game except the first trailer because I knew the entire plotline of Skyward Sword and it kind of ruined it for me.

  2. Monster Hunter Tri was a beautiful game, and this upgrade is definitely something I am looking forward to, especially when it is coming to a console with a much better online system than the Wii, and with the Miiverse, a community through this game will have huge potential to creating what could possibly be the greatest online experience on the Wii U, maybe even on any console, depending on how Capcom utilizes it. I am hoping this game will also feature remote play, because playing on the gamepad really is a great experience, depending on the game. I am not sure if this was already confirmed or not, please correct me if it was. Anyway, definitely hyped. I doubt I will touch Tri again once this launches. lol

    1. Welcome to an awesome experience my friend. Here is a tip, when online look for friends that play and enjoy themselves. Avoid the ones that only speak Spanish or french to glot ( mostly former Sony drones converted to Nintendo after monster hunter tri moved to nintendo ). Also seek players that have a varied assortment of weapons and with mii verse tips online. Enjoy it it’s better than anything you would imagine.

      1. Could you elaborate more on your comment about people that speaks spanish and french? The way you said it could be interpreted in the wrong way, I mean there are people that only speaks other languages that are trying to enjoy themselves too.

    1. unfortunately we’ll have to wait for a brand new Monster Hunter developed for home consoles first! This is basically a HD update!
      Can’t wait personally!

    2. Terry Y, that would be impossible because they would have had to redesign the whole game’s art work. It Is just an HD remake.

  3. is it really hd textures? they look very washed out… Anyway, I dont own wii U yet, waiting for gearbox and sega for the alien…

  4. I wish the textures looked better on this update. Its not up to Wii U standards. But will still be getting this for both wii u n 3ds. just wish it looked better. Since it is just a port I hope it is cheaper than 60 bucks. aka 49 bucks is ideal. since nothing is really added.

  5. Wish the blood splatter looked a little more realistic and also that the dinosaurs would fight back with more aggression. If someone is slashing you with a sword you don’t just stand there and take it! You run for the hills or fight back!

  6. looks like the wii :( Come on capcom you could have done better I’ll buy it if its like 40-50 bucks because it’s just a remake

  7. honestly? looks pretty bad. graphically like unreal engine 2.5. even the water is not looking realistically. compared to AC 3 this looks really terrible, i rather play it on 3ds then.

  8. Why is this a full release title?
    It’s basically just a re-release of the Wii game, but with extra features. £40-50 please. No, give me a new game, or sell it cheaper.
    I think HD re-releases are lazy, and quick cash ins, but at least they’re only £15, or £40 for a trilogy.

    1. Yeah Usually remakes are cheaper, and if I love the game I will get it. But isn’t this just kind of a lazy cash in? It looks barely any better than the 3DS and wii ones, its still basically the same game, and they didn’t add very much to make one buy it. It just seems kind of lazy to me. Why not wait and make a whole NEW game to show off what the wii U can actually do?

  9. Ugh. That game looks TERRIBLE! I’m sure wii U can do better than that. I guess this is what happens when you upscale a handheld console game to a home console. Still though, they could have at least used some better textures or lighting or something. Still looks fun though.

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