Nintendo And CollegeHumor Team Up For 3D Animated Series BearShark On Nintendo Video For 3DS


No place is safe from BearShark. Not water. Not land. And now BearShark is even invading the third dimension. Starting Feb. 8, Nintendo of America is partnering with to bring an original 3D animated program to Nintendo Video for the Nintendo 3DS system. BearShark is an animated series that follows a bear and shark tag-team as they cause hilarious mayhem over land and sea in their continued pursuit of a poor sap named Steve.

On Feb. 8, the first episode of BearShark will premiere on Nintendo Video for Nintendo 3DS. Subsequent episodes will premiere exclusively on Nintendo Video on a regular basis. BearShark marks the continuing partnership between Nintendo and, which previously brought the wildly popular and ongoing Dinosaur Office series to Nintendo Video.


    1. Hmm.. I’m in te US, and I’ve seen a few Bear-sharks, and a whole bunch of Dino Office.

      Maybe this article is about these coming to places outside the US?

        1. Meat or Die is having a game, though it’s an online flash game. You can see a trailer on the creator’s YouTube account. It needs to be on the eShop soon.

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