As Nintendo promised, the demo for Fire Emblem: Awakening is now available to download on the North American Nintendo 3DS eShop. The game will go on sale on February 4th and will feature dual audio voice tracks — one in English and one in Japanese. Fire Emblem: Awakening will be available to purchase in Europe sometime in April.



  1. I fucking hate this stupid Japanese side-scroller. Why do I need to keep seeing articles about it? It is not a manly game. It is for retarded Nintensheep that cannot even dress themselves. Only complete retards would buy this cutesy game, let alone download a demo for their baby 3DS shitsym.
    ~THE REAL Bill~


  2. Wow I just can’t believe Nintendo gets away with releasing the same games for 30 years. The only way this game could be fun is if you used the game case as target practice. Buy a real handheld like the vita with much better games!


        • Exactly, its ok to not like a game, but to blatently rip on it without knowing at least the genre its in makes him look like an even bigger moron.

          Hell even the not so liked/hated for being a “clone” ‘Eternal Eyes’ (my personal guilty pleasure) came before xcom.


  3. Just got it, pretty much what I expected from a demo but it’s still a good quick look at the game. The english voices really don’t sound bad, gameplay is just as good as ever and the story is intriguing. If only february 4 could come sooner!


  4. I just played this demo and I must say it is fantastic. It blew my low expectations and now this is on my wishlist. I think it has some great changes from the old games in the series.


  5. i swear half the people on this site act like they’re 12. not that im complaining; personally i find it humorous.

    but yeah, spoiler alert: that’s Marth in the picture


  6. This game is gonna be fucking awesome just played the demo it was the fucking shit… i’ve played other fire emblem games and this one was by far the sickest in game play I can’t wait… and for all you haters out there your obviously mad that you’re not skilled enough to play a game were you actually have to be smart to play it!


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