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Wii U’s Version Of Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 Coming To Europe In Nintendo eShop Only

fist_of_the_north_star_kens_rage_2Tecmo Koei has today announced that Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 will launch next month in Europe, on February 8th. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the beat ’em up game will be available to purchase at retail; however, Wii U’s version will be a download-only title in the Nintendo eShop.

84 thoughts on “Wii U’s Version Of Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 Coming To Europe In Nintendo eShop Only”

    1. Next Xbox? Lol no. PS3l4…..hard to say. I still say Sony dies next year. Also Indie development will leave Microsoft since they have to pay up to $50000 per patch. While Nintendo doesn’t charge a penny.

            1. If you think they will die next year you can join the group of blinded deluded fanboys who will not be taken seriously.

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          1. Sony is actually in financial difficulty. Their losses from the PS3 will stop them from making a PC-like powerhouse. Sonys best option is to make play it safe and make the console weaker. They probably won’t get 3rd party support like the wii, but they could survive on Sony exclusives.

      1. I don’t see why people believe Sony will die next year and there will be no PS4. They’re still a multibillion dollar company, if they can produce 4K TV’s that cost $20,000, I’m sure they can produce the PS4 which will probably be like $400-$600.

          1. There still producing TV’s and EVERY other electronics they have by the god knows how many! They have just announced new phones and new camera’s etc etc. If you think there is no PS4 coming, then wow … considering Dev kits have been sent out and they are more than likely already developing for them …

            1. Sony as a whole company is in real trouble, they have had to let go 2,000 people at the corporate levee in 2012. The TV division has had to buy most of its parts from Samsung, as early on they decided against investing in LED technology. They went through a major campaign to get Blu-Ray as the go to the format and it gave them little return (i.e. poor people stuck to DVD and non-collecters went with streaming and download able content). Apple widdled away their music electronics department. Basically the list goes on and on.

              I believe the gaming part of Sony is really the only part that is profitable right now and that seems to be by a small margin. But I do doubt that PS4 (or whatever its name is) won’t come out.

              Also, I think there camera department (formally Minolta) is doing ok, but they didn’t have as big a presence this year. I will miss those crazy bikes stunts….

              1. I know there business is experiencing significant financial issues, but my point was, only blinded imbeciles will believe the PS4 won’t come out.

                1. I think its more like overly wishful thinking. If they got out consoles, it would more likely be cause the radically overhauled their gaming section and had a different out look on how to sell games to people.

                2. They will come, and i can’t wait to see what they come up with, and what they come up with i really hope is a whole new gaming experience, not just holding a controller and watching the TV but something new just like Nintendo Wii U!

            2. Ofcourse there is a Ps4 coming , but Sony is also in a really really really bad situation Financially. A situation that threatens their future.

        1. I think they could be in trouble, it depends how they go about the next 7 years.
          It’s not just Playstation, it’s their other products that don’t do too well, and end up costing them alot.
          Probably won’t “die”, but they could loose alot of money.
          I sure as hell wont be buying a PS4 till a price drop if it’s over £400, and even £400 is debatable.

      1. Whoa that is just crossing the line, i am surprised you havent been baned from this website, cause what you said is just ludicrous and offensive…

          1. you dont say, every morning i come to this website to watch any news regarding Wii U and 3DS, is my favorite website, and i have to give credit to the creators they do a really good job, and i rarely leave any replys or comments, and i do read the comments see what you guys think and such, i am a 3d animator, so reading thoughts can really help on some stuff. Everyone has their opinion and should be taken with respect but making statements like that…..come on! thats pathetic

        1. Come to American Samoa, they had an article on Engadget about here having the most expensive internet and the speed is unbelievably low.

            1. Took me about 4-6 days to download Crysis2(about 11gb) nonstop. Part of the reason why I go digital is because it usually takes about 1 to 2 weeks for our local video game store to get a launch game. Steam’s preload feature is a godsend for me lol.

      1. I guess it depends on the file size. If you download a full retail game from the eshop, it can take up to hours at least. I don’t know exactly, (since I’m getting the Wii U later) but from what I’ve heard it can take up at least 10 hours to fully install.

        1. It’s the way I’m going with most thing. I use Steam & Origin, I only buy from PSN Store, I just wish though Nintendo wouldn’t make digital more expensive than boxed games which annoys me -_-

          1. I’ve only used Origin for BF3 and Crysis2 but Steam is just great. PSN exclusive games are great too. I only buy eShop games with exception of New Super Mario 2 for 3DS which was disappointing.

      1. Indeed, digital gaming is the way to go. I can switch out my PC for a better one and still have my Steam games. I’ll continue having em for as long as Steam is in service. Some of my games from my 360 library is either scratched beyond playable. I can delete and redownload my Steam games whenever I please, or back it up.

          1. I don’t know if it was because THQ went bankrupt but it’s Steam bundle was only $24 but the actual value for it was about $200.

              1. Too bad for THQ, I remembered Wrestlemania and No Mercy for N64. THQ was a good company and speaking of company, what’s gonna happen to Company of Heroes 2?

    1. Yeah, but the trade-off is that they still make you pay full price (hopefully that will change), and that it’s non-refundable.

    2. I was saying the same thing, This makes localization the only major cost of bringing Japanese games over here. I hope it works.

      Bad news is, digital downloads are NEVER on sale. In Japan, dd cost about 10% more…

  1. Fine by me.
    People complain about digital being “more expensive”, or the same price, when they don’t realise why. At the moment, every digital copy sold is physical packaging/producing wasted, digital is the same price to make up for those losses, mainly because the state of ow many people are buying digital is so uncertain, companies produce more physical copies than they actually need to.
    If we went digital only, games would be alot cheaper, but i understand if people want physical copies.
    We should have an stable level where companies know how many physical copies are going to be sold, and how many digital, that way thing would be cheaper, although not as much, but we’d still have both options.

    1. Wait so to make up for the potential money companies could have made off of physical copies they up the price on digital copies?

      1. It’s got nothing to do with “how much money they can make off it”.

        In the end, it COSTS MONEY to make boxes, and manuals, and disks, and to format the games onto the disk, MONEY, COSTS THEM IT DOES. Not, “we want more money”, it’s “we have to cover out losses”.

        If a company makes 300,000 copies of a game, and expects to sell 300,000, they make a profit. But what happens if they send out 300,000, and 50,000 of the 300,000 expected sold is all digital?
        Now they just have 50,000 games lying around that’ll never be bought, or be bought in small amounts over a long period.
        And companies send out ALOT more than 300,000 physical copies, and thats before mentioning different languages, and the addition of buying in bulk. It can end up costing more money to ship 300,000 copies to rather than 1 million due to buying and selling in bulk.

        It’s simple business.

        1. Okay so they make up the potential loss from unsold physical copies by upping the price on digital copies? Understandable but still kinda douchey for those who likes digital contents.

          1. It’s not douchey, it’s just something that’s unavoidable for now.

            Same with paying to play online, back in the previous generation it kinda needed to be done because the amount of people that used it was smaller, so keeping servers ect running was less profitable, but now, there’s no excuse, because over 80% of people are online.

            1. But I only see Nintendo doing this with their eShop service. On Steam you would find games that launch for 10% off if you preorder. Sure you can chalk it up to it being a preorder incentive but that would hurt the sales of the physical copies. Also Steam has this 10% deal on almost every launch game I’ve seen. Either 10 or 5, I don’t remember.

              1. It’s not just Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft sell their digital games at the same price too.

                Answer me this…how many PC gamers do you think actually buy games on disks?
                The amount of people that use Steam is WAAAY higher than digital downloads on consoles. Thats why its cheaper. If 80% of WiiU owners went digital only, we’d have the same deals as Steam. Simple.

                If we didnt, then people can stay saying its bullshit.

                1. Sony do not. On the AUS PSN store, I find it to be $5-$10 cheaper than in store. Microsoft …. I don’t really know, Nintendo, well for someone who wants to offer a digital service, retail game wise, it is terrible. Out of all the services I’ve used, Nintendo’s is the worst.

                    1. I’ll check PSN to compare prices and I’ll get back to you. On a side note: PSN plus is pretty good with it’s free games if you don’t own them already.

                  1. When it comes to worst I have to give it to Origin in my experience. I had to download Crysis2 three times because my file kept getting corrupted at around 90%. I searched for a solution and people have been getting the same problem as me. I don’t know about Origin now but that was enough for me to stop using that service, especially with my crappy connection. I used it once more for BF3 but that was it lol.

                2. Hmm you have a point there. I guess i’ll just see it as a convenience charge for digital download, that way I can sleep well at night. lol

  2. I want this on the Wii U. And live in Europe. If it’s the same price as the PS3/360 versions are then I’ll get it. If it’s about £10 higher then I’ll get the PS3 version. I havent heard much about this one so dunno if Wii U has any extra features. But it doesn’t look like Koei is gonna support the Wii U with Pirate Warriors 2 or Dynasty Warriors 8 (or DW7:Empires) either so…..maybe if they even hinted that they might consider porting these across I’ll pick it up.

    1. They wouldn’t port empires without having to port 7 and xtreme legends, so that’s not going to happen.

      DW8 isn’t even announced outside of Japan yet, and it’s PS3 exclusive in Japan, so if it comes here it will probably be ps3 only

  3. This game is really a one trick pony though. But so are most games. You punch people a lot. It’s awesome if you’re a fan of the comic or cartoon though, I’d buy it.

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