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Konami “Absolutely” Considering Releasing 3DS Castlevania: Mirror of Fate For HD Platforms


Konami’s UK studio boss David Cox has told CVG that the company is seriously considering releasing Nintendo 3DS exclusive Castlevania: Mirror of Fate for HD platforms. Cox said it is all dependent on sales of the Nintendo 3DS version, which comes out March 5th in the United States. He revealed that they created everything in the game in high-definition, and then simply shrunk it down for the Nintendo 3DS. Would you buy the 3DS version, or wait for the inevitable HD console version?

 “We created everything in high definition – all the textures, all the levels, high-poly models, everything – and we kind of shrunk it all down into the 3DS.”

“Then we lost bones from characters, you know, we dropped the resolution of the textures and everything to make it fit. At MercurySteam we have an HD version of the game sitting there in a computer somewhere.”

“We want as many people to play it as possible. Obviously we have an exclusivity deal with Nintendo right now though and they’ve been very supportive of the product.”

39 thoughts on “Konami “Absolutely” Considering Releasing 3DS Castlevania: Mirror of Fate For HD Platforms”

  1. Aren’t they suppose to wait awhile before they can start to say that it will not be an exclusive after it was announced as an exclusive.

  2. Well that didn’t last long.

    Long as you put Lords of Shadow 2 on WiiU, then sure, why not, otherwise, its basically complete bias.

        1. I see that the goal keeps increasing after that last one is reached. Very sneaky. Is that supposed to entice people to sign?

          I agree with the goal of 20,000, though. Considering Konami has already expressed interest in the port, that should probably do it.

    1. You stole my post!! I was going to keep people informed about the Metal Gear Rising:Revengeance petition :( Oh well.

  3. So in other words, wait till the HD release.

    I thought Konami couldn’t get any dumber, but here they’ve proven me wrong.

  4. Well, this is like NBA Jams again, I passed on the game for the same reason. Sorry, if you think this sounds like a spoiled Nintendo fan, I just don’t like liars and won’t support them. If they clearly intended to have the game as non-exclusive game and stated as such, then I would have bought it.

    1. well it technically IS exclusive… for a limited time. They do the same thing with pre-order bonus’ like bonus characters and stuff. You can eventually download them at a later date.

      1. NBA Jams or Castlevania, both were talking making a version for another system before the game actually came out. If they said nothing it would still be exclusive. And again if they just said hey we made for all systems and 3DS gets it first, or one of many other scenarios, I would still be buying the game.

        So message to developers don’t treat your costumers like fools. Or we will just buy something else.

  5. They shouldn’t have said this. Now I may hold off on purchasing. However, Konami should focus on porting Metal Gear Revengeance and Castlevania Lord of Shadows to the Wii U!

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  7. This is such crap. They can port this to other systems but they refuse to port for Lords of shadow to the wiiu. Konami is really ticking me off, kind of like ea is. The only problem is I love there games.

  8. Fuck does no game development company have respect and honor their own word anymore? Seriously before a game comes out announce what its for and stick with it.

  9. The only thing I want from Konami is a frickin Yugioh game on Wii U or 3DS. 3D monsters would be cool. But a Wii U version you could have the cards in your hand on the gamepad to free up space on the TV.

  10. I’m glad Dave Cocks was dumb enough to acknowledge the fact that they will probably port it over to other systems. Saves me money now that I won’t buy it. I hate the stupid LoS universe and I hope Konami will pull the plug on Dave Cocks and team and give Castlevania back to Koji Igarashi.

  11. I’m sure that legally violates the exclusive contract that Konami and Nintendo made. He insinuated that he will bring the game to other HD systems. This David Cox should be sued as that destroys the perception of exclusivity and thereby costs Nintendo sales. Also David Cox is against the Wii U and blatantly stated that no Castlevania Lord of Shadows is coming to Wii U. Nintendo should sue David Cox and Mercury Steam.

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