XSEED has announced that it’s decided to publish the well-received Japanese action RPG Pandora’s Tower in America. Nintendo originally published the game in both Japan and Europe, but they decided against publishing it in the United States. Pandora’s Tower is scheduled to launch in America sometime in the spring.



  1. Hype for ‘Merica.
    I havent picked this game up yet, might do after im done with fire emblem, dead space 3 and the plethora of other games coming in the next few months


    • I saw that there were no comments but I didn’t post… Nothing special of being first… I could have been first a lot of times but I just didn’t feel the need to be the first one… I just don’t getit.


    • Originally, I also felt this way, as this one looked most appealing to me…however, since putting in 55 hours on Xenoblade, I think my unknowing subconscious would have been pissed at me in a paradoxical universe had I never got to play that game, because it is freaking awesome! I haven’t yet gotten to play Last Story except the 10 minutes I popped it in when I got it, because I can’t do two intensive RPG’s at the same time, or I should say I won’t, because I like to focus on one at a time.


  2. I’m from Europe, but I’m really happy that you guys will get to enjoy this great game. Support publishers like XSEED. Get the game, even if you already ordered a European copy. Heck, look at it as an investment – a sealed Pandora’s Tower copy will be worth a small fortune in a few years.


  3. I have this game and is ok, but not nearly as good as Xenoblade or The Last Story. Not really worth getting excited about to be honest, but this does mean a full victory for Project Rainfall, which is a good thing.


  4. No way! This is the game I wanted the most when we had the fan rise over these three games. I ended up loving the hell out of Xenoblade, but I wanted this far more than I wanted the other two. I’ll be sure to pick it up once it’s released.


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  5. Finally! Operation Rainfall was a success (it doesn’t matter who publishes the game as long as we get our hands on them)! I will definitely buy this game the day it comes out. I wonder if Xseed will do a pre-order bonus? I hope this game is as big as a success for them as The Last Story was.


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