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Crytek Says ‘More Power Is What We Want’


Crysis 3 Producer Mike Read has said that Crytek is after more power from video games consoles, and hopes that both the PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox can achieve this. Read says that the studio wants to be able to deliver a similar experience graphically to console gamers as they currently achieve on the PC. He went on to say that the whole team is asking for better graphics and raw processing power, from the developers to the art design team. Here’s his thoughts.

“I think that whatever they end up delivering there are a lot of things that we want, and as you said more power is originally at the core of what we want. We want to be able to deliver a similar experience graphically to console gamers as much as we do in pushing the PC.”

“Being a producer, I deal with all different people, so I’m sure talking to the Art guy they’ll be like “Yeah, we want more graphics!” talking to the Level Design team, “We want more processing power!” and the Technical guys they want a little bit of everything,”

61 thoughts on “Crytek Says ‘More Power Is What We Want’”

    1. too much power will increase the development cost by too much and kill the smaller devs like what happened to thq

      1. Right. But seems that it is not a big issue for those who develop games for PC – PC is the most expensive platform to develop for. In the end, porting a PC-standard game to home consoles ends up raising the overall costs – decreasing the profit. Simple math.

        1. because there is such a wide range of PCs some shitty and some really expensive so smaller developers can make games and sell them to those with slower PCs and the people who dont care about graphics, on the ohter hand console gamers tend to refuse to buy anything under a certain standard of graphics

        2. Most games are first made for Xbox 360 this gen and than ported to PC and PS3….. but in the 6th generation, PS2 was the main choice just like Xbox360 this gen. 8th gen will probably be for Xbox 720 because Xbox is always more similar to PC…

  1. kid that cried when he found porn

    yeah totally related to Nintendo wiiU, the console with hardly anymore power than 7 yr old consoles

    crytek will never come to nintendo platforms.

    1. “CryEngine 3 actually runs beautifully on Wii U. We have a game in development from a respected team for Wii U that utilizes the engine. So far, it’s looking great.”
      -Crytek CEO

      If Wii U can run that engine really well, Wii U will be fine. The CryEngine revolution is coming anyway. UE 4 won’t hold a candle to CryEngine next generation. Once that starts getting licenced to more devs, it’ll be the definitive engine.

        1. Not talking fanboy nonsense, I’m stating a fact. Wii U runs CryEngine 3 beautifully. That’s all I need to know to realize it will get support. I’ve been saying since Wii U was announced that if it can’t run CryEngine, it won’t get support. It can run the engine, and therefore it’ll get support from teams who utilize CE 3, and it won’t be lone before the majority of them do. Many of the game designers at my college are very excited to dumb UDK and get on the CE 3 train. It’s a wonderful engine.

          1. You are right about that but….. but we dont know yet which engine is going to be the best, UE4, Cryengine 3, Luminous or whatever.

  2. So in other words, Crytek = Worst graphic whore company today

    How about being creative in your games instead of making everything look as realistic as possible with a boring gameplay?

    It’s the same as the hottest guy/girl comes to you but their personality is zero and just patheticly boring.

    Crytek can kiss my creative ass, maybe they learn from it.

  3. More power is a trap. It will drive up production costs. Also, this isnt the 16bit era. There is only so much you can improve visually. And do you really need to see realistic chunks of brain matter in a shooter? Some people can barely handle real-life car accidnts, and since their end goal seems to be as real as humanly possible, its gonna be a really gross uncanny valley. And make me wonder about the devs sanity.

    1. Yeah sure, tho more power does also allow more gameplay possibilities, larger worlds more units etc. Total war series would probably not run smoothly on the current gen consoles for example. And just because you have more power doesen’t mean you have to use it all and drive up the production costs, but yh some developers will probably be forced to keep up with the others to make the games look as good as they can. So of course you got a point but also of course more power gives you more possibilities.

        1. Wii didnt have programmable shaders…. the GX in Wii was basically the same like GameCube, thats why Wii has pretty much the same graphics like GameCube (Wii underpowered but GameCube was not underpowered compared to competition), and now we have the Wii U which in fact DOES have programmable shaders…. well, thats only one part of the story, just graphics.

          But more CPU power, CPU, RAM etc means also much better polygons, larger worlds, more stable frame rate, much better physics, much better AI, much better online (more players etc), much better animations and all that stuff. So, power can make better games….. BUT, that doesnt means they will use it efficiently.

  4. More power? I bet an Indy game, that looks like it belongs on the SNES will be a hundred times better then Crysis 3 lol more power so you can hide mediocrity behind pretty graphics

  5. Those that don’t know how to do, want power… Crytek are one if the worse developers that deliver nothing to gaming… I don’t have any of their games right now because thy aren’t needed… When I get them they’ll be a euro per title XD

  6. I hope they get it. I’m a bit sick of DX9 games being released on the PC with a few extra bells and whistles, once they can target the new consoles everybody will benefit. It will be interesting to see how Crytek play it after Crysis 3, they have said that their future games will be free-to-play.

    1. Yeah, I agree! Start puching for PC’s thats easy to connect to the TV’s and more and better controldevices for PC! And leave the consoles in the dust! Before last gen PC was actually alot bigger than home consoles…

  7. Nothing wrong with more power I can see howbmore power could make for better gaming experiances if they atill created c ‘re ative games.somply upping the numbet of characters on screen and graphics still makes a boring game boring.

  8. AKA, we cannot develop creatively, cannot innovate at all and think power is everything…

    Seriously, Crytek is just about the most unoriginal major developer out there. They are actually damaging the gaming industry in my opinion.

    1. “Seriously, Crytek is just about the most unoriginal major developer out there. They are actually damaging the gaming industry in my opinion.”

      I’ve never lol’d so damn hard in my life. Joke of the year right here.

  9. Io have yet to play a game made by crytec that I actually enjoy. Yeah, they are pretty to look at but they seem to be missing the point of making a good game. Plus I don’t want to have to spend better part of a thousand dollars on a console to be able to play one of their pretty but crappy games. Crytec epitomizes what is wrong with some game developers.

    1. there is some sniper game coming to wii u which runs on the cryengine 3, but i agree, people fail to realise that more power does not just effect graphics, its the physics, the artificial intelligence, the particle effects, the size of the game worlds, the complexity, so, so much can be improved, an crytek are a awesome developer, crysis 1, still today is the go to game for technical excellence! an also has open level design, an even though crysis 2 got allot of flak, i thought it was a great game, which was weak in its story department, but the open sand box level design, an great single player fps game play was epic! i love my wii u, but i also game on an love my gaming pc, my ps3, an 360, along with all the retro consoles of yesteryear, how ever people sugar coat it, wii u is just a ps3 on steroids, which i am fine with, since i only bought it to play next gen Nintendo 1st party games, an the rest of the 3rd party games i will get on my ps4, or 720, or even ps3 an 360 an not to forget my gaming pc, but i feel sorry for my wii u only friends, since they will miss out on great 3rd party games, yet again!

  10. The CryEngine revolution is coming. Feast your eyes on the engine that will define the 8th generation of gaming. UDKs days are numbered. For years, we have been begging for a better engine than Unreal. CryEngine 3 is the answer to that wish. Ladies and gentlemen, the definitive engine of next gen, CryEngine 3, has arrived.

  11. The Nintendo Reviewer

    I hope the focus throughout the industry goes to gameplay experience at some point. Because regardless of how pretty a game looks, if the game play sucks the game itself sucks. Important to remember.

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