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New Monolith Soft Game Announced for Wii U (HD Trailer)

Nintendo announced that Monolith Soft has a new RPG project in the works for Wii U. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata wouldn’t give a release date for the game, but I suspect we will hear plenty more about the game at E3. You can watch the HD trailer for the game, above.

94 thoughts on “New Monolith Soft Game Announced for Wii U (HD Trailer)”

    1. Nintendo is really going after the core gamer . If not with Multiplats but with Exclusives.

      And Considering a PC satisfies the former , it’s a genius move. All they need to do is integrate a little bit more amazing multiplats a la Aliens colonial marines.

      I see the wiiu taking off and being huge. Around the time of Wii fit U , Monster Hunter Ultimate , Lego city and Pikmin 3.

      I could not be more satisfied with Nintendo.

      1. seriously, i have friends that want to buy a wii u, but they are literally waiting for march since a ton of amazing games are coming out from march onward lol. pretty stoked myself

          1. as soon as i breifly thought my wallet was safe from nintendo, they show all of these amazing games. hszdfzsadikasikdfakidh

          2. I definitely agree with that. That game easily puts away those ridiculous rumors about the Wii U being underpowered or on par with the current HD consoles. It’s almost gonna be scary to see what the next brand new Zelda game is gonna look like if that game is just a taste of what the Wii U can do power wise. Overall I was very impressed with this Nintendo Direct. The games they have coming out are gonna be bonafide smash hits but most importantly, their great quality games that are gonna be fun and innovative. It may be too early to judge, but I find it impossible for Nintendo to screw up or lose this year’s E3…seriously

      2. I seriously don’t even need Square to make Final Fantasty Versus anymore, this’ll beat it in everyway anyway. Monolith is the new Square.
        Xenoblade 2 ftw xD

      3. Also, Mario, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Bayonetta and this confirmed for E3.
        Sony and Microsoft are going to have a challenge impressing me.

          1. People go insane for Smash Bros. all they did was mention it at E3 2011 and the whole crowd went nuts.

            I’m fucking hype now.

            1. Think how this E3 will be with just a teaser or trailer of super smash. the crowd will go beyond nuts, the women will throw theirs bras at the stage while guys screams like crazy while tears goes down. just like a rock concert. He he maybe not but there is always a first time.

                1. That was probably the best moment to date in Zelda history(for me at least)…with the ‘ride of the valkyries’ playing in the background, and a whole army coming over the ridge?!? Oh..oh…ohhhhh…mmmm…yeaaaa………………..oh, uh, got caught up in the memory there *grabs tissue*, *hides lotion*…sorry about that…

      1. This is an mmorpg? Either way I can’t wait to hear more about this game. If it’s an mmorpg and you have to pay every month then yeah, that doesn’t sound very fun. But I don’t see many other people in the trailer? Weird.

        1. Well the other people are your team mates. Similar to how in Xenoblade you had multiple team mate, they’ll be oine friends. It doesnt seem like it’ll be an mmorpg like WoW, or Dragon Quest, but more like a co-op rpg

  1. This article is the place to discuss that N-direct.

    Like what the fuck Nintendo ? that was as good as an E3 in my opinion , it was 10 times better than Nintendo’s e3 2012.

    Wonderfull 101 – Looks amazing (dat slide)
    Bayonetta 2 – Platinum is not messing around and going for the full graphical shigang
    Mario Kart wiiu – 100 hours of your life gone
    3D mario – 100 hours of your life gone
    Yoshi Wiiu – Those graphics ? Looks amazing….
    Zelda wind waker reborn- 100% could not ask for any more right now .best thing ever
    New Zelda – 2 years from now or less we will have the best game ever on wiiu
    Shin megami tensei X fire emblem – absoloutly yes
    Monolith soft’s Nuclear bomb of a game – Seriously if you haven’t bought a wiiu yet , what the fuck is wrong with you ?

    1. Well cuz these awesome games arent out “yet.” But I hear ya! Once these games ARE out everyone will trample Target and Gamestop to get a Wii U lol!

    2. dude i mean i like nintendo but you take games too seriously you bought a wii u and you’re trying to get people buy it so it doesn’t fail and you don’t waste your money but really? posting on a blog won’t make anyone buy the game

      1. I’m not trying to get anyone to buy a wiiu retard , it’s called a J.O.K.E

        I’m saying , the announced games sound so good ,how could you not buy a wiiu ?
        Well done for pulling a negative slant on that though.

    1. Duh you stupid Nintentwats, Yarn Yoshi? So manly. In fact, if you were any less manly, you Nintenyearolds might have a shot at dating my boyfriend, but he only likes manly men that play real manly games. Have fun knitting, you little unmanly children, haha!
      ~ The Real Ballsack ~

  2. pretty awesome lol. can’t wait till e3 to actually see the new mario and zelda games in action…and smash bros….and bayonetta….and windwaker…..and monolithsofts new game….and whatever the hell retro is working on lol.

    1. I dont believe they said anything about the new zelda game being on E3. Iwata never said that all I recall is wind waker wii u will be coming out in fall

      1. well, they said something about a lot of the games they talked about will be shown at e3 but not at nintendo direct

  3. looking at the video the second time, I noticed that the scene showing “character design…” looked like it had a “chat box” on the left side. and it shows stats of the main player and other “players” (Player1, Player2, Player3 … a la Monster Hunter).

    sounds like this could probably be the rumored MMO that Monolith Soft is working on. otherwise it could just be a lot similar to Monster Hunter’s online features (co-op)… i hope it doesn’t end being too much like MH. but with title called “X”, perhaps this could be Xenoblade Chronicles MMO.

  4. EUREKA!!!!!!!!!! RETRO really need to make whatever they are working on epic, because monolith just transformed! Transformed into the new squaresoft and RARE WARE in one seating.

  5. It looks to be Xenoblade 2 because of the battle system, the Shulk look-alike at the end, and the environement. I’m really impressed with the mech battles and the upgraded visuals. Can’t wait for this title.

  6. XENOGEARS! That X looks exactly like the one on the Xenogears cover and the guy gets into a gear at some point in the trailer.

  7. This looks like Xenoblade with a little bit darker graphics. Sure, I loved the art style in Xenoblade, but either way this still looks freaking awesome! I can tell that it’s the same developers. Now, if it’s an MMORPG(there was a chat there), we’ll have to wait and see, but either way it looks AWESOME! If it is an MMORPG I just hope I wont have to pay every month to play… :(.

  8. Want. So much want. Look at how the char changed weapons from blade to gun mid-battle. Plus look at the mechs and the enemies, freakin huge. . .

  9. Oh my fucking god that was beautiful. I loved Xenoblade and this game looks even better. Best graphics I have ever seen.

  10. **Monolith’s new game looks like a mix of Xenoblade and Monster Hunter with Mechs!!! :D . . . I think I just jizzed on myself.

    1. They’re obviously taking their dear sweet time trying to formulate posts that don’t just make us laugh at them.
      That’s pretty much all they’d get out of any attempt to downplay all this great info at this point unless they really brought their A game.XD

    2. I can see their posts now……


      God…. I hate trolls

  11. HOLY FREAKIN’ CRAP !!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve been so excited about Fire Emblem coming out that I completely forgot Monolith was developing a game for the Wii U, although it was the only thing I was looking forward to for the console.
    It looks…a lot like Xenoblade Chronicles. And that’s a very good thing since we all know how great that one turned out.

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