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EA Now Has The WWE License?


Rumours appear to be circulating online that EA now has the rights to the lucrative WWE license. As you probably already know, ill-fated development studio THQ used to have the rights to the franchise, but EA apparently picked up the license at the ongoing THQ auction. EA apparently managed to secure the WWE license last week, but has yet to make a formal announcement.

Update: IGN is now reporting that it’s Take Two that may have acquired the WWE license.

81 thoughts on “EA Now Has The WWE License?”

  1. So far, the only things that seem to be confirmed are:

    – Sega agreed to purchase Relic
    – Koch Media agreed to purchase Volition and Metro
    – Crytek agreed to purchase Homefront
    – Take 2 agreed purchase Evolve and
    – Ubisoft agreed to purchase Montreal and South Park

        1. Cody the Lustful Sly Cooper Man

          Ohhhhh GAWSH guyz!! Dis iz lookin so hawt I hope Sly Cooper will be in this game to wrestle and jive his tush! I’ll play az Sly every time if he is in da WWE game hohoh hawt <3

          hey, doez any1 wanna add me on MySpace? Let me know k tnx guyz!

            1. Yeah. I mean, even if it was just 2 player, the WiiU would just make it a better game, it’s all about co-op, offline and on. And if it was 4 player, you could have 2 on consoles, 2 on gamepad, it just seems to make more sense.

    1. Relic Is in good hands. I love me some Warhammer 40K dawn of War , that’s my favorite OD game. I used to collect Warhammer figures when I was about 12 and loved the epic storylines , So I always go back to Warhammer video games….

                1. Not really. There was a difference between Bayonetta and these titles. If it weren’t for Nintendo, it wouldn’t of been published, these games on the other hand, you know 3rd party publishers are after them.

                2. Oh and no, I wasn’t a fanboy having a whinge :P I don’t care that Nintendo has it now, I didn’t even like the first one xD

              1. So Nintendo should give up on a good opportunity for their business… for the sake of people who own machines that nintendo didnt make… thats why they shouldn’t? nintendo shouldnt profit from this because everyone else made different console decision or are broke ass shitless

    1. No, but they should, Darksiders could help them to take it off the stigma of them doing only “kiddy” games and not having or doing something for the “mature” gamers; and I know if they put little of the magic they use in the Zelda franchise they could make a Awesome game. Or they just need to buy it and let a third or second party to develop the game

    2. I only want them to pick up Darksiders.
      The rest of THQ’s game are meh, but Darksiders could do with being optimsed for jus one console, its kinda buggy seeing as it has to be on all.
      Plus it could be bigger and finally have the 4 player co-op people have wanted since someone said it was a game based on The 4 Horsemen

          1. The Darksiders series is pretty underrated though.
            In the end the game is at least far more appealing to the Nintendo audience, having similar ties to Zelda. PS3 and 360 owners simply don’t care as much for that type of genre, it would do better as an exclusive that was more optimised, and had more creativity, co-op ect.

            If people don’t like it, well, maybe they should buy more than one console.

            1. No offence, but you sounded like a massive fanboy just then.

              ” PS3 and 360 owners simply don’t care as much for that type of genre”

              What are you smoking? All I see 360 & PS3 owners talk about is how great the series is. It will be a sad day when Darksiders goes exclusive to anybody. I want it to stay 3rd party forever.

              1. The mass majority of them don’t, that’s why it regarded as so underrated. It got released the same time as Sleeping Dogs, and surprise surprise, that game got the attention instead. Great. Another open world GTA style game.
                And reviewers in particular didnt do it any justice.

                I mean i know people loved the series, i’m one of those people. I just see it having more potential on the WiiU. Same with Bayonetta, nobody really gave a damn until it became a exclusive, then the whole internet exploded, but Bayonetta sold terribly, which is an unfortunate curse for Platinum Games, but Bayonetta 2 is going to sell like crazy on the WiiU, and it’ll do better that the first one ever did, despite how good it was. And both of those games have a problem, they have performances issues depending on the hardware. The ps3 version of Bayonetta is quite bad, but as an exclusive, they can design it entirely around the system hardware, and give it the polish it needs, as well as making it better.

                Wasnt being a “fanboy”, i just want the best quality game, that wont get ignored.

                1. Well, I’ll stand by the fact it will be a sad day for gaming when it becomes an exclusive. Everyone should have the right to play the game. And don’t give me the “Oh buy more than one console” bullshit. I know some people who can only afford one console. I thankfully, can buy whatever I want, but saying a series that is probably up there with being one of the biggest 3rd party titles to become exclusive? No, that should NEVER happen. It should never go exclusive to ANYBODY. And I doubt Bayonetta 2 will sell well at all. It will be as successful as Bayonetta 1 IMO.

            1. Eh, Ubisoft have been a bit hit and miss lately.
              Rayman looks amazing, and Watch Dogs has potential, if they dont just make it mindless shooting, or GTA with a cellphone, but the AC series has fallen in my opinion, Splinter Cell looks meh, Ghost Recon FS was meh, and do they even make anything else?

          2. thekidnintendowiiman

            I second that, actually I’d like to see them to go to Warner Bros. while Ubisoft would just seem out of place, i don’t know.

    1. The Dead Island devs didn’t get Saint’s Row. Koch Media who owns Deep Silver, the publisher for Dead Island, acquired the developers of Saint’s Row, Volition, Inc.

        1. I wish none of them had to be sold and purchased. It’s sad to see THQ go under like this and so many employees displaced.

          That said, as long as their studios and IPs don’t get lost to the wind, I don’t really care who picks it up.

  2. I like WWE games, so now we can expect to have just the main eventers and RAW arena on the game, every extra wrestlers pack will be $9,99 x5 characters and the arena packs with 2 arenas will be $3.99, by the way Wrestlers come out without music, each wrestler’s theme is $0.99

    You are welcome. ;)

  3. thekidnintendowiiman

    Well, I was hoping THQ could do justice to the WWE games since the last good one in my opinion was Day of Reckoning 2 on the Gamecube, I don’t know how to feel now, EA might strip future WWE games of it’s features and make a game just like Day of Reckoning 2 or WWF No Mercy. Or they’ll just say fuck it and continue on what THQ was already going with and half-ass that attempt.

  4. Cody the Lustful Sly Cooper Man

    Ohhhhh GAWSH guyz!! Dis iz lookin so hawt I hope Sly Cooper will be in this game to wrestle and jive his tush! I’ll play az Sly every time if he is in da WWE game hohoh hawt <3

    hey, doez any1 wanna add me on MySpace? Let me know k tnx guyz!

  5. if Nintendo bought any of those it wouldn’t be the best thing that has happened to Nintendo, but it would be the best thing to ever happen to that company they just bought.

    1. True, no WWE game was more fun than No Mercy. But the thing I find odd is that I’ve never heard anyone say that it was the best for the reasons that I myself thought it was the best for. And that is the Royal Rumble mode (and how you could select from like 100 wrestlers. I forget how many exactly). Not only that, but being able to play a Royal Rumble with First Blood and Quick Match Submission turned on was a part of why I loved the Royal Rumbles so much. If the Royal Rumble mode (and these extra options) wasn’t in No Mercy, I wouldn’t have really thought it was all that special.

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