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Nintendo President Doesn’t Think Cloud Gaming Is The Future


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told analysts during an investment question and answer session that he finds it strange that people think cloud based gaming is the future. Iwata believes that cloud gaming is held back by the inherent latency that comes with it, and he thinks that action based titles would genuinely suffer the most. Here’s his thoughts.

“A cloud is an attempt to process information online on a server, as opposed to doing so on individual machines in the hands of the users.”

“What this implies is, since the time to transmit data over an internet connection is never negligible, there is always some latency before you receive the result of your input.

“Of course, there are types of games on which delays have no effect. In such instances, it may perhaps make sense to have an input means as well as the ability to display images at hand and let all the information be processed on a server. On the other hand, for some highly interactive games, action games in particular, the time required to reflect the push of a button on the screen is critical and the frame rate (the number of times a screen can be updated in a given second) determines the fluidity of the movements.

“This means that there are some types of games that can be put on the internet and others that cannot. By the laws of physics, it always takes some time to transmit data, and given the current level of internet technology, there is bound to be some latency during the processes of a server receiving data, producing images instantly and sending them back.

“There are many things that cloud gaming cannot do by design, but this fact has not been communicated well to the public, and I find it strange that many people claim that cloud gaming is the future.”

49 thoughts on “Nintendo President Doesn’t Think Cloud Gaming Is The Future”

    1. Fuck you. Iwata wins. I agree with everything Nintendo does and their philosophy. I am continuing to be their fan. I don’t need western dogshit.

      1. I agree with you, the thing is, you would need to have a server on each country per say, or on strategic areas of the planet so everyone who plays on the cloud can experience the game with minimal latency or ping. It’s no use to have someone play in south america for example with a server hosted in japan, the latency is huge (at least for modern internet yet). If sometime in the future the internet have a type of technology where there’s virtually no ping, then be my guest.

    2. he´s done since Wii! a huge freaking mistake for true gamers, the sales doesnt matter with the quality of games we found on it like Dora or Barbie games (i knw it has good games but come on)

  1. What he says is true, until we have internet speeds that are so good across the board that the latency is impossible to detect.

    1. Google internet.

      Its only a matter of time my friend, regardless, i dont want cloud gaming. I want my physical games to remain.

      1. Yep, if only we had that now, where I am 1Mb download speeds are seen as good, rural areas getting half that quite often. 1Gb in comparison is like a dream.

        1. Dont worry, the FCC is expecting to make 1000Gbits/s a standard within 6 years, so by the time the next Gen Hits (the one after this one) we should be good, plus google has a 6 year deal for $300 one time fee.

          Thats an amazing deal

          1. It’s no use if you have 1000Gbits/s if the latency is bad, you would need servers close to the people, having better internet connection doesn’t give you less ping.

    2. Even whit 100gigs of speed cloud gaming is not very appealing. Down servers, maintenace and the climate can and they will damage the gaming experiance also lets not forget pricing, none of the companies pushing cloud gaming have said game will be cheaper.

  2. Can someone please explain to me what the heck Cloud Gaming is? I’m seeing that word everywhere lately. And everyone seems to know what it means except for me.

    1. Having your game uploaded into a cloud so you dont actually have to download rather than streaming remotely
      Iwata is right
      I live in a country where having a good bandwidth is almost impossible
      as long as this and other country have this issue, the cloud gaming is not a viable way to sell games

    2. You just stream games to your PC/Console
      So regardless of your PC/Console’s Specs itll be able to run the likes of youre SKYRIM, GTA5, CRYSIS, ect, ect.

      The downside is that if your internet connection is slow, the game suffers, Think of it as Netflix, but gaming.

      1. Ugh! It doesn’t sound like something I would like. Simply because I HATE the concept of downloading games instead of purchasing physical copies. My desires and needs are extremely retro.

        1. cloud gaming is way to advance for its time, its not ready yet. the reason why onlive die is because the people don’t have high speed internet yet. so yeah cloud gaming may end up been good in 10 years for now but in this time.

          1. Yup, i really hope sony succeeds with Gaikai, i have a feeling itll be implemented in the PS4 and as you said, Cloud gaiming is to ahead of its time.

    1. I will not mind has long that is not me that has to pay the internet bills. If they want us to play there way they should give us the proper service.

  3. you have a thin client with low performance and the games run on remote servers. the game-frames are calculated by the servers and will be streamed to your client via the internet (‘cloud’). everything you do (keyboard input, mouse-clicks..) will be sent to the server.

    since everything is going through the internet, there will always be a bigger latency than on a local machine

  4. Good. Even if we got to a point where internet speeds and connection were good enough, amd cheap for the consumer, it dont want it, i like to own my games, not the equivalant of gaming youtube.

    1. I completely agree. I have maybe 20-30 games on my shelf that I haven’t played since I lived in England over 4 years ago. Most are older systems, but I just like the thought of owning something physically. Something I wouldn’t ever get with cloud gaming.

        1. I wouldn’t really know. I only got the Wii and PS3 for the 7th gen, because I don’t really like the exclusives on it too much.

          1. Have you played skyward sword? Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2? I love them a lot. Replay replay replay thats all i do with Mario. But zelda has expert mode. I dont really understand twilight princess but i am almost done with it. You have to try them. As for PS3, well you get all the final fantasy you want (jealous) and there are zelda-clones like journey etc try them. Exclusives define consoles. If you dont like exclusives then you havent tried hard enough to find what you like (for example kirby is an exclusive for Wii but i dont like it but i like zelda, etc)

            1. I’ve got pretty much all of the exclusives for the Wii and played the hell out of most of them. I stopped buying Final Fantasy after the recent drop in quality and most other Sony exclusives don’t really interest me. I just don’t really like Microsoft exclusives at all.

  5. It will be the future, in about 15 years time when everyone has Internet speeds which can handle streaming games. Maybe Japan and the U.S will get it to a limited extent, like the Onlive, but it won’t become mainstream for a very long time.

    1. Agreed. My shelf is packed with Gamecube, PS1&2, GB, GBC, GBA etc. even though I never play them because frankly, my Wii is now for my mum to play Wii Fit and I don’t have anything to play PS1,2, or any GameBoy line games. They just make my wall look so fabulous. Especially the top shelf which has my 10 favourite N64 game cartridges along the top.

  6. I agree with this, I would never play cloud, these are bubbles… fake.. if something happens to “them”, you will loose everything.

  7. It’s not yet time for Cloud Gaming to take to the forefront.
    But when our tech is up to the task of making it work just as good as physical copies, you can bet that The Big 3 will all have their own versions of the service to use, just so that nothing else can overtake them.

  8. Big latency?
    What the fuck were you thinkin?

    VDS 100000 is too good to show that and I have five different Wifi connections to bridge them for higher speeds.

    Saying cloud gaming has noticable latency is like saying Wii U games run like slideshows…….wait wut.

    1. The majority of the world has internet speeds of 3mbps or less. No where near good enough for cloud gaming. Not to mention that cloud gaming will not give me that wonderful feeling of something being mine.

  9. not everyone have a fast internet. Cloud gaming main reason is so people can’t sell back games to stores and lend them to friends

  10. I love nintendo! They say just what i want to hear, and they dont lie. Their games are so much better and have different styles each time. Sometimes i feel that Zelda is like a family. I never can use cloud storage games, because i live in a desert with slow internet.

  11. Yes and no. I understand his point, I don’t think every game is suited for “the cloud”. But try telling me a game like Backyard Monsters, or any other multiplayer game for that matter, could survive single-player.

  12. I used to be a huge supporter of cloud gaming but Iwata has me convinced it is not right for the next generation yet. I can’t wait to see what new and innovative ways Nintendo is going to be pushing the games industry next gen. It blows my mind when I try to think about it.

  13. I agree with him. Cloud gaming sucks. It particularly sucks in view of how not all countries are at the same level, broadband-wise. And in each country, not all regions, it essentially locks out certain customers. The people claiming cloud gaming is the future are the people with super-fast high-speed broadband connections, probably right to the provider rather than to an exchange.

    One could say “Well, the internet can get faster in the future.”

    Yes, except that in some places, they still only have dial up or satellite broadband available. There’s a point where idealism must give way to the fact that certain locales /even within the US/ are stuck with technology from the early 90s, 15 to 20 years behind. And the market will not ignore them. Take Apple, it doesn’t ignore the less well off by pricing its products the way it does. Rather, the less well off simply ignore it. They still have every opportunity to buy and use their products, not so for things which have no physical component, like cloud gaming. But those gaming companies will not want to miss out on these people, for they are numerous. Particularly in Japan where home-console gaming is dominated by physical media. There will always be physical media. Pity the PSP Go didn’t see that.

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