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Need For Speed Most Wanted Wii U Release Date Announced


EA has confirmed that Need for Speed Most Wanted will be released on Wii U on March 19th in the US and Friday March 21st across Europe. EA says there’s three new features that set this game apart from the already cheap Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. The first feature is you can play the game entirely on the Wii U GamePad. The second feature is the ability to a play a new co-op mode where tablet players can mess with an interactive map “to provide control and navigation assistance”. The third feature allows you to use the touchscreen to unlock new items, and switch and mod cars without pausing the game.

128 thoughts on “Need For Speed Most Wanted Wii U Release Date Announced”

  1. Man, what a wannabe tough manly video game. That is all the Wii U has in its tiny and crappy library anyway. This makes me laugh.
    ~THE REAL Bill~

      1. But it might be hungry…and if someone doesn’t feed it, I fully expect PATA(thats ‘People Against Troll Abuse) will show up and be like ‘Don’t abuse the trolls! Trolls have rights too!’

        1. Whats wrong??? :O dont act like little bitch be happy dont worry ^_^

          By the way you should change your name lol its lame

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  2. I am so excited for this game. I traded in my xbox for a wiiu no regrets so far! I love the need for speed series and I am glad the wiiu gets the game with so many more additional features than the xbox or ps3 versions. You would have to be an idiot to buy this game on any other console.

        1. I duno, feels like a driving game.
          The controls are fine, they work how they should, cars control not a tight as id like but its not bad, and its pretty fast.

          The problem is just what you do in the game.
          You pick up cars by finding them in the world, which is good, it encourages exploration, and theres the billboard and secret areas to find to which is good.
          But each car has 5 races, and thats it. Its not like Burnout Paradise which is immensely superior, where theres a race on every traffic light, and you can use either any car you want, or any car of a certain boost class.
          But once you do the 5 races, theres nothing to do but drive around, unless you go online, which is still good.

          But my other problem is just the city you’re in. It just feel generic.
          Its just the city, and the cliffs out side, and some of the cars and lack of motorcycles arent even worth driving.
          Paradise had much better design, on top of its more unrealistic approach.

          Also the soundtrack is shit, and you cant play your own instead.

          1. Also, the fucking navigation is HORRIBLE, which was a problem in Burnout Paradise which i HOPED they fixed, but nope, its actually worse.

            Theres no arrow marker, no custom waypoint, nothing.
            Just a tiny mini map that you constantly have to look at, which takes your eyes off the road, and inevitably crash into the copious amounts of traffic (although it seems to have been reduced a little), but you still crash from the smallest bump sometimes.

            Id give it a 6/10

              1. I just dont want to look at the mini map every 5 seconds to make sure im going to right way.

                I actually couldnt even be bothered finishing this game, and I’m someone who got a Platinum Trophy in Burnout Paradise, which is basically the same game, but good.

          2. Hmmm Sounds good but flawed. I will still give it a shot as it’s the first proper racing game to come to wiiu and to give credit to EA Fifa and Mass effect run perfectly on wiiu (albeit with controversial content choices in each game) so I imagine something similar for NFS.

            Sounds good enough the way you’re putting it. And the media gave it decent reception so I will pick it up , unless it comes out horrible on wiiu which is very unlikely to happen. It’s probably just the xbox 360 code running fine on wiiu with a few exclusive features.

  3. Everyone thought the Wii U was doomed because it didn’t have any games. Then Nintendo announced That 10 BIG games is comming out between February and April.

    1. Yep monster hunter, rayman, need for speed, lego under cover, walking dead, pikmin, are so awesome way to go Nintendo!

      1. You guys make me sick. Unless you are all under twelve years old. Supporting a company that releases under powered consoles and the same games over and over again. Maybe I should put a dead cat in a cardboard box and write Nintendo on it so you all can be amazed at how fast and advanced it is. Maybe replace the dead cat with a dead bird and write mario on it. Maybe then you will all get a disease and stop buying nintendo’s rip off products. At least Sony and Microsoft try to make good games.

          1. Idiot umm wow look who is buying Nintendo junk. Sorry to say but it’s apparent to every one but you all. Look at the wiiu s sales compared to xbox and ps3. Fyi I only date real men not Nintendo fans and so do all women, because we like a guy to say more than just “duh”

            1. A Nintendo fanboy would show up to the date dressed as the homosexual Link. They would want to drag you over to their room in their mom’s basements and force you to play rehashed Mario game #1000. Then, because they are so retarded, they would not be able to fuck you. Makes you laugh, huh?
              ~THE REAL Bill~

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            2. Wow xD
              And you said someone was dropped on their head as child, ironic.

              As for the dating thing, that’s ok, i don’t date guys anyway.

            3. Hey amy not sure what “sales” you referring to.. but the wii u has sold more then both the xbox 360 and ps3 did in its current life cycle…? If you date a guy for what games he plays your not going to find happiness.. your most likely going to end up wasting your time arguing on a blog :)

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            5. How is the Wii U really doing? You can judge for yourself. In the U.S., in their respective launch years, this is how each of the last four major consoles sold, from November launch through the end of the December reporting period, according to NPD: Xbox 360: about 600K
              PS3: nearly 700K
              Wii: 1.08M
              Wii U: 890K ^Source:

        1. They make me sick, too. As long as Nintendo is on it, they will buy it. The blatant fanboyism on this site is enough to make any self-respecting gamer hurl.
          ~THE REAL Bill~

            1. You are right that I am a real man. These little Nintendo virgins will probably never become real men, but I can try…
              ~THE REAL Bill~

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          1. Good thing you are a bitch troll sir not a real gamer you suck at video games when you take your boyfriends dong out of your mouth and act like a real man and get a job and not troll the internet and hide behind your computer while your mommy changes your adult diapers then maybe bitch bill you will finally be somewhat of a man.maybe.

        2. Sony make good games and a couple of Microsofts First parties make good games , but the fact is Nintendo make the best games.

          I have a ps3 and 360 but i’m bored as shit with them , the wiiu is a much needed breathe of fresh air in Gaming.

          PS you’re an opinionated asshole and your opinion does not apply to any of us except Bill.

        3. Girl please! Nintendo has 98% of female gamers, meaning we have a wide variety of women to choose from. The Wii U runs the infinity 4 engine, with direct X11 compatible features. Now tell me miss, can the PS3 or Xbox360 run that, maybe let’s say the Unreal engine 4? Wii U can. Now craw back under your bridge mrs Trollness, EXPOSED!

          1. I think you mean 98 percent women who used to be men. No women I know would waste there money on a console that isn’t even powerful enough to play a dvd.

            1. For your own information even the gamecube could play DVD’s if it was firmware configured. Face facts toots 98% of the females gaming world games solely nintendo. Sad day for you that your pick of men are from the creepy side of nerd dorm basement establishment Microsoft xbox and Sony drone-Ania lol. Now be a lady and open up your intuition and use that commons sense intelligence women are blessed with.

              1. That’s not a woman, it’s probably Bill’s second account. I don’t think a lady would waste her time trolling on a Nintendo site. Most woman play Nintendo games too, and don’t have the inferiority complex of wanting to play bloody games or certain consoles so they could feel more “macho”. Kids do that

              2. “Face facts toots 98% of the females gaming world games solely nintendo.”

                What is it with fanboys and making up bullshit facts?

    1. With a name like Earl and yur going to buy this wiiu game wow you must have been dropped on your head by your cousin/momma as a kid

        1. I am trying to spread the truth. I feel like a mercenary. Your company must be defeated. It should go the way of sega. If I offended anybody I am sorry :-)

          1. Nintendo is a 100 times more great of a company than Sega ever was and is in no danger at all of becoming Software only. Did you know Nintendo is worth a LOT more than Sony ? And sony is indeed in far more danger of going extinct before Nintendo?

            Nintendo have enough money in the bank to fail 3-4 generations in a row.

          2. So you are a mercenary ( Moronic lazy goofs that profit over carnage and misery cause the were too myopic to study in school ), want a company that is viable and the most important gaming entity ever so greedy soft can finally seem relevant; you young lady should not join troll roll like Aeolus or Ness. A woman is a noble being, leave trolling to basement desolates like Bill lol.

  4. The more I think about the wiiu version of this game I think it is more like a port of the PS2 version sincd that is all the wiiu can do, well if they dumb it down and down grsde the graphics. Look at the box art it doesn’t have a nintenNintendo do network logo the wiiu version can’t even handle online and ea knows it.

    1. Ea knows it ? Mass effect 3 has the full online experience with voice chat so does fifa. Fifa also has enhanced graphics. The grass and crowd look totaly better than ps3 and 360 version.
      Nuff said idiot. Ps2 graphics ? Is that why the ps3 can’t run the good version of blops 2 and the wiiu can with 2 screens at once and trine 2 destroys the 360 and ps3 version ?

      You got owned , now go shove a spiked dildo up your anus.

      1. I have never played black ops on the ps3. But my castrated imbred neighbor has mass of effect in the wiiu and it looks horrible you can’t use voice chat with out holding down a button on the screen. There was all kinds of frame rate issues and it doesn’t have all the dlc. And the most obvious problem with mas effect 3 is idiot wiiu owners paid 60 for an incomplete game with no dlc when xbox and ps3 owners paid 60 for all three, now who got owned!

        1. Actually, the Wii U version is better due to a better framerate and also the PS3 version sucks because it lags and the graphics are actually better.

          Shhh its okay, don’t cry now. Just go back to the kitchen and make us an sandwich

          1. “the PS3 version sucks because it lags and the graphics are actually better.”

            I think you might want to rephrase that if you’re trying to say the Wii U is better.

        2. You’re still an ugly troll no one cares what you think cause its not facts just Nintendo envy you play 3 games while we have many great games to choose from that isn’t a fail like kinect Elmo and friends

  5. Oh well, I’m still getting to regardless of the release date ^^ I finish college during May so I’ll probably get it during May or June along with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Aliens Colonial Marines, Rayman Legends and The Cave =)

  6. Why are all these games being released in March? That’s a lot of games for the same month. Seems like 1 or 2 could have been released this month O_o

  7. Friday night 7pm. Bill in his moms basement sitting next to his computer. “Mom, are my bagel bites ready?! Damn which post havent I commented on yet? Ill just sit and wait for another post. In the meantime ill just jerk off some more. “Mom, I ran out of lubriderm”

  8. I guess Amy’s trying to find Sonic in the NoA building and if not she’ll pout and smash with her plastic piko piko hammer

    Sorry Amy, But your boyfriend is in another castle

      1. I agree no body deserves to go threw the torture of owning a xbox 360, Im on my 4th one so far. Hopefully this one wont die :(

        1. I have to agree with this xboxs break way to much. However the problem with Nintendo’s Consoles is that they don’t break. They keep running the same boring games over and over andover

          1. like xbox right ? you have your choice of call of duty 1-10 or halo 1-100 or gears 1-13 ? hmmm what to play what to play?halo 37 or gears 52 or black ops 9 1/2 which is a multiplay but the only other game xbox has to brag about which isn’t saying much.GO HOME FAKE TROLL AMY i mean bill lol bawhahahahaha

            1. How’s Mario 1132 going? Also, why are you using Call of duty as an example when Nintendo consoles have them too? My lord, the stupidity.

  9. That co-op feature is what inrigues me most. My cousin driving skills bother me to no end, so me helping in this regard is very much welcome.

    The third feature is also somethin I’m glad to hear of. Hopefully they add more features/exclusives to the game to better warrant a buy

    1. If they were to add two player co-op. One on the Gamepad, and the other on the TV screen, am trading in another xbox360 game. Am beginning to think it’s not nintendo that is the problem, but third parties lacking vision. Add two player co-op and nintendo and gaming fans will lap this like fresh milk :).

  10. Another old port? Cmon Nintendo, When I get my Wii U I don’t want to waste money on games I’ve played several times over.

    1. In a way I’m happy for them. Yes it is a port and is obviously late to the game, but I can’t help being satisfied seeing Nintendo expanding their library. Afterall, they did advertise this console as a way to close the gap with 3rd party support. The more ports we get, the more apt the console will be successful in getting the biggest names involved with developing some great games.

      I’m especially happy with this quarter’s line-up and the enthusiasic support we have from Ubisoft and indies. Baby steps and we’ll have an exciting and formidable library for a wide demographic.

      1. Well they’ll have to take bigger baby steps, the fact PS4 & 720 (or at least one of them) is rumoured to be announced this year … another Wii could happen with little 3rd party support :/ Which I don’t want to happen because I tried the Wii U, and it was pretty cool, I don’t want it to fail.

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  12. This is neat and all but I’ll most likely get it on my PS3 since most of my friends have that version. If not I’ll get it on the Wii U.

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