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Nintendo And Namco Team Up For Mario Kart Arcade


Nintendo and Namco Bandai have announced that they have teamed up together to bring Mario Kart back to arcades in Japan. The new Mario Kart game is titled Mario Kart: Arcade GP DX, and is due for release in Japan sometime later this year. Mario Kart: Arcade GP DX appears to take inspiration from recent Mario Kart titles including Mario Kart 7, as it also includes gliders. Other modes listed by Namco Bandai include a single-player Grand Prix mode, two-player Co-op, “Clone Battle” mode and a competitive mode, which will support up to four players.

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45 thoughts on “Nintendo And Namco Team Up For Mario Kart Arcade”

      1. I am going to go out on a limb also and say Luigi and Donkey Kong might show up in some form or fashion…..oh I said too much. Better run Nintendo police.

    1. You won’t find anything for Wii U version until E3 which is probaly June. This is still kinda good though because the arcade game is pretty fun.

        1. And you obviously missed several mentions of The Prime Saga being concluded after 3. Besides the secret ending can lead to an entirely different Metroid game that isn’t a part of the Prime Quartet. Why are people so quick to forget Prime Hunters. You already have 4 Prime games.

            1. Lies and Slander. Play Super Metroid, and Zero Mission. The Prime games are great but Metroid Prime 1 was the perfect one of the quartet after that the saga went downhill.

            2. While I agree that Metroid Prime was a great series… it’s just a name. Everyone asks for Prime 4, but as far as story telling goes, it’s over and it would be kind of boring to bring back Metroid Prime for Metroid Prime. I’d much rather see a First Person Fusion Sequel where Samus gets exiled by the Federation for ruining their plans.

          1. Hunter’s story had nothing to do with the origional prime trilogy, plus the story was pretty awful and campain was easy as an automated pie machine. It did, however, have a fantastic multiplayer though. Well, at least until the hackers invaded :(. I would like to have a gamme that actually makes a Bounty Hunter of Samus. It could feature multiple. missions and co-op, reference old metroid games, have a multiplayer with more characters including the MPH ones (because trace is badass). In in fps, because Samus deserves dual anologue.

  1. Epic! I wonder how you can navigate the gliders since the last MK Arcade game with Namco had only a steering wheel and gas pedals. I hope the steering wheel is movable like the 3DS’ circle pad! :)

  2. I predict it will use NFC enabled cards for save data, allowing people to save their stats, and that these cards will be compatible with both the arcade and a home version on Wii U.

          1. are you calling ME a troll? im not really a troll, i love nintendo and i like xbox aswell. Ive justed hated playstation since the 2nd playstation, it felt kinda boring after they started stealing things. the thing that really pushed me over the edge was the playstation move, i was actually condsidering buying a PS3 before that.

  3. AWESOME! The first two Mario Kart arcade games were fantastic (only beaten, in my opinion, by 64 and 7) and I can’t wait to see some more again. The courses seemed more original than the ones in the console and handheld games and there’s always a fun factor that you can only get playing an arcade game.

  4. It’s crazy how I’ve been trying to put Mario kart gp2 on my wii for the last couple of days and then I see this news.

  5. Imagine if Nintendo and Namco-Bandai releases Mario Kart: Arcade for the Wii U and Mario Kart: Arcade 3D for the 3DS… Mr. Iwata and Mr. Miyamoto, start printing them money!!!!!

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