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LEGO City Undercover “Would Lose Something On Other Platforms”


LEGO City Executive Producer Loz Doyle has told the Official Nintendo Magazine that the game just wouldn’t be the same if they brought it to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Doyle says that the game fully utilises the Wii U GamePad and that the experience just couldn’t be replicated on other home consoles. From what Doyle says it’s extremely unlikely that LEGO City Undercover will come to other platforms in the future.

“LEGO City Undercover would definitely lose something on other platforms. Chase is actually given a LEGO version of the GamePad as his Police Communicator, so it’s really woven into the story.

“We started with a massive array of ideas [for the GamePad] but in the end we focused on it being a police device. The map is really useful to have on at all times rather than in a small corner of the screen, plus you receive video calls from different characters.”

37 thoughts on “LEGO City Undercover “Would Lose Something On Other Platforms””

    1. LOZ man, ya heard? cant wait for this game, its going to be so damn dope! man, ya heard?? the real street shit, Everybody from every hood bang yo’ head. man, ya heard? Recline yo’ seat, rewind this heat, man, ya heard?

    1. Actually, people of all ages, who want a different experience than the aim and shoot FPS games that have been shoved down everyone’s throats lately, will buy it.

        1. lol why would you embarrass yourself by letting everyone know you’re the “real bill” if i were you, i’d pretend i wasn’t bill. you should pretend to be someone of actual importance/usefulness, rather than stupid useless old bill whos a terrible troll and a debt to society.

            1. Right. I tried some Lego games lately and some of them are pretty good, in both art, sound and level design. Pirates of The Caribbean is my favourite. It´s easy to play, humorous and there´s a lot to unlock and complete the game, so well worth the price.

                1. That is not me, you fucking retard. I am not the only person in the world who thinks the Wii U is a pos for unmanly fangirls.
                  ~THE REAL Bill~

                  1. Wow, look I’m so manly for playing Xbox. Look I’m shooting computerized figures. Okay I understand you’re hardcore now that you’ve found fantasy in playing Xbox. Lol, what a fag. Tough computer geek huh? Lmao

                  2. Btw Billy, there’s no point in you trying to compete for Aeolus’ spot man. You can’t compare, he’s most stubborn when it comes to exchanging views and opinions, he’s earned it. You haven’t put in that work yet, you just a troll soldier man. Keep trying though.

                2. I hope this is better than lego star wars… they don’t always get it right -___-. This one looks solid and I’m looking forward to the vehicles. The voice acting’s funny too.

                      1. VuVuTheGreat seems to be able to look into the future because he already knows what Disney has done with Star Wars -__- Remember, Disney is the company that did the Avengers. One of the best movies of 2012!! I bet the Star Wars films will be fantastic.

                      2. Ermm, Episode 1, 2 and 3 certainly werent awesome.
                        Disney made The Avengers and JJ Abrams is directing Episode 7. I see no lack of awesome there.

                        1. thats what I thought. disney making starwars might be weird, but it can’t get any worse than what george lucas himself did to starwars, so…

                      3. And on a technical side you dont have to pussyfoot around each system being diferent, so you can make the game overall better

                      4. This will be the second game that has the main character having their own gamepad in the game (zombiu is the other). I hope this doesn’t become a trend. Most developers don’t know what to do with the gamepad yet. So I can foresee them all saying just make the character have one in the game and using it to scan stuff. That will get old fast. I want developers to be more creative with the pad, Don’t just use it as a scanner or a menu or a map.

                        1. Yeah, your way of thinking makes the Wii U lose AAA titles. Those types of developers are into making a game with good graphics(and somtimes good gameplay) NOT an innovative experience. Feeling like they have to utilize te gamepad in some interesting way will make the Wii U seem less attractive to devs.

                        2. Calm down, this is just the second game in four months that use the gamepad like this. If you try Nintendoland you will see that there´s lots of different things that can be done with it. Check out gameplay videos of Rayman Legends to see another take on the Gamepad usage.

                      5. It’s a good thing that Nintendo and TT Games (owned by WB Games) have done a spectacular job in making Lego City: Undercover. And when it’s released in two months, it’s gonna be a “block” buster to play the role of Chase.

                      6. This is the best thing you can say of an exclusive! Because it means that it more than just a business deal what made it exclusive in the first place. Same thing for Rayman Legends, it was multiplatform but then it became too good on WiiU

                      7. Funny thing: I’ve lived for Lego’s inspirational playsets for almost my whole life, and I’m totally gonna buy this game.

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