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SEGA Confirms Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Will Hit Nintendo 3DS This Month

sonic_&_all-stars_racing_transformed_nintendo_3ds_box_artThrough its official blog, Sega has confirmed that the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will be released this month. The racing game, which launched last year for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360 and Wii U, will arrive on Nintendo’s latest handheld console on February 8th in Europe and February 12th in North America. The Nintendo 3DS version includes StreetPass challenges and allows for up to eight players racing against each other via Download Play. To view screenshots from the Nintendo 3DS’ version of the game, go here.

25 thoughts on “SEGA Confirms Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Will Hit Nintendo 3DS This Month”

  1. I personally don’t see this game touching mk7. I played the wii u version and the items and tracks seem boring. Maybe it’s because Im a Nintendo fan and never got into any sega games :(

    1. wii u version is supposed to be a crappy port anyways, but i thought sonic racing was really good and here this one is better, it takes a while to get used to it, but when you do its fun, a break from mario kart, but ill get this when it drops price for 360. all sonic games i have are for it, seems like a sonic console, to me than others

      1. The ports perfect IMO and I loved the game more then I have mario kart for the wii. So I say its a impressive mark for a kart racer. Not sure about this version though. Not sure if I would get it since I already own the wii u version.

        1. honestly Mario Kart Wii was the worst of the series, Double Dash, Mario Kart DS, and Mario Kart 7 were MUCH BETTER

      2. Don’t know where you get your information “Wii U version is suppose to be a crappy port anyways.” The game is not a crappy port at all. I have had more fun with S&ASRT then any other Wii U game so far… and I own 6 games!

    2. i agree. and not only does it lack characters as iconic and characters found in mario kart, but the tracks, controls, and items are just barely not good enough in comparison to that of a mariokart game. it’s not a bad game by any means, but it’s also no mario kart.

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  3. The one for Wii U seems okay at best…but it’s nowhere near as fun as a MArio KArt game…
    What I also don’t like is that the music is just consistent even in Final Lap…
    It should either be faster or using a different variation of that music…

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  5. Am I the only one that feels like every racing game lately is a Mario Kart wannabe? At least, racing games like this, or other Kart racers.

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