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Zelda Wind Waker Reborn And New Zelda Coming To Wii U


It has been announced that The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker reborn will be coming to the Wii U and will be available this Fall. Nintendo also said that they are working on a brand new Zelda title for Wii U, though this is a long time off. Wind Waker reborn will feature overhauled visuals and new elements.

97 thoughts on “Zelda Wind Waker Reborn And New Zelda Coming To Wii U”

      1. Yes. The entire game has a single blemish and that is a tedious fetch-quest towards the end. Otherwise it is a perfect game.

    1. Yes, you should. But it all depends on how you feel about the other Zelda games of course. This is one of the best in the series.

      1. Ive only ever played Ocarina of time 64 and 3D, plus the NES titles. It looks amazing. Was there any news on whether this would be digital download or physical release? or both?

        1. I would imagine both, I want physical release, but the rate things are going these days there will be digital too. So I would say both! :D so excited!!

          1. Im certainly hoping for a Physical release also. Having the ability to take it back if your bored, and some extra plus’s really makes it worth it.

    1. That was BY FAR 10 billions times the best Nintendo direct yet.

      Awesome wonderfull 101 footage
      Bayonetta 2 sounds epic
      Beautifull Yoshi game
      3D mario
      Mario Kart
      New Zelda Game
      Windwaker Remake HD
      Shin megami Tensei X fire emblem
      Monlith soft – nuclear bomb of a game

      And more ….. That was too much :D

      1. Like, i was godsmacked at first, but then when he got in the mech, and flew around the world in real time, and you could see everything in the distance, and then he used it to fight and as a land vechile, i’m literally speechless

            1. Well, on paper, the Wii U has more graphical capabilities in almost every sector than any previous console. It’s no PC, and it will probably be outdone by either the “NextBox” or “PS4” (don’t know what they’ll actually be called), but it is still able to produce some beautiful virtual worlds.

      2. I agree. I mean, at first, i was kinda ‘woah this is disapointing’ when no gamecube was spoken about, but it was made up for, definately. Cant wait to play Mario Kart U, 3D mario, yoshi land u, legend of zelda wind waker *dances of saying more titles*

        1. Yep the first 15 minutes it was miiverse which we already knew about and some party game. I was like U mad Nintendo ? then they just dropped a big Nintendo shaped Nuclear warhead.

  1. It looked stunning in those photos.

    I’ll be getting it.

    I did play it on GC but I didn’t finish it. Only Zelda game never finished.

    Would have prefered to see the new Zelda game, but this will do nicely in the meantime.

    1. To put it short Mike S , Windwaker on Gamecube is one of the most beautifull and best games ever made and was an absolout must play game on Gamecube. Now you’re getting a Full remade graphics version which looks like one of the prettiets games Ive ever seen.

      For you and me and everyone that is a AAA wiiu exclusive must have. In the same way Ocarina 3D is for 3DS.

    2. It’s in constant battle with A Link to the Past as my all-time favorite Zelda game. That ending…soon to be in HD…

    3. Wind Waker is my favourite Zelda.
      Nothing has come close to it charm, music, visual design, characters, it’s just awesome.

      1. All I know is that I have a lot of games to buy this year and very little cash. Rayman, 3D Mario, Wind Waker and Mario Kart. Not to mention possible new games that will be revealed at E3. My wallet will hate me this year, but i’ll find a way to pay him back.

      2. I completely agree. Very few people I know disagree and prefer Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess, but I loved Wind Waker. It’s story-line, characters and visual style is just purely magnificent.

  2. Totally Awesome.
    Can’t wait till WW HD
    Now I’ve a dilemma on choose what I’ll buy first: a 3DS XL or a Wii U

      1. not right now, but now its starting to look good for the future titles, mine kinda just been sitting there, so i wouldnt say its amazing right now but after today its worth to buy it

  3. I’m just glad I get a Zelda Game this year. Thank you so much Nintendo :’) Made me so happy and so much happier that theres 2 now

  4. I never got a chance to complete the original wind waker, but this is promising, and better is the new upcoming zelda! This, the new mario and mario kart, wiiu vc, and now smash bros, Nintendo is back! And its kicking asses and taking names!

  5. Oh!!! With The Wind Waker Remake I Am In For A Treat Because I Never Played The Origional So Now I Get To Experience It First Hand With Beautiful Graphics!!! ^o^

  6. I need a Wii U now there was nothing really holding me back before but this mmmm I need this. As a huge fan of LoZ I missed out on gamecube cause my brother refused to let me play it. Not anymore. This is all mine. I will be playing this forever <3

  7. Hope they release more Gamecube titles in HD! That’s better than just reselling them via VirtualConsole :D Super Mario Sunshine HD!

  8. I had a very big grin when this was announced. The last time that happened was with the Luigi’s Mansion 2 reveal…Before that was on the Super Smash Bros. Brawl release date.

      1. No it doesn’t, it looks like overbloomed, upressed shit comparable to past practices of the current gen visuals. Wind Waker was a timeless fucking classic by the very visual style they chose for it. This actually looks like it would have fit in Nintendoland as far as visuals go. Not to mention you can see the textures on objects such as rocks and whatnot have awful detail to them.

        As far as everything else goes, they basically took the game and neon’d the living fuck out of it. I’ll play the original or run it on Dolphin if I’m fishing for HD, thanks.

          1. something tells me you thought skyword sword looked good, oh and that gamespot review was the only good and truthful review for that it only deserved a 7.5 for a zelda game.theres a lot of people who wont even play who usually would.

        1. It looks like they’re changing the cel-shaded style and making it look more like an impressionist painting. Visually it reminds me of the art style of Tangled. It has a hand-painted aesthetic, not “awful detail” in the textures. It does look overly bright but I’ll reserve my full opinion until I see it in action…

  9. As much as I love wind waker, I’m hoping that the remake will be the zelda cartoon style game and the brand new zelda will be the full HD experience like the tech demo we seen at E3.

    1. I will personally be pissed if they give us anything less than the tech demo for the new game. A WW remake is fine. There are much better Zelda games to remake, but whatevs. I just hope that that laziness doesn’t carry over into the amazing new nonlinear game. But hey, they didn’t have to give us a Wii U remake at all, so I’ll hold off on calling them lazy for now I guess.

      1. Yeah I feel the same, thinking about it a majoras mask remake would have been amazing or even a link to the past.( brought up to the graphics shown on WW, that would be a entirely new game by just doing that!)

        As they mentioned the tech demo, I think they know it has to be that good! I’m just eager to see what they do as so much can be done, do any dungeon in any order perhaps? Give it a full world and give it a mmorpg style gameplay? So much potential to put the series in a new way

  10. I love Wind Waker. But I’m not really excited for this…maybe because it doesn’t really need an HD remake. I’m trying to imagine how different the visuals will look in HD.

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  12. Though I love Wind Waker, personally I don’t think they should have remade it. They should have spent the effort on a Majora’s Mask remake. Also, between Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, I’d say the Wind Waker graphics looked better. The Twilight Princess graphics looked ‘muddy’ and unpolished; probably would have been a better candidate for a remake.

  13. Hows the replay value on this game? If i play this on gamcube first, will I still enjoy the wii u remake? I have ocarina on 64 and 3ds but wasnt dure if I should buy the gamecube version of wind waker.

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