The next edition of Japanese gaming publication Famitsu will apparently ‘lift the ban’ on information for a very popular title. The news publication wouldn’t hint which game they’re referring to, but as always, there’s plenty of rumours on the internet speculating about which game it could be. Which game would you like to hear more information about?

“The ban on information for that popular title will be lifted.”



  1. I heard Retro’s game was supposed to be announced last year, so I’m thinking that those that know what game it is are not obligated to keep it secret any longer. So I’m thinking a Nintendo Direct may announce it before that period expires.

    An Admin on forum I frequent had signed something not to reveal said title, so I’m guessing it will be time to announce it.


  2. Because the logo looks like One Piece text, it’s probably Project Versus J since voting for characters ended weeks ago and it might get an October release.


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  4. Hope to every God of every religion that it’s some kind of Mother series for 3DS. Probably the game with the most speculations and talks ever in the history of anything.


  5. Man, does this Famitsu magazine come out weekly? It seems like I’m hearing something new about Famitsu every week or so.

    The only news that would make me VERY happy is EARTHBOUND (and coming to North America)! But I know I’m dreaming.


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