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Famitsu Confirms Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge Will No Longer Be Exclusive To Wii U

ninja_gaiden_razor's_edge_screenshotThe rumor that Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge was going to hit other platforms is true, according to Japanese video game magazine Famitsu. The action-adventure video game, which is an enhanced version of Ninja Gaiden 3, which was released in March 2012, will be released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge launched alongside the Wii U console in November last year, and it was even published by Nintendo in Europe and North America, but the game will no longer be exclusive to the publisher’s latest console.

176 thoughts on “Famitsu Confirms Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge Will No Longer Be Exclusive To Wii U”

    1. Antidisestablishmentarianism

      Hold on so because the game was not published by Nintendo in Japan they can port it there?
      Can they port it here?

        1. Not necessarily. Depending on the contractual agreements between the publisher and studio, the IP holder can have the final say. Games have changed publishers in the same region before. For example, Mass Effect was published by Microsoft at first, then went to PS3 after a while. No More Heroes was published by Ubisoft first on Wii (in North America) then went to PS3 published by Konami. It happens from time to time.

          This was just fairly fast.

          1. Well, as far as I know, Nintendo ponied up the majority of the dough for all of the improvements that went into the state-side releases of Razor’s Edge.[do correct me if I’m wrong on that]
            In that particular case, wouldn’t it be Nintendo who has the most rights and the highest say, since they’re the ones that paid for the publishing fees and changes to the game?

    2. Tecmo probably had to pay a break up fee to Nintendo.

      Who knows. The details of the contract is not made available to the public.

    3. Nintendo to release a console that isn’t 7 years behind the curve in terms of specs and capabilities?

      Or for Nintendo to stop relying solely on odd new controllers when the ones we have already work great?

      Or both?

      Just guessing here.

    1. IKR ? It’s a sick joke to people who bought NG3 on ps3 or 360 lol!!!

      But yeh , people stop crying FFS!!! It was NOT PUBLISHED BY NINTENDO IN JAPAN!!!

      Anyway , i have the game now on my Wiiu and it’s awesome! And it probably isn’t even coming to 360 and ps3 in Europe or America.

        1. I don’t know :S ….. It’s not that Big of a deal anyway. At least it’s on Wiiu and I am playing on the game litteraly right now :P

  1. And for people who already have the game, all features and parts of the game exclusive to the wii u will be sold as a DLC pack for psn and xbl

      1. You have some high hopes that Team Ninja is keeping the polished turd trapped in Japan, they could easily find a loophole to release it as something else.

        Doesn’t matter either way though, because the game sucks.

  2. What I don’t get is didn’t Nintendo help fix the game? Making them the publisher or something…meaning its Nintendo game? Seriously though I’m so sick of developers breaking exclusive games cause of greed for more money. What a fucking insult to gamers.

      1. I understand. Still I can understand how some fans of Nintendo are upset with this news but I’m sure Nintendo knew this would happen

  3. WTF! Nintendo invested in these enhancements. Why would anyone buy this on Xbox 360 or PS3, when they already have their version??

    1. to rip of people, and im curios how online will work with two games been the same, imagen dumbassess (cough cough aeolus)buying the wrong one.

      1. I buy quality games, not shit games. The difference between me and you is that you bought a shit console with shit games, while I bought /good/ gaming platforms with good games.

        You also have a shitty avatar, which is probably not too far off from what you’re like irl, a geeky little shit. :P

          1. PhAeolusNess is a disease that is contracted from hooking up your “playstation” to a dirty “x-box”! Go wash yourselves…dirty pigs!

        1. Aeolus I have a question
          Why do you act like an asshole to people who like Nintendo
          You think it’s your job to stop letting people have opinions
          Why do you linger around this damn site if you don’t like Nintendo?
          Let the people have opinions you fuck.

        2. I used to come to this site under a different username a few months ago but i stopped bothering and recently I made a new account and wow you’re still here lmao don’t you have anything better to do you’ve spent like 6 whole months trying to convince people not to buy the Wii U or whatever is it really that important?

    1. if they do that then this is another 3rd party i will never support again.
      capcom (wanabe Americans= what kill their IPS)
      EA (take a wild guess)
      konami (only Castlevania ill buy but other nah)
      Activision (if BO2 does not get DLC im done with their BS)

  4. So what they are saying is if Nintendo helped Bayonetta 2 come to fruition by becoming it’s publisher, Sega can go behind Nintendo’s back and release it for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3? I hope I’m wrong on this one…make it not be true…MAKE IT NOT BE TRUE!!!!

      1. Not in this case when nintendo doesn’t really have big third party titles. Xbox has theirs and Sony.This will get beyonetta fans to buy a wii u now if they want to play it.

        1. I doubt it will , It turns out the wii u is a current gen system and bayonetta fans won’t waste their money on an overprice Hunk of junk.

          1. Bayonetta fans won’t bother, Kamiya already alienated them. Only the Wiitards will make it sell an extra 3 orso copies, but they just buy first party games rather than third party efforts.

            Bayonetta 2 is sent to die. Didn’t fair that well on two platforms and it won’t do any better on a failing one.

            1. Bullshit.
              I’m a Bayonetta fan and I’m going to bother.
              I know an entire community’s worth of people who feel the same way on multiple sites.
              Take your doom-&-gloom elsewhere and quit stalking my posts, ya freak.

            2. 1. Pretty sure Kamiya’s always been pro Nintendo, they guy wants to make a Star Fox.

              2. Bayonetta 2 “fans” that were “alienated” should be ashamed of themselves, and actually be thankful of Nintendo for actually making the game exist in the fucking first place, Kamiya didnt alienate anyone, SEGA, Sony and Microsoft did.

              3. Bayonetta 2 is getting alot more hype than the original, and what was it you always say? Quality > sales?

              4. Failing system?
              So over 3 million in 2-3 months is failing? When the 360 could even get that in 6 months?

              “Oh Nintendo lowered their predicted WiiU sales, must be failing”. Yeah, because its not like that didnt happen with the 360 and ps3 /s

              The main word is PREDICTION, since their last prediction, Rayman, Pikmin, and other titles have all been pushed back and delayed, those games alone would cut expected sales. This stuff happens all the fucking time, game releases, economy, ect all fluctuate and change, all the time.

              You’re the biggest fanboy moron i have ever had the displeasure of reading.

            3. Yo Phaeolus, go watch some Sailor Moon to help with your Bayonetta deprivation! Oh, plus I heard you kick ass at Cooking Mama! Keeping secrets from us, aren’t you? Shame, shame, shame…..

      2. I regret to inform you that your troll-pass has expired! So take your demands and go have your tantrums on another forum! Ness…my ass!

        1. I think they just own the rights to the character though, it’s not like SEGA actually want anything to do with Bayonetta, they’re just hanging onto it to make a bit of money.

    1. People dont look at the bigger picture it is true Nintendo helped them but it also means that to get out of the deal whit Nintendo tecmo has to give something perhaps a multiplat that wasnt coming to the wiiu?. Also if konami wants to bring the 3 ds castlevania a similar thing will happen.

        1. I don’t think the platforms have been announced for that game yet, have they? So it’s entirely possible the Wii U will get it along with the other next-gen systems.

  5. dont you all see that the only future for the wii u are Nintendo games…for third parties expect to see them work for next playstation or xbox instead of that not so powerful wii u. I bought a Wii U and seriously love it but i know the only good games i will get on it are games made by Nintendo and i only hope they will make a lot but not too much i dont want same mario again and again like they did with new super mario bros u

    1. Rayman Legends
      Lego City
      Shin Megami
      Collaborations with Capcom and other third party developers and the idea that they want to work with a wide range of third parties to make new content for the system

      Yeah, all that Nintendo /s

      1. Not really, only a complete retard would think it is. Just probably would of helped if they put “In Japan” after it.

    1. The PredicTOR knows it all. Thanks playa. In conclusion, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge is Wii U exclusive in North America and Europe and published by Nintendo of America and Europe. But Razor’s Edge is published by Tecmo-Koei in Japan for all three platforms– Wii U, PS3, and X360.

  6. I don’t know who it offends more, Nintendo gamers or gamers in the other 2 consoles who already bought the game.

    And if by some imba reason they manage to port it to EU and NA…fuck Team Ninja.

  7. I won’t be surprised if it comes to the states and europe, but right now, it’s only for Japan that this is happening, apparently, so state-side trolls are still sitting on their own thumbs this time.

    Having said that, though, I feel sorry for the poor gamers who wanted a Wii U for this but couldn’t afford it, so it’d be nice to see them get this version of the game for themselves to play on a console they already own.
    I do not, however, hold any sympathy for the haters who bitched that this version wasn’t the one they got in the first place and decided to hate the Wii U for getting it.

  8. I can’t believe you idiots are still supporting the wiiu, i just cant get over it, this site it like looking at an accident, its sick, but you have to look.

    The wiiu is a flop, perhaps one of the top biggest flops in gaming history and you all are supporting it.

    1) its proven its under powered, so in the long run no third party support will come to to it, nintendo alone cant publish and finance enough games to make this console worth while, and third parties dont want to dumb down their games because it costs money and their is little returns as must intelligent people dont want dumbed down ports.

    2) the wiiu can run most current gen games, but where are they? very few games are coming

    3) even exclusives cant stay exclusive because developers know they wont make any money on the wiiu.

    4) the xbox and play station simply are going to be leaps and bounds more powerful than the wiiu, nobody will want this under powered uninspired pile of crap once they are out, hell nobody wants it now but a you all.

    It makes me sick that people are defending nintendo, they ruined their brand, reputation, and credibility.

        1. the only thing sadder than a fan boy, is a fan girl. :( good luck with your house-full of cats in he future, amy. :(

      1. Fans = people who enjoy the games but also enjoy other systems
        Fanboys = people who defend everything a company does and trashes everything else.

        Sounds a bit like you does the second one.

    1. It is funny how you call it a failure when it so far have sold more than both 360 and PS3 during the same period of time. I can see most of you not calling the PS3 a failure when infact it was a freaking failure when it was released. Ofcourse the Wii U games will sell less than the PS3/360 games, it is only natural as a very small part of the gamer comunity owns the system, do not expect the PS4/720 to sell any better at all during the first period of time after release.

  9. You evil little cun* I cant believe you have the nerve to preach to use about self respect and pride. You dont have any for supporting companies who make unspired games like sony and microsoft. You are right, the wiiu will probably have poor third party support, but so what? if we like nintendos games and it is worth it to us, then whats wrong with that.

    You troll here putting us down constantly, its pathetic!! Your the one who makes me sick for putting people down simply because they like a certain gaming console.

  10. You need to stop playing your under powered console capable of maybe sega master system graphics and get laid, ohhhh wait your nintendo fans so getting laid is a fantasy. Instead go enjoy your fat plumber who is after and underage princess you perverts

          1. The joke here is that you’re a Nintendo fan, which by default makes you part of the gaming market nobody cares about.

            Now bend over for Reggie as he tells you to.

            1. then why are you here in the first place? Does in that make you a nintendo fan if you come here everyday in by default you are lower than us because of your stupidity. Plus your opinion does not even matter here and you still try to act like your comment=fact, but in reality is your comment=shit.

        1. So you’re calling every Nintendo fan a pervert and hating on nintendo fand for supporting their favorite company on a Nintendo site?
          You’re an idiot with way to much time on your hands.
          Your on a site for Nintendo news
          Go back to your games you enjoy so much on other consoles, oh thats right you get more pleasure from wasting your sad excuse you call a life preaching to random people how much nintendo is for perverts.

          Get n or get the fuck out bitch.

    1. MARIO KART REALLY!!!!!! what a horrible game, I bet if your parents knew how your are spending your money they would either disown you or file for conservator of your money since you obviously lack the ability to make reasonable decisions.

      1. what I think you all should do is stop buying from nintendo of american and import from europe or japan. NIntendo has decent games sometimes, but not in american. NIntendo of america is for babies

        1. Nah, Japan has the goods for the most part. But Nintendo’s greed region locks everything, making it a futile and expensive endeavor for importers.

          Region locking literally only helps their wallet, not the consumer.

          1. Yeah, all those Japanese games i cant play on my console….
            Oh wait, doesnt matter, because 99% of people in my country cant fucking speak/read Japanese.

    2. Well that’s the arcade one, they already did a Namco and Nintendo Mario Kart ages ago, they’re pretty cool.

      It does raise the question of could Mario Kart be an example of Nintendo working with other third parties like Namco, to expand the series, that is frankly, getting stale, despite being fun.
      I’m love them to make it more like Sonic All Stars, where its still called Mario Kart, but like Mario Kart and Friends (i know, its stupid name but you get the point xD) where 15 characters are Mario Kart ones, but they throw in Kirby, Link, Captain Falcon, Samus, Fox ect.

    1. That article was debunked already. The pictures are stolen from Neogaf, and everyones said that the article cant be trusted, and they’re judging it based on only looking at about 30% of the chip.

        1. why would he butthurt when he said wii u only need 30 percent of it power to play current gen game, when ps3 and xbox360 need 100 percent to play current gen game. the other 70% is for next gen game.

  11. so they think that after the first title failed miserably (and i mean miserably) on the other platforms now they’ll magically make everyone buy it?

    seriously how stupid can you get

    1. Yet it became a cult classic of this generation.
      The problem with Bayonetta’s sales was this:
      1. 360 owners dont, or didnt give a fuck.
      2. The PS3 version has a bad port and put people off
      3. The game was weird and unapproachable, and had a female protagonist, unfortunatly, gaming community is still quite sexist, although less so over the few years.
      4. It got released in January…nobody has money in January.
      5. Know what else got released in January? MASS EFFECT 2. That game outshadowed EVERYTHING, Darksiders got released the same both, again, very overrated and didnt sell that well. When you have to pick out of Mass Effect 2, Darksiders, or some weird Japanese game with a girl who has guns on her feet, i can take a bet on where everyone went.

      Bayonetta 2 however, is getting noticed, people know it was massively underrated, people are intersted in it. I mean, Kamiya got death threat about it being a WiiU exclusive. And you know what they say, bad publicity is good publicity. Pretty sure there’s interest in the game.

      1. HAHAHA, really?
        Someone was so butt-hurt that they actually sent Kamiya a Death Threat over it??
        I hope there’s an article you can link me to for that. I could use the laugh.

        1. Yeah, Google it. That really happened! Some of the people had their accounts deleted from twitter because of it. It was all over the gaming media. There were even ps/ms fans embarrassed by the display! The thing is Bayonetta 2 was proposed to both of them and THEY turned it down. Now Nintendo comes along and sees the potential…EVERYBODY PISSED! Oh, stick a cork in it!!

        2. Dead serious, google it (cant link keeps sending me to the mobile site -.-), but yeah, they full sent him death threats about it. Fucking atrocious.
          And you wonder why people worry about video game violence.

          1. Okay, so I’m looking at these posts on some of the articles that google dragged up, and I’m just ASTOUNDED at the amount of rage going on here.
            Everything from death threats to entitled anti-Nintendo trolls trying to lecture the Wii gamers about how it feels to miss out on multiplatform games.

            I’m trying my hardest not to laugh till I cry over some of the absurdity I’m seeing, but it’s not working.XD
            I mean, are those REALLY the kinds of gamers that consider themselves a part of the “Mature gamer demographic”?
            I just….wow……
            Some of them rage so hard that they put our own resident anti-Nintendo trolls to absolute shame.XD

      2. um i wasn’t talking about bayonetta… i was talking about ninja gaiden 3.. which this article is about

        and it was released in late march

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  13. Considering people who own the other platforms already bought the suckier version. Wouldn’t think they would try their luck again.

  14. I hope people read this.

    Its probably for the fans, after all NG3 got horrible reviews(still better than CoD: BOD take that aeolus) and the fans pretty much hated it. While NG3 RE got okay reviews. Techmo knows this and they probably would like for fans to remember their love for the game. That jusy what I think.

  15. Tecmo Koei=Crapcom. Seriously, what a rip-off! I would be seriously pissed if I bought the original crappy Ninja Gaiden 3 to have Tecmo Koei shit all over me by saying they are going to be releasing the Wii U version now. Screw you Team Ninja!

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  17. Glad to see more people will be able to play this one. I can’t help but think that we’ll have to watch them act like the PS360 versions are so good after shitting on the Wii U version (which they never played). Leave luck to heaven.

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