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Wii Street U Arrives In Japan

wii_street_u Nintendo’s Google Maps application for Wii U is out in Japan. Wii Street U allows for you to use the Wii U GamePad to look around your environment while mapping data is shown on the television screen. Until the end of May, the application can be downloaded for free from the Nintendo eShop in Japan. There’s no word on whether Wii Street U will be released in other regions, but we sure hope it does.


57 thoughts on “Wii Street U Arrives In Japan”

    1. actually with PS3s six axis functionality it can! you move the controller as the image on your TV moves with it the only extra your getting is the screen on the controller.

      1. bull shit sixaxis is about 10x lower than wiiu gamepad at motion sensing the company behind it alreasdy stated that it runs at many many times the resolution and power and there’s no screen or lag free communication with sixaxis

        thats like saying vita can do it it cannot vita is nooooo gamepad

    1. IGN said interesting, which wouldnt mean something big. Just interesting. And i bet it is since it past 12am est :)

    1. I actually think it’s kind of cool, and really hope it comes here. But I can definitely see where you’re coming from.

      1. “how is a app that takes google street map makes it usable instead of that jumpy mouse crap useless”

        Funny, I’ve never had that issue, plus I mainly use google maps when I’m on my iPad or phone, much easier and more convenient, this is app is utter useless and just a gimmick really.

  1. funny thing is that technically you could street view North America or Europe with the Japan Version so a release here doesnt require much work

  2. What is the point of using Google Maps on a Wii U when you could do on a laptop or smartphone? Why would anyone want to sit on the couch and look at maps? If you buy a Wii U wouldn’t you rather use it to play all the good games… Oh wait, there are no good games. Almost forgot about that.

    1. When I go out anywhere, I never use my PC beforehand or my phone to look at maps, mostly because my phone isn’t up to standards and turning on my 3 year old laptop takes a good 2-3 mins. Instead, I look at a map in book form because it’s quicker.

      Therefore, if Wii Street U is faster than that, I will probably use it.

    1. said the guy all butt hurt at this amazing app xbox is better jesus you a rocket scientist did you come up with that fanboy nonsense your self STILL FPS ING WITH TWIN STICK CONTROLLERS AND AUTO AIM


  3. So people complain about Nintendo’s consoles being able to do nothing but games, but now that Nintendo start adding other utilities, nah, they fucking suck.

    What the fuck is wrong with people. Stop complaining about not having things you don’t even want.

      1. It’s not just trolls though. A lot of people I know always used to say that you should be able to use any hard drive with their console. You can with the Wii U and they all try to tell me that it shouldn’t do that and should just have a bigger HDD in the console. Then when the first rumours of a touch-screen controller came out for the Wii U (way back), they thought it sounded awesome. Now they just refuse to buy it because the controller’s screen is a stupid idea.

        I just get annoyed when people say the want something and when they’re given it, they don’t want it anymore.

    1. yeah same goes with their new IPS, these fools always ask for new IPS and Nintendo did deliver that, what happen they said thats not an IP…..yeah i guess these fools don’t know pushmo and dilons ARE IPS. Also nintendo has TOO MANY IPS why do they need more?

      1. Nintendo doesn’t have too many, they just focus on very few. Of course this isn’t a bad thing. I mean look at Game Freak. They focus 95% on Pokemon and no one complains about their lack of IP’s.

        Despite what a lot of people say about Nintendo continually rehashing, it makes Nintendo a fuck ton of money because they make the games people will buy like New Super Mario Bros. which receives heavy criticism by a lot of people but outsells most other Nintendo games.

  4. The only thing I hate about the real Google Maps Street View is that they take FAR too long to update it. Last time I tried to find my old house in California, it still showed a picture of our house when we lived there. And it’s been over 7 years since I moved from there. I realize it takes a long time to get all streets filmed and stuff, but I’m just saying….
    Still interesting though.

    1. OMG! I just looked at Google Maps Street View again, and it STILL shows my old California house the way it WAS. It’s 7 years out-of-date. Still shows construction on the new house that was built next to ours. That must look extremely different by now. Too bad I can’t rely on Google Street View to see what it looks like now.

  5. Wii Street U?

    Why not Wii U Street?

    Oh, right, because then people will be confused as to thinking it’s yet another version of the Wii.

    But seriously, Wii Street U? Can these titles be any more suggestively perverted? I get that to the Japanese, the letter U (or any letter of the English alphabet for that matter) is like a foreign entity to them, hence used in a more liberal fashion, but come on.

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