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Rayman Creator And Dev Team Protest Against Rayman Legends Delay


Michael Ancel, and a number of his development team, have appeared in a number of photos protesting against the delay of Rayman Legends. Ubisoft delayed the game last week and stated that it’s coming to both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. A former developer described the news as “hell” after revealing that the team has suffered from long development hours to get the game ready for its initial late February release in Europe. The poster that’s being displayed in the image above reads “Release Rayman. Support Ubisoft Montpelier.”

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.

194 thoughts on “Rayman Creator And Dev Team Protest Against Rayman Legends Delay”

      1. I agree. Whats wrong with 6 months exclusive. Not to mention they start collecting money now..That is what a company wants ultimately right?

    1. Exclusivity does not matter. It doesn’t make sense for a third party to release a game on just one platform and expect a big payout.

      They should just keep the promises they made to their customers TWICE and release the finished game for Wii U now, then work on getting their greedy hands on the other platform’s audience.

      1. exactly. if they would have just released the wii u version, and then announced that it was going multiplatform at e3, they would have made as much money as possible on the wii u version, and then the y would have been able to make a lot of money off of the 360 and ps3 versions later. now, everyone is pissed off about it, so i doubt they will sell nearly as many copies because of it.

        1. I just realized something else now and this one affects PS360 owners now and all fans of this franchise, development of Beyond Good & Evil 2 is also delayed now by 7 moths.
          The creator and dev team of Rayman Origins & Legends made BGE and they said that as soon as Legends was releases they would rerun to work in BGE2.

          They are not just fucking with Rayman fans or Nintendo fans anymore.

    2. Right on!

      I’m still not buying any Ubi games.

      Never going to believe what bs they say again.

      Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    1. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS (AND WII U!)

      It’s not Microsoft’s fault you fucking retards.

      Ubisoft confirmed that it was their own decision.

      1. OR because of the fact that Microsoft’s policy for muti-platform game is for them to be released at the same time as its competitors.
        Oh and that’s a nice use of an insult…

        1. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS (AND WII U!)

          OR because of the fact that they want to have a simultaneous release?

          All of you idiots are forgetting that the day before this was delayed, NG3:RE was announced for the XBox 360.

        2. OR that rumor is total bullshit. there have been multiplatform games that came out on the 360 later before. they have no such policy.

              1. and would like to have some examples of such cases.
                NG3:RE is re-release of NG3, that has been on other consoles for months.
                RE:revelations is a remake from 3ds.

                and you must have some evidence that disproofs this article:

                notice the MS exec. defending the policy.

                not saying, that MS and its policies are completely at fault here.
                and I’m not trying to be a dick either,

                1. MICROSOFT are fuckin backstabbers! They known for their quality businessness stragedy since the day Bill worked at Apple. lol

          1. Its up to Microsoft if they want a game at a simultaneous launch. If they think meh its not a game that will have many buys then they wont demand its a launch day as everyone else but if its a game that they think will get all its buys earlier from another platform then that’s when they enforce their own policy.

      1. its not done, for ps360 that is.
        and have a feeling in my bones, that they will take all the pad features off, and slap only off-tv play.
        could be another reason for the “exclusive” demo, so we forget that pad was actually used for something.

    1. That wouldn’t make sense. It isn’t making them look good that this has happened either, because a lot of people don’t follow gaming news and all they hear is that it has been pushed back 6-7 months for the release date. So they are gonna think it is the devs fault.

  1. Oh wow, the dev team and the creator hates Ubisoft’s decision.

    Is this another “Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain” situation?

  2. Unreal! Ubisoft has managed to piss off so many people with this decision. Gotta admit, they are likely to loose a lot of sales cause of this, and it’s the poor devs that are gonna end up suffering.

    1. Funny how that decision was supposedly made because fans were “disappointed” that the game was an exclusive…. yet now they’ve managed to actually disappoint even their own team.

  3. The entire Miiverse community is complaining about it non-stop, and now, even the developers are making their own campaign! Ubisoft, you made the wrong move…

  4. The focus should be on the release date, not the exclusivity. That’s where the issue is.

    If this game were to release now for Wii U, it will do well. That will look REALLY good when it releases to terrible sales on the 360/PS3 in September. Wii U gets more support!

    I don’t know why people care that it’s coming to other platforms. It’s no tlike Origins sold on the 360/PS3 so I doubt this will either.

          1. Yep it sold more on those console but not on full price like the wii version, wen i went to gamestop the game was at 20 for ps360 and 50 for wii xplain that sir.

            1. When Rayman Origins first launched it was $59.99 on Xbox 360/PS3 and $49.99 on Wii. You really need to get your facts straight.

    1. I agree that the release date is by far the greater issue. Nintendo didn’t just lose an exclusive, Fans lost a launch window title that many have preordered with the expectation they were getting a game this month.

  5. That means UBISOFT with ms and sony “omerta” conspired to back nintendo, probably reduce some quality, who knows.. just to look the same in all 3 platforms. Remember what ubi announced a year ago? that raynman looks fantastic with the new wii U gpu? (lighting and stuff)… lets see

    And I dont think is going to sell well, after this.

  6. I hope the best for the developers, they busted their asses and then big wigs say “NOPE, YOU’RE NOT DONE!” I think we may get a new studio with this, just like Monolithsoft use to be members of Squar Enix, and Capcom lost a bunch of people who started another studio as well (forgot the name) and apparently they’re doing awesome too.

  7. Glad to hear. Ubisoft is making themselves look incredibly STUPID!! These developers worked hard to make us the game. They finished the game. Now we want our DAMN game!!

  8. Wait…the actual creator of Rayman is protesting?! What a dude.

    Lets face it, we ALL know who and why caused this delay, just as the like to delay EVERYTHING for everyone that doesnt buy their shit. They delayed my Skyrim DLC, they delayed people COD DLC….
    FUCK OFF MICROSOFT! You don’t “deserve” priority or some bullshit, and typically, you just pay your to success. FUCK. YOU.

    1. Honestly, i think everyone should boycott it, not buy it when it comes out (most PS3/360 owners will be too busy with GTAV, ect), and just wait until its reduced to £15 in its first 2 months, just like Rayman Origins, then buy it.

      1. The game is gunna fucking tank. When PS4 and 720 are about to drop in Holiday season , nobody is gunna want Rayman Legends on any console.

        1. Origins bombed anyway, now they want to bomb even more. The attach rate for Legends WOULD have been (if we say WiiU sales are still at 3 million), about 1/3 possibly more, not to mention people, including myself wanted to BUY a WiiU for Legends.

          1. Exactly. So they’ve gone from what you said to

            – Pissed off , Boycotting Wiiu owners – who the game was primarily designed for
            – PS and XB fans saving money for next XB and PS
            – GTA V , Windwaker HD , Wonderfull 101 and many many other games.
            – PS3 and 360 fans who can see this game is considerably worse than the Wiiu version , therefore no interest in a 7/10 game…

            And more…

            1. They just went and shot themselves in the foot really.

              What would i rather buy? An original IP by Platinum Games, one of my favourite games ever redone in HD and made an even better game, or a game that while probably amazing, i still don’t want to pay full price for, seeing as technically, it was about a month ago, so as far as i’m concerned, by September, it’s a 6 month old game, and why do Ubisoft deserve £40-50 from me after fucking everyone over? They dont.

              1. IKR ? What i’m wondering is this. If the Finished Wiiu version of Rayman Legends comes out and get’s 9/10 across the board because of its amazing visuals and innovative gameplay , which works perferctly on the demo. What the fuck are the PS3 and 360 versions gunna be ?

                They would to remove so many things. Or like have ”Press x to tickle” instead of tickling someone with the Touch screen. Or press x to cut rope instead of satisfyingly swiping away with your finger tip.

                I don’t see how they can pull this off. Smartglass and Vita integration would not change anything.

                1. I duno, it’s just a shitty game industry, where if you bitch enough, someone will sort it out for you…unless its for a Nintendo platform -__-

                  1. I know… I think the WIiu will do fine though! It’s guaranteed to do well with the likes of Pikmin 3 , Wii fit U , Lego City , Monster Hunter , Wonderfull 101 , Windwaker HD , And possibly stuff like Mario kart and 3D mario. Should shift about 8million units worldwide by the end of 2013. Which is what the 360 did in year 1 for comparisons sake.

                    But what we will get is , articles such as ”Wiiu not having the impact of original Wii” ”Wiiu only sells 8M in first year , blardy blardy blah”

                    It’s gunna be a rough ride , and it won’t shut up until after christmas…

                    1. Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land were pretty much the 2 Games that helped save the 3DS, so yeah, more support has been on it’s way since then for the 3DS and thats going swimmingly, and with this awesome 2013 line-up, the 3DS will just destroy, lol

                      But yeah, I see this happening for the Wii U.

            1. Thats a médium bomb also at what price did they reach the 2 millions cause if it was after the price stop then it realy was a bomb.

      2. Don’t even think about doing that! It’s not wrong that the game is going multiplatform, but its the decision of delaying it is what is making the whole situation sour. Boycotting the game means you are only hurting Michel Ancel and their team for putting out a really great game for everyone. Games won’t reduce in price until millions of units sell like crazy to ensure a price drop. Waiting for it to drop in price isn’t how it works, unfortunately.

        1. I don’t care about it going multiplatform, it’s the delay that’s bullshit.
          In the end, the guys protesting that made the game are as pissed off as everyone else.
          Ubisoft are REALLY starting to piss me off, that made Assassins Creed, now they prance around like they do whatever they want, regardless of what the consumer thinks, just like loads of other publishers.
          Yet, as a consumer, everyone just lays down and takes it, consumers need to show publishers and developers that they are the most important part, and will not be fucked over, by bullshit decisions that only benefit themselves (because releasing a game next to GTAV benefits them /s)

            1. “It’s a video game”

              It’s my choice of entertainment?

              So when George Lucas fucked up Star Wars, everyone was just over reacting? “Its just a movie”

              Or when a good tv turns bad, i guess “its just a tv show”.

              It’s entertainment, we want it to be good, and we don’t want to be fucked over.
              Gamers especially deserve to be more angry, because we pay more for our choice per game.

              Video games, just like movies and tv, and books and comic, have an impact in culture, they entertain us, bring people together over a common subject, this site is entirely based (mostly), on people who dont know each other, talking to each other about something theyre passionate about, it doesnt matter who they are, it’s social interaction on a simple connection of video games.

              “It’s just a video game” is a stupid thing to say, especially when you’re just some stuck up troll asshole, who does nothing but tries to find some moral high ground over everyone else.

              Maybe you should consider your own life before you tell people how to run theirs.

                1. Said the guy on the internet, who went out his way to give himself an avatar, just to be negative 100% of the time, and talk shit to people.

                    1. Actually, I think the sensible people on this site, such as Jellybean and Adarazz would agree with me.

            2. It’s just a video game ? It’s not actually , it’s a Million Nintendo fans being shafted up the arse by Ubisofts higher ups. And it’s sent shock waves through out an entire industry , one that is very passionate.

              I am dissapointed to say the least about this and feel for all the Nintendo fans around the world who have to deal with this news. You should see Miiverse.

              I wrote ”Delayman Legends” on Uplay community and its got so many votes lol. Some of the comments on their have thousands of likes…

                1. I’m not getting the game anymore. I will wait until 2014 if at all. I have lots of stuff to do and games to play until then.

                  But the point remains. You’re acting like this isn’t a big deal , when it is. Lots of people worldwide are upset. If you look at the picture at the top of this article you will see Micheal Ancel protesting.

                  People are pissed.

                    1. I’m not upset :) . The only thing that would genuinely upset me is if Nintendo did a Sega. But if they carried on making good games , I would get over it. But I doubt that will ever happen.

                      I am pissed off and dissapointed and confused as it just does not make any sense.

                      I was really really looking forward to buying the game on day 1 and playing this month , because the demo was really tantalizing.

                      It’s just a slap in the face to Wiiu owners is all.
                      And we have no major game release until Lego city and Monster hunter Ultimate , late march.

                    2. It’s not an overreaction until death threats are issued.
                      This is a sensible protest to a very bad situation. You’re downplaying it for reasons I can only guess at.

                  1. I don’t see why people are so upset about the delay. I mean you have lots of great game like; Dead Space 3, BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengeance, and Crysis 3 to play on your Wii U in the meantime… Oh wait!!!

                    1. Ironically, I sense that you are the one who is butthurt. Games like the Wonderful 101, Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate, BAYONETTA 2 (caps is intentional for the extra butthurt the exclusivity caused to drones such as yourself), Lego City Undercover, and let’s not forget…f*cking Xenoblade sequel….when are these coming to the platforms you jerk off to? That’s right, in the year 20NEVER

                2. Implying that everyone looks at one game per year and does nothing until it’s out. You really are a ouece of shit.

        2. this is just damage control an marketing, ubisoft, an no other employer would allow their employees to do this, its a ploy to win over wii u gamers, an get them to buy the game, regardless of being treated like second rate gamers, an then to add more insult to injury, they announce a exclusive demo, wtf? an to rub salt in the wound! my 6 yr old loved the demo an origins, an we were both along with my wife looking forward to it, lord knows the wii u release schedule is as dry as the sahara at this point! iam sick of 3rd parties treating Nintendo gamers like dirt, an now iam getting fed up of Nintendo, HURRY THE HELL UP! we need some of those killer Nintendo i’ps we all know an love!

          1. You have no proof its a stunt. The one Guy quit the team and was pissed. If you were treated like shit by ubisoft you would act out and say fuck my job so what if I get fired.

  9. What am I supposed to do to show support? I’m sorry that they’re being fucked over by their own publishers but if they don’t like it they can leave. I’m not buying the game now, end of story.

  10. I was looking forward to this one. However, I won’t be buying it now. Shady business practices = I’ll spend my money elsewhere. My apologies to the people who worked hard making a game that looks to be outstanding. It’s nothing personal against you, but it is personal against your bosses.

        1. then that makes you no better than Ubisoft. not purchasing the game when it releases means we probably won’t see Michel Ancel make more games for the series. i agree with everyone that Ubisoft is in really hot water because of this, but going out of a whim to not purchase the game just because of that means you would only be screwing the developer who you should be thanking than the publisher. it’ll be the same damn game on the Wii U like it will be for the PS3 and 360, but hating them just because of that decision doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

          1. The devs should grow a pair and quit Ubisoft and either go work for another Dev that treats their employees better like Nintendo or Retro Studios or just make their own new dev team.

            1. This. If Ubisoft is intent on selling out for more money, then the Rayman franchise is going down the drain regardless of who is working on it. Might as well see these ballsy devs work at a place where their employers will treat them with a bit more respect

          2. I understand you. But, please, don’t get me wrong: please see that there is a lot of people really pissed off with this mistaken move from Ubisoft. I no longer want to support Ubi with my money – I do the same to EA and I can live well with this.

      1. I feal sad for them but im more sad about my self, if ubisoft would have just said we ” but we have this game comming in march or april ” but nothing just empty promises again.

      2. the devs are still getting paid. they however will probably lose bonus money now that the game will sell like shit. I you feel so strongly, buy yourself 9 or 10 copies. I vote with my dollars. I’m not going to support this ubi-decision.

    1. Don’t do that. Not only are you screwing the publishers over, but you are screwing the developer who put in so much time in developing a really great game for the consumer. Ubisoft is handling this the wrong way, but don’t hurt the developer because of them.

      1. We don’t buy games to support developers. We buy games because we like them. To buy games simply to support the developers runs contrary to the very idea of playing games in the first place: you just don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks and you play for fun. That’s it. Whether developers survive or not, that’s not our responsibility, nor should it be.

        Besides, even if you did buy their games only to support them, the Ubisoft main base is going to receive the majority of those sales anyway, rather than the developer. If you are going to support them, simply buying their games just isn’t going to cut it.

        1. That’s the problem with publishers, today. They feel like money is a huge issue that they tell developers to lick their fungus-infected feet and do their bidding. Even though that is how the business is done, the respect between publisher and the developers have escalated into a fiasco where the publishers only care for themselves and not the employees that have working on their games. Look what happened with most of Team Ninja and Tomonobu Itagaki because of Tecmo’s idiotic decisions.

        2. You may not buy games to support developers, but I do. They actually count more than most publishers, these days. If a publisher handles them the wrong way, then that is when I actually move away from them and start looking at the creative talent. The only company in this day and age that treats its customers, clients, and developers with respect is Nintendo. Many others need to learn a thing or two from them with their business model.

        3. The two go hand-in-hand. If a gamer likes a game enough to want more of it in the future, then they’ll naturally buy to support the developers, even going so far as to support a game that needs lots of improvement, in some instances, while voicing their concerns about what was bad about the game and how they hope to see any forthcoming renditions change.

  11. And the reason why the publisher’s bullshit over their developers is getting out of hand. I support Michel Ancel and Ubisoft Montpellier all the way as this is completely BS. If you look at the statistics on Rayman Origins when on other platforms, the Xbox 360 version was the weakest in terms of the home console format as the Wii version was the best place for platformers. Now, they feel threatened by Nintendo’s dominance to only become nothing but crybabies? I’m sorry, but their time in the console race needs to end if they continue to go by their same image while Steve Ballmer is around.

  12. they shouldn’t have lied to us. i’m too let down to like this game anymore. there are so many other games competing for my $$ and i sure as hell won’t support bad business. this reeks of sony and microsoft, so i’m backing out. i don’t have time to play games that are almost a year late for no other reason than corporate greed.

    1. Please, lay down, and tell me about your relationship with your father.
      Were you bullied in school?
      Why do you feel the need to search out people who are happy, and belittle them? Are you mean to animals?

      Please remain calm, and tell us how you feel.

      1. Unrelated but Jaded, could you tell me your honest opinion of Mass Effect 3 on Wii U? I’m hesitant to get the game because I’d rather have an HD collection of all three come to Wii U but I just watched a video of a comparison between 360, PS3, and Wii U and I gotta say the game looks really good. What rating would you give the game?

    1. No say it ain’t so! I fell in love with series all over again after Origins. I can’t believe Ubisoft is just going to kill him off. I think they should sell the IP to Nintendo or something.

  13. i think they should just put the game out instead of delaying it. its not like the people who are avid xbox/ps fan boys will be buying it now and not bothering in 7 months time.

  14. I guess I will mo longer be purchasing this game, oh well, no big deal some other game can get my money, fuck u Ubisoft

    1. Itll never happen

      Rayman ip belongs to Ubi, just like Banjo belongs to rare, even if Nintendo buys the Developement team,the Rayman ip stays with Ubisoft.

      The only way will be if Ubi sells it to Nintendo, or Ubisoft gets bought by Nintendo.

  15. I was going to get this game but I canceled my pre order for it.

    I didn’t cancel it in protest but rather because other games are coming out I would rather get. With wind waker launching around that time frame I am saving my money for that.

    Stupid ubisoft

  16. It’s really a double edged sword. Buy the game to support the devs while showing Ubisoft that their terrible decision is somehow justified, or don’t buy the game and give the suits an excuse to give less support to the Wii U. No matter what we lose. I won’t buy the game at launch since I’ll be busy with other games, but I will buy it down the road.

  17. The Nintendo Reviewer

    This just might work if it gets enough attention. Ubisoft should just go ahead and launch the Wii U version now. If not for Wii U owners, then for the devs who slaved over it to get it ready in time.
    Sometimes I fear for this industry. Too often do I see evidence of the game industry being broken.

    1. I highly doubt it will because they made a financial contract with Microsoft under the stipulation that the games must be released simultaneously. If they (Ubisoft) back down and release early as petitioned while still under contract, they will either be sued or blocked from releasing entirely.

      The other option is to back out of the deal with Microsoft and keep Sony and Nintendo with Sony as a delayed release. I would love to see that happen with many publishers, but won’t. We all know Microsoft pay their way into the market and many developers and publishers dislike their shady practices yet at the end of the day they just want to get paid.

  18. I blame it mostly on the Xbots side, and a bit the Apples…

    I don’t really like arrogant Sonys either…as they just copy everything…
    Hopefully PS4 = 650$-∞, Ad Patent, No PS3 games, then dead.

    Durango = 550$-∞, Online fee, Kinectimals 2, Wii ads at E3


  19. I know what they did was bad but in order to support it, Wii U owners should purchase this game and make it sell more than PS3/Xbox 360. It will make an impact for other companies to not underestimate Wii-U.

  20. Staged to try and save face? Either way I won’t be buying this game now. It’s not so much that I’m pissed off with them, I was only going to buy for something half decent during the gamines drought, come the end of the year there should be a fair few games that will put Rayman to the bottom of my must buy list.

  21. I’m not worried at all for Nintendo. The other consoles are making super poor business decisions for their next gen consoles, like the always on internet connection, fees for everything like watching Netflix, no backwards compatibility, and maybe even no used games. Any one of those features will prevent people from buying that console, having more than one of those features and it’s sunk before they even set sail.

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