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Donkey Kong 64 & GoldenEye Dev Leaves Microsoft For Sony


Veteran Rare developer George Andreas who helped develop critically acclaimed games such as Donkey Kong 64 and GoldenEye 64 has announced that he is leaving Microsoft and has joined Sony this month as creative director of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Andreas also helped develop Kinect, Kinect Sports 1 and Kinect Sports: Season 2 as well as Xbox 360 launch games Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero.

125 thoughts on “Donkey Kong 64 & GoldenEye Dev Leaves Microsoft For Sony”

    1. Shut up weakling Nintendo baby. You no nothing about the gaming industry. The people at Rare probably threw a party when found out they no longer had to work with Nintendo.
      ~The Real Bill~

            1. Unmanly Nintendo fanboys seem to be awed by my precense and choose to copy me to feel better about themselves. It is not my fault those retards choose to do it, Nintensheep.
              ~THE REAL Bill~

            2. @mojojojo888
              Well, the one way I can identify the troll “Bill” is how he always calls everone and everything UNMANLY. It’s probably a childhood trauma he has when he was molested by his manly daddy as a kid. So now he feels everything should be manly. Or something pathetic like that.
              Seriously, I’d love to see these trolls pushed down into a giant mud puddle in the middle of the most crowded day where everyone could point and laugh. They’re a joke to the internet.

      1. Love how you write we know nothing about the gaming industry n the idea of rare members happy about leaving Nintendo when before in a Q &A thy said how they’re a shell of their former selves

      2. Bill you do realize that ex-rare employees said they would have stayed with rare if the company wasn’t bought by microsoft. Once again Bill, you are wrong, or whichever Bill is the real one.

      3. Actually, they were devasted. That’s when the company “Retro Studios” comes into the story. Most workers from the original Rare congregated to create the BEST thrid-party developers in history.

      4. You are aware that Rare offered Nintendo the chance to buy their company and that the most of the good people have either left or join Retro Studio.

      1. I find Sony the worst. Their fanboism is unmatched, they are by far the most aggressive.. Sony just upgrades a processor and then doubles the price of their console and throws it out onthe market and their fanbois cheer like its the best thing in the world. No innovation, no new ideas, no gameplay changes, just a faster system “Here you go”

        I don’t see the draw for either a Microsoft or Sony system…. is it only the graphics? because if it is, my PC smokes anything on the market today, in fact will still be faster than either box Sony and Microsoft will put out.

  1. He was the last developer from Rares golden age left working at Rare, and I’m glad he is leaving. Microsoft was really wasting his talents.

    1. True xD

      It’s safe to say though, all the sane people on here like either Microsoft or Sony, or PC gaming as well as Nintendo, so news is news to me.

      1. I know right! I come here for nintendo news but I also like microsoft and sony. There are very few gamers, I think, that only stick with 1 company! Except of course a few notable people on this site. I won’t name any names, you know who you are!

  2. So, Nintendo make him do DK 64 and Golden MoFo Eye 64 and Microsoft put him to do Kinect Sport games… what a waste of potential, Sony, you better not throw this golden [eye] opportunity.

      1. Creative director of GoldenEye and Donkey Kong, yes yes yes.

        Kinect shit, Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero, no no no.

        Unless Sony puts him to work on games that are actually good, and he can actually make them good, then its just Sony wasting money to me -.-

        1. Little big planet and jack and dexter would be amazing he worked on them or maybe even gravity rush or maybe they should put him on little big planet karting 2 so then he can fix up so many mistakes the first one made, oh this is great Sony can get som rare developers since basically all the rest r now working at retro studios working on that secret title which I’m hoping will be like metroid prime but be a completely trilogy on its own

          1. Long as Jak and Daxter goes back to its roots or is at least playable, im all for it, Jak 2 and 3 were shit.

            As much as id love a MP4, seeing a MP trilogy is my favourite series of games ever, MP3 being my #1 game of all time, id like them to take something like Star Fox, just because it needs a reboot and new ideas, same way MP was.

            1. Star fox is the likeliest i mean would nintendo release star fox 64 3d for no reason, nope to me I I think there trying to get people to feel how star fox will play, tho I reall would love to see a metroid to maybe not part of the prime serie but a brand new like metroid: contamination something edgy it would suck if nintendo just put a u on

  3. And of Course Microsoft Don’t Give a Shit as Usual. I feel sorry for all the Developers Under Microsoft. T^T

  4. Kinect, Kinect Sports 1 and Kinect Sports: Season 2 as well as Xbox 360 launch games Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero

    I dont want him.

        1. Cheers , I was subliminally aiming that comment at you aswell How fortunate it seems to of made it’s way to your eyes.

        2. But he’s right?
          The game was in development for the Xbox and Gamecube. The game looks the same as alot of HD ps2 platformers, except some of the lighting and textures are slightly better than those games

          1. Launched as a 360 game; making it a 360 game, not some bullshit like “upscaled Xbox 1 game”. By the way, the term to be used is “up-res” not “upscaled.”


            1. This coming from the same guy who comes on a Nintendo site and says ‘hurr durr, the Wii U is an overclocked 360, with crappy 360 ports’, but when a game that was in development for previous generation systems gets called an ‘upscaled 360 game’ makes sure that he sets the record straight…

              Welcome to Hypocritical Logic 101. I’m Aeolus, and I will be your professor for the semester…

                1. Ya,just like the Vita….

                  But then you’ll start saying”who was talking about the vita?”, or “the vita has games!”.But yes it does have to do with it and the vita has even worse games then the Wii U.I bet you don’t even have a Wii U,and if you do,then show me your Nintendo I.D!

                  But you still won’t answer because your hairy,mud-flap ass is slowing you down.Now shut up and leave.

            2. The core point here is that it was not a good game. Didnt look good, or play well. yknow, youre bullying, name calling, and senseless whining aside, that point remains unchanged, you useless fuckstick.

  5. I’m glad he’s leaving Microsoft. Not because Microsoft suck or anything, but because they limited his creativeness. A person who is noted for such great games should’ve never been left to make Kinect Sports games. Sony seem to understand that though with his new position there.

    1. The company was made up of people. It was made into a great development company by those people and those who facilitated thier creativity. When is was sold to microsoft it seemed thier creativity was stifled and regulated to crappy projects resulting in the people who made the company/studio great leaving rare and microsoft, dork.

      you’re welcome.

  6. Hello, my name is Bill and I like to share my uneducated opinions and show people how insecure I am of my masculinity.
    ~The Real Bill~

        1. It’s ok because all of your posts said the same thing: “blah blah blah, i am an idiot” the words otherwise were meaningless.

  7. Sad he couldn’t join Retro studio instead (like Grant Kirkhope…if I’m not mispelling his name), but Sony ain’t bad either.

  8. Just hope Sony unlocks rare’s talent since microsoft locked it in a cupboard to make stupid kinect titles. Please sony, make good games with rare’s power!

    1. just want to point out that the ONE guy that went to sony was just one member of the old Rare team and does not mean sony now owns rare or even a majotiry of the team rendering it completely impossible for them to “unlock rares talent” rare is still in microsoft. The original member of rare who made it great are no longer with rare or microsoft or even together at all.

      you’re welcome.

    1. Ewww Dude you got some serious issues i honestly didn’t know they were that bad but… NOTHING TO SEE HERE FOLKS this is the Tipical Behavior of a Xbot and Ponystation fan :)

      1. Its the typical behavior of an idiot lol. I have yet to see a REAL XBox or sony fanboy act this badly. I haven’t even seen a nintendo fanboy act this badly either. This guy has got serious issues.

      1. So, you got drunk, posted some embarassing thing about yourself and now you’re in the state of denial?
        Don’t be afraid to admit it, just be honest with everyone as well as yourself.
        But you should be careful with alcohol, I’m sure your parents wouldn’t approve of you over-consuming that much at your young age.

  9. microsoft will die there so uncreative, no exclusives milking the only franchises they have in one generation, 4 gears of wars, halo, steam will kill them, sony has so many more exclusives, microsoft killed there only creative 1st party and that was rare, and now they will die

    1. I actually agree with you. This is why I’ll always prefer Nintendo, Sega (though they are out of the console business), and Sony over that god awful Microsoft. They are good when it comes to computer software, but are awful when it comes to their consoles, IP’s, and Rare.

  10. The only good games he’s worked on was GoldenEye. Dunno why he would go over to sony though. do they need some desparate shovelware too? They already have enough

    1. Sony pushes out new IPs every year and a ton of them get overlooked. I suggest that they step up their marketing 10-fold if they’re going to experiment with any more new IPs.

  11. Ooo, Kameo’s a really good game…at least for kids and teens. Probably wouldn’t be very interesting to adults. Oh well. It’s still awesome.

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