Nintendo Confirms Fire Emblem: Awakening Nintendo 3DS Hardware Bundle For U.S. And Canada

fire_emblem_awakening_nintendo_3ds_bundle.jpg-largeNintendo of America has confirmed, via Twitter, that the Fire Emblem: Awakening Nintendo 3DS hardware bundle is coming to the U.S. and Canada. The downloadable version of Fire Emblem: Awakening is pre-installed on the Nintendo 3DS included in the bundle. Details on the bundle’s pricing and release date will eventually come.

Fire Emblem: Awakening launches exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS on February 4th in North America, and a free demo of the strategy role-playing game will be made available to download from the Nintendo eShop next week, on January 17th.

Update: Fire Emblem Awakening 3DS Bundle Will Retail For $200


  1. I want this if not solely for the system itself. Dragons…Yes please. The game would be a very nice bonus. Only thing that’d be better is if the system was green as an XL model.

    1. Fire Emblem still isn’t anywhere near as popular in US compared to JP. I’m still shocked we’re getting this game at all.

  2. How is this bundled with a 3DS? It is a shitty gay unmanly platformer game. Only the most retarded Nintensheep would ever buy this crap.

    1. Just because it isn’t “manly” as you think, doesn’t mean it’s a shitty gay platformer. CoD is made for faggots who can’t buy decent games. Reply to this comment, i win. Troll me, i win.

      Cry me a fucking river.

      1. My Girlfriend is not a faggot who can’t buy decent games. Besides why are you attacking him for thinking his pinion is fact, then think you’re opinion on CoD is fact? That just loses your credibility (Note: I’m not defending Bill, this loser just called my GF a faggot basically)

          1. Actually, a faggot is a bundle of sticks, but the term you’re looking at means homosexual, meaning likes the same Gender. She is straight.

      1. Robson JR is a butthurt 11 year old Xbot . He thinks he’s mature cus his Aunt patty bought him a second hand 4GB , yellow Xbox arcade.

    2. Platformer??? Wtf this isn’t a platformer. Its an RPG. Plus platformers are awesome look at Banjo Kazooie and Rayman.

    3. Platformer? O_O Can you even jump in Fire Emblem lol //ming
      In any case, the term “Nintensheep” is actually quite adorable, so I guess I won’t need to go by “—” anymore.

  3. This is nice and all, but ya know what would be great?

    Animal Crossing.

    Or one of the thousand of games in Japan we’ll never get.

    inb4 hordes of rump-roasted nintenyearolds

    1. I agree, there are many amazing games in Japan that I would love to play but will never be localized :(

      1. If the 3ds wasn’t region locked would you import games? I’ve seen a few people playing animal crossing and they don’t understand a thing. I can understand a game like new super Mario bros 2 or 3d land since text isn’t important or a fighting game but there seems to be a lot of good games out there that don’t have a chance being localized that I haven’t even heard of or seen

    1. Don’t you have any better ways to waste your time than just posting ”Wonderful” everywhere you can ?

  4. This game looks like wicked sexy to me…I can’t help myself I HAVE to play it. I have never played a Fire Emblem game before(but I know how they work). Also, that blue 3DS with the emblem on it looks sexy as well, mmmhmmm,,,,,delicious.

  5. Awesome to see NOA doing legitimate Fire Emblem advertising. Fire Emblem is one of the few Nintendo franchises that actually focuses on story telling and characters and I’m glad they’re giving it the publicity it deserves…makes me forget the half-ass way Reggie announced it at E3 (y’know, on Twitter rather than during the actual conference). One of the reasons why it’s my favorite Nintendo IP, along with Zelda.

  6. Sweet! Looks legit. but can we get some 3DS XL bundles? I have a 3DS and i want an XL but the only reason I would buy it is if it came with a game and had a cool design.

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