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Iwata Talks Nintendo Direct


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has Tweeted that tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct presentation will be a little different from previous Nintendo Direct presentations. Iwata says that this Nintendo Direct will be about what kind of Wii U titles and services Nintendo is developing. The Nintendo Direct will be airing tomorrow January 23rd at 2pm GMT, and 6am PT.

“This time, the plan is a bit different from a regular Direct, in that I’ll be talking about what kind of Wii U titles and services Nintendo is developing.”

Thanks, Jake

190 thoughts on “Iwata Talks Nintendo Direct”

      1. Amaya-Chan (

        May Nintendo be with you

        Lol, my Star Wars ripoof quote sounds stupid xD Yours is way cooler :p

  1. Awesome.
    The last few Nintendo Directs (besides Pokemon of course) were just reiterating Wii U or 3DS games in development.

    1. Amaya-Chan (

      Hey, don’t loose hope! :) I’m hoping for the same exact thing! Pokemon X and Y was a bit of a shocker, and Sakurai DID say he was going to start on SSB4 after he was finished with Kid Iccarus: Uprising, so hopefully some footage of some sort, or even a trailer, could be ready at this point! If not, then big titles like this may be saved to announce at the E3 Presentation! :D

    2. Smash bros is a mega money make and zelda always wins the audience over so I expect those two to be shown off at e3 with playable demos and also expect that one will be at the end of the conference as a surprise, if nintendo does this they will surely win e3 again, since Sony and Microsoft are going to announce there console sometime in may, and by e3 they’ll probably show the launch which won’t be that exciting but it will good… Beleive in nintendo as they always pull through :)

  2. Whoa. Well that amps up the hype meter just a bit. Looks like I’m getting up at 8am CT tomorrow morning.

    1. Amaya-Chan (

      I’m in California, so Im gonna have to stay up until 3 AM O_o either that, or set an alarm lol

  3. This could only be goo *spies a Nintendog* well at least it’s not *sees Miyamoto and a band of people getting ready to make some Music*

    Pleaaaase not those.

    1. Amaya-Chan (

      Me too! It’s so fun to stay up late and aniticipate what’s in store :D well, late for me because I’m in California and it airs at 3 AM here ^^; So worth staying up though!

      1. Interesting, since I’m in IL and it’s at 8am here. I think you converted the Japan one, and not the NA one, which is at 6am PST, or 6am in CA.

        1. Amaya-Chan (

          Yeah… I thought it said 6 Eastern time lol, my mistake ^^; Thanks! If I diddn’t double check, I would have been up at 3 for no reason lol

          1. I liked it, i thoight some of the tracks werent as good as older ones but still good, and some of the characters were just dumb, like the Queen Bee, but they put Rosalina in so theyre forgiven xD
            The problem i had was yet again, items being unbalanced and the blue fucking shell -.-
            Like…i get it, if you’re playing with people who arent as experienced, that sort of thing help, because it keep it at a fair level, thats okay. But in a single player race, i should win because im good, not because im lucky -.- otherwise i though it was really good, online was good too.

            1. I understand all your complaints and they are genuine. But still it’s just a really frenetic game and you can easily get 50 Hours+ of online play out of MK7 and the local multiplayer is excellent.

              You can turn blue shells off in the community that you have to set up or join , but in the next mario kart they should have a mode where the blue shell is just switched off but everything else is the same.

              In fact Instead of giving us item customization for online races , they should just pre set about different race modes , eg : Classic mode , No blue shell mode , Banana mode , No item mode , Green shell mode , Star mode etc etc etc… That would kick ass and regardless of what mode you play on , you have the same VR points for all modes..

            2. I really miss the battle mode were you had 50 levels with different obstactactle, mario kart 7 felt really rushed I mean it didn’t even have vs so I had to play coarses in order

          2. Mk7 is a good game I just think we need nothing but new courses instead of half of them being retro but that’s just me. Racing underwater does feel too slow though and the item balance is odd

        1. Yes I agree Mario Kart for Wii U will be awesome. But I think I could wait a couple of years for it. We just got MK7 not too long ago and I would like to see Nintendo focus on making franchises rather than just churning out the old favourites as quickly as possible.

  4. I think this will probably be mentioning system updates which add services such as a VC and stuff. I doubt they’ll mention full retail software, albeit Resident Evil: Revelations and possibly a few third-party titles whose Wii U versions haven’t been announced yet.

  5. OH, This is going to be an interesting Nintendo Direct of them all.

    Can’t wait to see what we will be getting out of this one. (Hoping for stuff like a potential EarthBound HD Collection, a new Metroid , that Yoshi Land game , a Pokemon HD like game in the style of XD, 3D Mario game in HD , and Super Smash Bros Universe just to name a few)

    1. but it is about Nintendo titles this time? I thought that was why it was “diferent” from the other N.D. Could be wrong though.

        1. More third-parties titles would be nice though. Nintendo cannot afford to go through another drought of AAA third-party titles like they did with the Wii. The launch lineup was decent and Rayman Legends looks amazing, but Nintendo is going to have to do a lot more to convince me that developers besides themselves are going to be invested in the Wii U long term.

    1. Meh. Not to be rude but I really don’t see why so many people are clamoring for a new Star Fox.
      The series decent but Nintendo has so many forgotten franchises that deserve a reboot far more than Star Fox.

      1. The only Nintendo franchises I could say deserve reboots would be Mother (Earthbound), Star Fox, and F-Zero, IMO.

        1. Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother!

          That needs a reboot the most!

      2. Thats very true but we have been waiting for a star fox 64 sequel for years. Miyamoto can do it again. The gamepad would be perfect for it especially having the characters talk on the gamepad or display the cockpit on it and the tv displays the arwing.

  6. Wii U Virtual Console announced with 2 gamecube titles confirmed for it, hopefully SSBM and Wind Waker, and for upcoming titles, I call Mario Kart U and Animal Crossing for the 1st party exclusives, more talk on Bayonetta 2, and for 3rd party GTA V and Watch Dogs. For miscellaneous stuff, I predict a better OS and a TVii patch that fixes alot of bugs and maybe some talk on 3D capability with the gamepad

    1. Also to add what I said, something huge like the next new Smash Bros, 3D Mario, or 3D Zelda will likely not be announced until E3

    2. Amaya-Chan (

      All that sounds pretty good! I’m personally hoping for some footage of the new Smash Bros :D Or just something related to it! I:D I’d love a new Zelda too, but if that was the case, it would probably be something either saved for E3, or not ready yet ^^; Who knows, though! Pokemon X and Y was a bit of a surprise!

  7. They will likely announce the wiiu is being discontinued and all their games are stopping development becaus,e Sony and Microsoft don’t allow shovelware on their systems.

    1. It helps keep our women stay fit, unlike the fatties that play 360 and PS. Everyone knows Nintendo’s female fans are the sexiest.

  8. Hmmm…this is ether a warning not to get your hopes up, or it is saying they will announce new games…

    I will still have low expectations so that later tomorrow I will be satisfied :)

  9. Revealing Zelda/Metroid/Starfox in a Nintendo Direct would be foolish, Better save the big guns for E3.
    I think revealing a new 3D mario, wario, yoshi, and even a new f-zero game would be a very good thing indeed.
    Or somehting like MArio Party 10 with online and all kinds of crazy new stuff.
    Just imagine mario party 7 on wii u…so many ways to play…

  10. Nintendo sees sales slipping. Bring out the big guns Iwata.

    Or he’ll just talk about panorama view, street maps, Everybody Votes 2 and virtual console.

      1. Did anyone ever use it? I have friends that have the Wii and they didn’t even know it existed because they always go straight to the games they have.

  11. Remember when the dude claimed that there will be a Nintendo Direct about Super Smash Bros 4 on January 31, along other things? I seriouslly doubt that Nintendo would show 3 Nintendo Directs in 1 month, further proving that the rumor is made up.

    …not that I believed it anyways. Way to early for SSB4, I expect just a teaser trailer E3 2013, then E3 2014 and 2015 will actually go in-deph of the game, with a holiday 2015 release.
    As long as the game isn’t rushed.

    1. Nintendo has done a bunch of N.D in the same month before. They announce when they WANT to announce not because they havent has one in a while or its too soon to do another.

    2. Nintendo is aiming for a 2014 release date for SSBU on Wii U. You forget Namco Bandai is assisting so with more people jobs can be divided up more there for speeding up development time. I still say the 3DS version could come out this holiday season.

      1. I never thought about the 3ds version releasing earlier. I wouldn’t mind that but if Nintendo releases its Japanese version Like 3 months before releasing to the states I’ll import it or see if a region lock is lifted with home brew by that time

    3. Its not early for smash bros because the n64 version to melee was just two years apart and that game has so much content and It came out a few days after the GameCube launched in the states. Brawl launched 5 years ago and the wii u version will most likely be using the same engine as brawl just with balance changes and new characters.

  12. I think what “Amy” meant was “They will likely announce the wiiu is getting more epic and all their games are having more development becaus,e Sony and Microsoft allows shovelware on their systems AKA Kinect Adventures and whatever they made for the Move”

  13. Amaya-Chan (

    This is like… wishful thinking on crack…. BUT what if Nintendo annonced a brand new, tottaly epic, IP????!!!!????!!!!! Yeah, I know its really unlikely, but just imagine it!!!! That would be SOOO cool! :D

    1. Unless Nintendo announce a new IP or drastically change one of there other IP’s (Or if they show off smash bros), what they have to make won’t interest me in the slightest.

                1. Tri-pod, Jellybean was just giving his opinion. Why did you give him a reply like that? Butthurt because he doesn’t support Nintendo 110% and is open minded enough to criticize them for their short comings? Some of you Nintendo fanboys disgust me.

                  1. Eh, Tri-Pods fine, I’m just happy he isn’t like the rest of the fanboys and start throwing immature insults around and then telling me to get cancer and die. I’ll give Tri-Pod credit that he said maturely and respectfully.

                    1. I agree, I’ve seen comments much worse than his. I just don’t understand why some of these idiots feel the need to bash every comment that isn’t completely pro-Nintendo.

      1. Amaya-Chan (

        Theres nothing wrong with stating your opinion if its not based on something immature or vulgar. And I’m mainly hoping for Smash Brothers, but I would love for Nintendo to surprise me again like they did with Pokemon X and Y :D

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  15. I don’t know why but Wii U directs tends to generate more views and opinions than the 3DS. Guess because the 3DS is dominating since it’s release, while the Wii U is still new and exciting and people want to see the potential, which it does have indeed. This is why the Gamepad is no way a gimmick compared to the Wiimote, in fact the gamepad is a innovation of something that no other video game company has done, which I hope that it does not get copied by Microsoft or Sony.

        1. There is a trend though, when it comes to Nintendo’s competitors and Nintendo’s new home console features, that’s all.

      1. Nintendo variations? Get real kid. Sony and Microsoft do not simply “copy” Nintendo’s products. They may borrow ideas from other companies, Nintendo being one of them.

          1. *your
            and stop saying that
            People want to express their opinions
            With that being said, I’m hoping this ND will have info on Yoshi Land, Miiverse for 3DS, Smash Bros, and if the planets align in the 6th hour of middle earth
            an F-Zero game

    1. Sony and Microsoft both have a patent for a tablet controller. Sony said no more dual shock controller. Sony will copy the gamepad. It will be the PSpad. Microsoft has there version to Valve was using it. Watch them call it the Xpad lol.

      1. Lol sure they will. Got hard evidence that will happen? Or are you just going by that rumour you heard on the internet?

        1. Its fact that both Sony and Microsoft have a patent for a tablet like controller. As for the whole Xpad and PSpad names that was me making shit up and joking. But it is also fact Microsoft has one. There is a picture a guy at Valve took where you could see a guy working at his desk with a tablet like controller but it had the orange and green XBL colors.

          1. They have THOUSANDS of patents. Doesn’t mean they’ll use them. Pro tip, don’t read any rumours on the internet, you’ll end up probably believing them.

            1. A photo is proof. As for Sony…history speaks for itself. As for rumors I am great at seeing which are bullshit and what ones are real. Like I said prior I’m wrong once per generation when it comes to Nintendo. But yah I could be utterly wrong about Sony and Microsoft. But we will see in time. One of us will be right and one will be wrong we can agree on that.


    on January 22, 2013 at 7:12 pm
    Steambox will pretty much kill off Microsoft, it will cut them in two the only people who will have an XBox will be some casuals and people who play COD and Madden. Sony will have Japan to fall back on and will still have presence in the US community but Pc Gamers will be less reluctant. Only console to be had will be Wii U.

    Playstation will probably copy Nintendo but they rarely improve anything, Dual shock is lame and control sticks are always more accurate on Nintendo consoles. PS Move also pales in comparison to the Wii Mote case in point being the port of Goldeneye 007

      1. Most likely, although i know Gabe would love to ruin Microsoft xD

        I never got into PC gaming because of the way it was designed, i like to just buy a console, and thats that, i just buy games and play them, i prefer that, rather than, having your GPU and CPU work together, having X amount of cores, what about fans, ect ect. Felt too much of a hassle and money. Plus PC exclusives dont really interest me.

      1. It’s a quote from a statement that was made by a poster earlier. There is truth to an extent in it. Not as asnine as Amy, Aeolus, Bill or the other troll academy graduates.

  17. finally.. after both the industry and the customers have practically begged nintendo to reveal some info about their upcoming titles so the platform has a little more to go for it they caved at last

  18. The fact that Iwata has stated that this will be a little bit different from ‘regular directs’ increases my confidence that this is not a main direct, and we will still get the Direct for 3DS and Wii U in mid-late February.

  19. Iwata could also be talking about the new IPs that Nintendo have in development. I hope they don’t show us too much though cause they’ll need to save some suspense for E3

    1. they need to show something now and not just a tiny bit… a lot of people aren’t buying a wii u because they don’t know what it will have to offer.. in the UK it’s failing miserably, both software and hardware wise, while the 3ds is soaring sky high there
      sure they can save some for e3, but it’s a long way off and holding back on details would seriously hurt wii U sales until then

      1. It is failing in the UK cause people over there love their damn Soccer more then gaming itself. And when it comes to gaming the only want COD and FIFA. Put a exclusive FIFA game on the Wii U and boom there yah go.

          1. FIFA 13 isnt an exclusive and it was stated the Wii U version is almost exactly the same as FIFA 12. Why? I dont know. As for the 3DS…I dont know people there bought it during the off season lol.

            1. why does it matter if it isn’t exclusive? it would still be a reason for a football fan to buy a wii U.. or are you telling me that every single football fan in the UK already owns either a ps3 or an xbox 360?

              announce some upcoming nintendo titles, talk about their features, show a bit of gameplay (which, judging by nintendos reputation, will likely look gorgeous) give a rough estimate of when they’ll be ready and i’m sure even the brits will jump up and down in anticipation

              they can still hold back on some details about these games for e3 presentations
              and i’m sure by the time e3 is here they’ll have new games or features ready to be announced

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  21. I hope they reveal something GOOD this time. Like Mario, Zelda, Animal Crossing on Wii U, more Pikmin 3 news, Smash Bros. news, SOMETHING. But I’m not getting my hopes up. Every time I do, I get let down.

  22. While I don’t want to get my hopes up, i’m thinking whatever big title they announce will be the game Retro is working on. They seem to have had the most time to make a big game considering their last game was released in 2010.

  23. if anything they will show off stuff that wont fit in e3,dont think retros project will show for a nintendo direct, probably be some big game from some other studios, to make lineup look a little stronger

  24. I hope they announce an OS fix update and a couple of new games plus release dates for Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, and Pikmin 3.

  25. So, a glimpse of the future, eh?
    I hope they discuss stuff we don’t know about, or at the very least unreleased details of known titles, rather than just rehashing future stuff that we already know most of the details about.

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  27. After hearing that they might reveal the Wii U eShop, I know that’s probably all this Nintendo Direct will be about. Nothing exciting AGAIN.

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