You have all heard the numerous rumours online that a Sonic announcement is imminent. Well, recent internet speculation points towards the game being Sonic Adventure 3. The game was meant to be revealed for current-gen and next-gen platforms on February 2nd and February 3rd, but this never transpired. You may remember that Sega registered six Sonic Adventure 3 domain names back in July, leading many to believe that Sonic’s next outing is Sonic Adventure 3. Hopefully Sega will announce something soon so the speculation can be laid to rest.

“Got word that Sonic Adventure 3 ships by the end of this year, they might change the name but that’s what they’re running with now.”

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  1. Sigh…. It never ends, does it? THIS GAME IS NOT SA3… Let it die, and may God have mercy on it’s soul. SA3 is never coming out, deal with it. Not in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and most certainly not now.
    The closest thing the universe will ever have to a Sonic Adventure 3 is Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, so there.


  2. While a Sonic Adventure 3 is nice, I would like to see something new and not based off a “name” just to make a comeback. I feel the gameplay should have a little bit of the adventure games, but with the flaws fixed and a mix of the recent games. The game should start a new generation of future Sonic games.

    But if it is a Sonic Adventure 3, I won’t complain. :) I do not care what they name it, as long as it is great and long.


    • We haven’t seen a Sonic Adventures game in a VERY long time. It would feel almost brand new. Also, its been sooo many years so they are bound to make the gaming experience completely diferent so it wouldn!t feel like they are simply regurgitating old games again. I Hope It Is SA3!


  3. Please please please. I have nothing against the new gameplay styles, but if this is Sonic Adventure 3, please make it like the gameplay in the adventure games.


    • SHUT UP U NINTENHOAR! There are plenty of great sega games other than sonic. And even then, the dark age of sonic has passed.
      Shadow the hedgehog, 06, dark knight, there all gone. Segas not going into any coffin. it’s just arises from it, and it’s back with great sonic games. Unleased daylight segments (though night sections was a flawed but fun beaten up), colors, 4 episode 1 and 2, rush and rush adventure, generations, etc. Sonic adventure 2 was the third greatest sonic game to me (first was. Sonic 2, then. Sonic 3 and knuckles) and I’m happily looking forward to 3. So stop only kissing Nintendos ass and see how great other companies like sega are.
      Geez, sorry for the rant. I like Nintendo and all, but whenever I see a comment saying “SEGA is doomed!!!” it hurts me inside as much as it hurts u guys when u hear “Nintendo is doomed!!!”


  4. Prepare you selves for Feb. 20. My warriors will take over this website in celebration of the announcement of the vastly superior PS4.


  5. Well we actually already played SA3…….. & SA4 The Story of SA2 got continued with Sonic heroes, the story of Heroes got continued with Shadow the hedgehog (I know it’s not a “Sonic” game and opinions about it are mixed).
    If it would really be Sonic Adventure 3 then they should just scrap the 2D to 3D gameplay style and make it like they did with the other two adventures. But one thing they “just have to” continue using is the boost feature but this time make at least ome stage where we can finally run at the “true” speed of sound.



  6. Sonic Adventure 3? GADZOOKS, The Royal Wings are flaring…my body is ready!

    This game is relevent to ones interests – SEGA, we decree you make this so…you’ve left this gamers pondering the future of this game for the longest time…it’s time to show your hand!


  7. If they make a SA3 I hope it is a lot like SA2 and not Sonic and the Secret rings. I thought that was going to be a great game, but I got tired of playing the same course 5 times before going to the next. Most Sonic games suck and i think it is because Sonic is naturally fast and can be difficult to design 3D platformers for a character that is fast. Sonic 2 and SA2 were the best sonic games.


    • …..why would it be like SATSR? That6 game is 5 years old and they haven’t used it sense. If anything, it will be the Unleashed/Colors/Generations style, which works perfectly fine.


  8. They use Sonic Adventure 3 for a lot of codenames. Sonic Wildfire (which later became Sonic and the Secret Rings) was supposed to be Sonic Adventure 3 and then Sonic Unleashed was also supposed to be Sonic Adventure 3 to continue the story. Also Shadow the Hedgehog could be considered Sonic Adventure 3 since it is a follow up to Sonic Adventure 2. The truth is the actual Sonic Adventure 3 may never happen but will be codename for spin-offs. I do hope that one day Sonic Adventure 3 will come out however because I really enjoyed Sonic Adventure 2.


  9. Hunnid P (the rapper behind all of the music for knuckles stages and his theme) says that he is working on a new sonic project. I feel hunnid p wouldnt be coming back to sonic unless it was sa3. Why would his vocals be absent from all of these sonic games, but appear in this one sonic game? This is borderline proof that this is sonic adventure 3, but you know the works, sega could just surprise us all with something everybody has been asking for like “Big the Cats Fishing Tour”


  10. Guys, even if the next game is called SA3, it will not have similar gameplay styles as SA1 and SA2. SEGA has spent years refining the modern Sonic formula we know, they wouldn’t throw that all away. The most I think we’ll see that’s related to SA series would be a chao garden and maybe multiple characters, but that’s it. Which I am perfectly fine with. I much prefer the newer Sonic games to the adventure games.

    Also let me ask you this, would you even want SA3? Think about it, you’ve had 10 years to imagine what could possibly be in SA3 and imagination is always better then real life, and with 10 years of dreaming about what the game could be, you’ll just end up disappointed. It will be Sonic 4 all over again.


  11. I think a lot of people forget one thing that would, beyond a shadow of a doubt, establish a Sonic game as SA3: the Chao Garden. The only 3D Sonic games to have Chao Gardens are SA and SA2, which would technically make them synonymous to the Adventure games. When another 3D Sonic game has a Chao Garden, THEN I’ll believe it to be the true Sonic Adventure 3.

    And personally, I hope this is it. I hope the wait is over.


  12. Every time I hear about a new Sonic game, I feel frustrated. Because I always wanted to be a Sonic fan, but I just never could because I always hated the looks of Sonic games. But he’s a cool character.


  13. are sega even good enough to make another adventure game, the first one is garbage now just look at the reviews, but the second is still great and it improved in almost everything, so if they made another one it would have to match the series in how good it is, they wouldnt want to ruin it, and people say they cant make sonic games as good as they used to, your full of shit look at 4, kinda like zelda isnt as good since windwakers one, twighlight and skyward sword both sucked prior to the other ones, skyward sword being worse, so i hope sonic and zeldas next game can kick ass like some of the older ones,


      • they are good but the n64 ones and windwaker are better, i cant explain it skyward sword was to linear and was more bland and twighlight princess was really open but had absosutley nothing to do, like the field and also thought they werent as fun, something tells me your not to old but maybe not, just try playing the older ones and see what you think


  14. oh blah blah blah. While you horrid children of death are busy arguing, I’ll be playing SA3…. IF it’s done right and has a chao garden, NO boosting gimmick, 6 playable characters and a GOOD story unlike the crap we’ve been given since unleashed.


    Death to the Haters.


  15. I have an idea!

    Sonic and his friends cpuld be trapped in a place called dreamland, sometimes your dreams come true, sometimes your worst nightmares appear. The villain could be a king of nightmares who is close enough to be satan himself! Shadow could also make a friend who creates good dreams but she gets killed by the villain but brought back to life by Shadow.


          • You are only a fucktard kiddo with high ego.

            Ppl want SA3 because they loved the free-style plattforming ,with different playstyles+Chao garden+BETTER OST+Tons of mini games like karts + awesome multiplayer battles.+ Awesome storylines.

            Keep playing in your lolsonic colors/unleashed/generations.

            I have better things to do u know,ppl wants SA game style BACK,if u dont like it you can always collect medals in Sonic Unleashed.

            Seriously…those kiddos needs to stfu more often.


            • Whoa… u mad bro…?
              I mean seriously, dude, 1 little dude on the internet with a different opinion sends you into full on rage mode. Calm the fuck down.. lol.

              1st of all, who the fuck are you?
              2nd of all, it’s not to common to find those things in other Sonic games, minus the Chao Garden… But does a dumb little Tamagotchi mini game make a Sonic title amazing? I doubt it.
              3rd of all, Better OST, and Storyline..? HA!
              4th, I also like the Sonic 1 – 3 and CD, SA1, Heroes, Secret Rings, the Rush and Advance games, and those 3 games…. Why should I just go back to just those 3…?
              5th, So you are here talking to me because…?
              6th, Kid, after seeing how mature your comments are, you can’t be above grade school…. Lol.
              7th, Smooth move JUST showing up to a 2 month old topic… ;)


  16. “Well, this game is normally rumored to be released every single year. But how many of those years have we seen these been proven false? I’m telling you, these rumors are just done to hype people up and to be dissapointed in the end. And to be honest, it’s completely annoying. These people know the game is never coming out, but they continue to mention it. Like the Half-Life 3 version of Sonic the Hedgehog.”

    This made my day btw.

    I guess u want to keep the current playstyle of Sonic games instead of SA mechanics.
    Boost to win man,boost to win,

    Ppl wants those old mechanics improved so badly because they worked good.

    I just eat green hill zone of Sonic generations demo(modern) using 2 buttons.

    1 Button is square for boost(perma boost)
    2.Jumping to destroy all the enemys without moving my ass.

    2 buttons to complete a fucking level,with 1 hand.

    This must be awesome for you u nabz0r.


    • Not really… grown tired of the Modern Sonic gameplay. Looking for something new now, but with the physic of the Classic games in 3D. And that “term”, Boost to Win, is pretty misleading.

      Not really. People so far, are happy with the Modern gameplay, or want the Classic Sonic physics in a 3D game with a refined Sonic gameplay style. I’m along with the 2nd one.

      Don’t lie. You people know that’s impossible. There is literally no way to complete Sonic Generations without using all the buttons more than once, twice, three times… hell, it goes beyond that! That alone proves that the whole “Boost to Win” thing, not only makes NO sense, but is completely invalid. Unless you can prove otherwise…

      Who is nabz0r…?


  17. Yeah,running on a straight line with your lol boost destroying all the robots running makes alot of sense.

    Auto homing attack system to robots/rails makes alot of sense too.

    Man,those games requires too much skill uh.

    Adventure 1 was a free world
    Adventure 2 wasnt that free but it was more plattforming and harder.

    They destroyed the feeling of speed in modern sonics(running at max speed ALWAYS).

    While in adventures there was no max speed cap and u could run like a crazy hedgehog with speed shoes or going down.


    • While I will admit, Unleashed and Colors are pretty linear (SA2 can’t really hide it’s linearity either though…), You can’t say that at all about Generations. Generations has tons of alternate routes and platforming. The level design was fantastic, and probably the best in the 3D games, along with SA1. Saying the Modern games are “Lol Boost to Win” is a lackluster way to defend your side. That’d be like me just saying the Sonic stages in SA2 are “hold forward to win”, the Tails stages “shoot to win” (Even though that one’s not too far from the truth), and Knuckles stages “Dig to win”. Making the games sound simple by saying ” Do (Insert here) to win” isn’t really a compelling arguement… nor does it make you sound smart…

      How was the targeting for the Homing Attack a bad idea…? It removed a lot of cheap deaths so that moment when you are not in range, you don’t miss and fall to your death. The target system helps, not hurts.

      Actually they do. You have to have great reflexes, a good memory and be a master with the controls, or the level will kick your ass square 5 times around the block. The Modern games definitely have an great amount of challenge.

      Free World…? You mean it had Hub Worlds? Um… okay…? Unleashed had one for ever level, and they looked beautiful. Had tons of life and atmosphere. SA1 had atmosphere too, but why bring Sonic in the real world? In Unleashed, they made the real world Sonic-like. Much better idea for.. well… a CARTOON CHARACTER..?

      Of course SA2’s platforming was harder. Because most of it was spent in levels where you control a big, clunky, mech-walker. The Sonic levels… not so much. The only platforming I remember from the Sonic/ Shadow levels in SA2 were Final Rush and Final Chase. That’s sad. SA2 splits the Speed, Platforming and Exploration into 3 different gameplay styles, when games before it had them all combined intoone gameplay style for every character. Inb4 Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

      Speed Shoes are a power up, and you only really use them in *Speed Highway. And the Goin’ Down section is scripted and forces you to go forward like the Mach Speed Sections from 06… but in *Speed Highway…. Notice a patern here…?
      The Adventure games felt more like an experiment, because they were trying to find out how Sonic could work in 3D. So, they seperated all the attributes of the original Sonic gameplay into 3 gameplay styles, until they find out how to actually make it complete. It was a bad move… but a decent way to start. Now we are in the future, and are getting even better. If you don’t want to except that, fine. Live in the past. But I can’t wait to see what will happen next….


  18. The reason i really would want a “Sonic Adventure 3” Is just simply because of it bringing back old memeries of Throwing Omochoa againts Walls, and Having decent Platforming instead of like Holding the boost button the whole stage… Im okay with the boost but if they have boost atleast make the stages slightly longer. I would love to see a new H-D Chao Garden because i remember that I use to raise them every day and i would make the most rare Chaos. The span of Creativity In Chao’s Was huge! There were many possibilitys. A sonic game does not need to be named “Sonic Adventure 3” To have a chao garden. And No game will be Sonic Adventure 3 Unless of corse Its named “Sonic Adventure 3” Do i care if its not Sonic Adventure 3? No, but i would be okay with it. All i want is a nice Sonic game maybe cut back a bit on the
    2-D part of the stages but thats still fine with me. I hope Sega makes the right choice with this new game.


  19. i think it would be awsome to have a sa3. because the gameplay,story mode and multiplayer was awesome.

    And for the people who don’t like it. be for one time ONE TIME happy for the rest who wants this game to come out.


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