zen_pinball_2In Japan, the first free-to-play title to hit the Wii U is Namco Bandai Games’ Tank! Tank! Tank!. In the UK, however, Zen Studios’ Zen Pinball 2 is the the country’s first free-to-play Wii U title. Starting later this week, consumers in the UK can download Zen Pinball 2 for free from the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. Downloadable content for the free pinball video game will be priced at £2.39-£7.99. Also hitting the Nintendo eShop on Wii U today is the digital version of Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition, which costs £49.99 to download.



  1. That’s pretty awesome , I have Zen pinball and Marvel pinball on 3DS and they’re excellent for playing on the go. I’m downloading this right now!


    • Ever since I was a young boy,
      I’ve played the silver ball.
      From Soho down to Brighton
      I must have played them all.
      But I ain’t seen nothing like him
      In any amusement hall
      That deaf dumb and blind kid
      Sure plays a mean pin ball!


  2. Now Nintendo is as low and pitiful as Apple. Both companies are such fake unmanly gaming companies. All you Nintenbabies need to get a manly gaming PC and buy Valve’s manly library.
    ~THE REAL Bill~


  3. Go away Free-To-Play -.-
    It’s such a cheap money grabbing system.
    You’re supposed to play a game, and get more stuff by playing it, thats why we play games, thats what drives games forward. Not play this piece of shit game thats good if you buy your way to being good. Gee, how swell, buying my way to being good at the game -__- might as well just hire somebody to play it for me.
    Can you imagine Metroid, but you have to buy all the items?
    Free to play is a scam.


    • With something like Metroid it would suck but I reckon it’s okay with something like a pinball game. I’d happily pay £2.50 for an unlockable pinball table. I mean, in this case at least, I’ll probably spend less than £20 yet get as much enjoyment as I would from a full price pinball game. I may have fewer levels but I’ll enjoy a higher rate of the levels I have.


  4. Wow, there’s some full blown retards on here…

    The game looks pretty sweet tho, I can’t image a pinball game selling normally so using a dlc approach prob would work best


  5. I read this exact News on NowGamer almost word for word. I’ve checked the U.K eShop three times now and it’s not there. Where is the actual source/proof that says it is available to download today as i’m feeling a little dubious about this claim myself.


            • fanboy, you must like shit and your insults are sad, farfetched, and you are in denial, nintendo wont publish anything, bring anything and makes companies like xseed take a fucking risk, bring shit over, gamestop made the deal with nintendo for xenoblade, gamestop is the only reason we got that, nintendo deserves hate, not blinde hate, like most faggots, truth, they dont listen to fans help there system with good games nothing, every one i know fucking hates skyword sword, they didnt want people to know there was a better game, or something, if they pull fucking shit like this in this generation every one that has any common sense should fucking leave, i will, and this is coming from someone who LIKES nintendo the best, and this is why nintendo of AMERICA sucks, im not going to buy a system just for fucking mario, they think thats good enough, that every one will think, hey another fucking mario game, wow nintendo, marios great, everything else is fine and you clearly give a shit like you used to in snes days, now it seems to switched and europe is the good ones, oh yea what about that vc, oh yea fans want wiiware, shovelware, are you so much a fanboy you cant see this, i win, keep up with insults and what not, and say this is lies, because there not


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