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Capcom Knows You Want Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Western Release


Christian Svensson, Capcom’s Corporate Officer & Senior Vice-President, has revealed via the Capcom Unity forums that the company is completely aware that the fans want Ace Attorney Investigations 2, but they currently have no news to share at the moment.

1. Still no news to share

2. Ace Attorney was a choice in the franchise lists. That is all that is necessary.

3. The demand for AAI2 is not something that is unknown to us and thus not something that needs to be demonstrated further.

62 thoughts on “Capcom Knows You Want Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Western Release”

        1. They’re both pretty bad, but Capcom fucked up Megaman and Resident Evil, 2 of my favourite franchises ever…
          Why cant they just go back to the old style, or at least keep it similar to Resi 4 -.-
          I dread the day if we ever get our Resident Evil 2 remake, if they use shitty new design for it…

          1. The did fuck around too much with megaman I’m still mad about legends 3, mm not in marvel 3 etc. capcom needs to get their shit straight

  1. It’s sort of at the the stage where I don’t think Capcom wants our money any more, they either don’t bring their games out anymore or they drive their franchises into the ground.

  2. Patience nintendo fans, patience is a great virtue. The 3DS has already sold over 25 million consoles. Capcom and a lot of other third and even second party company are bringing these franchises to Pal and stateside regions. Wow, if the 3DS gave the Vita even 5 million of its sells it would help that little wannabe home console. By mid or end of next year, even the Wii U shall by pass the Vita in sales, watch this space.

  3. Let me educate the younger gamers and those that don’t see business structures. Nintendo’s EAD is the worlds best game development studio. Capcom is second behind them. In short Capcom has to deliver games to other companies and platforms as well. Such as the Wii U, 3DS, IOS, tablets, PS3, Xbox360, Mac and PC. As much as we complain two of the best companies at gaming support Nintendo, these companies have given us

    1) Monster hunter series by Capcom
    2) Zelda Skyward Sword by Nintendo’s EAD

    imagine how beautiful our gaming future is when these two beautiful teams are on our side as is now! Smile my fellow gamers smile :).

        1. I know right…
          I cant really think of a developer/publisher that i don’t have mixed views on at the moment.
          Ubisoft are probably closest, but AC3 was disappointing.

  4. Capcom has come through for us with Monster hunter 3 Ultimate. The only people that ought to be mad at them, are the ones that bought Resident evil 6 full price. We on the Wii U have been blessed with MH3 Ultimate, while the 3DS got the real resident evil game, in resident evil revelations :). So I ask you again nintendo fans, why are you whining? Merry Christmas and a happy newyear.

    1. Why should anyone be happy that Capcom have only made 2 good games, and non dickish moves since probably Resi4?
      The only reason those 2 games are any good and no-one got fucked over (if you consider a HD port of a Wii game over a bew title, not being fucked over), is because Nintendo most likely said, “you’re not pulling any bullshit here, do it right”, same thing they’ve always done, in particular with Resident Evil, Nintendo are the only ones who wanted a gave a shit about the REmake and Zero.

      Capcom are still just tossers -.-

            1. He reaks envy i actualy feal sad our kids are like that they learn to use a computer and the first thing they tipe is something stupid.

                1. Says the retard that thinks that the internet is just for porno and stealing accounts grow up kid the grammar responce is cliché if you know what that is.

  5. I’m done with DS games, so I won’t be getting this, but I’m sick of Sven’s bullshit. Case in point: Monster Hunter 3G. a 3DS game released in 2012 back in Japan. Sven spent over a year pulling our legs with shit like “news will come very soon guise”. Fortunately, we’re getting the game on 3DS and WiiU under the name Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, but not till 2013.

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  7. 64supermarioreturns

    If it doesn’t need to be demonstrated further than just release it already or give us some kind of update to it….and Phoenix Wright VS Professor Layton!

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  9. I think the title needs an update. It should say
    “Capcom knows you want Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Western Release BUT YOU’RE NOT GETTING IT!” Followed by a troll face.

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