Wii U Premium Console With Nintendo Land Now £225 From Zavvi eBay


UK retailer Zavvi is now selling the Wii U 32GB Premium console with Nintendo Land for £225, saving you £75. The offer only appears to be available via the retailers eBay channel and looks to be the cheapest price in the United Kingdom. Whether other retailers will follow suit remains to be seen. Still, it’s a fantastic price for a fun console.


  1. Off topic

    Hey guys, i was playing that Pikmin game on nintendo land and its really a nice game! Especially because its the first time playing a pikmin game. Are the pikmin games just like the nintendo land version? If so, i will get pikmin 3. I like the concept, its very fun! :)

    1. aeolus cant you just crawl back to the deepest dark cave jeeeezzz …. before u ask yes, yes mad bro i am !

      1. Oh, because it clearly needs a month before the signs that’s in everyone’s faces becomes apparent.


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